• Fire is burning itself. We we know that because of what fire IS.

    Fire requires three things to occur; oxygen, a fuel, and an ignition source. Fire is, in state of matter, an ion plasma, which is when the electrons of atoms are separated and free roaming from their nucleus, so in therms the atoms in a plasma are destroyed. The ignition source is the cause of the fire, the fuel is what the fire destroys to ionize the oxygen atoms in the air, turning them from gas to plasma. The fire is destroying the fuel source AND the oxygen atoms, so it is burning both of them. They are treated equally and so the fire, which when the one that we talk about is the burning oxygen atoms, IS BURNING. FIRE BURNS ITSELF AS WELL AS ITS FUEL.

  • Yes it does

    Obviously its hot and when things get hot like fire level hot of course it burns. Burning stuff makes stuff hot so if it burns it like hot see hot damn baby dab on them haters go live a life read a textbook learn how things burn man like yeah

  • Fire cannot burn on itself as a fuel, obviously.

    Fire is simply what we see when combustion occurs. Combustion is the reaction that occurs between oxygen in the air and some sort of fuel when the fuel is heated to it's ignition temperature. You asked if fire burns itself, obviously not. Fire cannot burn on itself as a fuel, or be heated to an ignition temperature. Besides, if fire could burn on itself we could create a cool never ending fire that requires no fuel or anything, that would be awesome, but unfortunately impossible. Interesting question though...

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