• France does have a terrorist problem

    I do believe that France has a terrorist problem, but I also think most of the world has a terrorist problem at the moment. France has been hit hard-much harder than most other countries. I think their terrorist problem is in part because they are perceived to be passive. They do not react as fiercely to threats as America does.

  • France is falling victim too much

    France is falling victim too much to terrorism and they have a real problem. Unfortunately the French government has opened the floodgates over the years to immigrants from compromised countries. The world is way more dangerous now in western Europe as a result of open immigration countries such as Germany.

  • France Needs To Toughen Up!

    The latest attack featuring a gruesome killing of a Catholic priest is only the latest in a string of attacks that have happened in France over the last 18 months. One of the attackers was wearing an electronic tag, but was allowed to go whereever he wanted from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm. It was during this timeframe that the attack happened. Why was he allowed this freedom? France needs to put the safety of its citizens first, before more attacks happen.

  • Yes, this summer in particular France has a terrorist problem.

    Yes, recent attacks on innocent people by groups claiming ties to violent or militant groups show that at this time, France has a problem. It is a target for terrorists, probably because of its geographical location. Too many people with ill intent are finding it easy to enter the nation and create havoc.

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