• It is a product of freedom of speech

    Once everyone is allowed to say what they want you will have that racist uncle saying how he would deport all black people or that dumb guy at school denies the holocaust happened. There is a good reason why people have tried to limit freedom speech and its not only to limit free though but to stop dumb people from saying stupid stuff that would make the surrounding people look bad.

  • It causes hate speech

    But what's wrong with hate speech. If someone is against you because you are black or Hispanic or white, there are pros to each race that can be used. Censoring racists can ironically make ore of them because cencored parties become more powerful. MLK and Nelson Mandela were in jail and their movements mecame more powerful. Even Adolf Hitler was put in jail, which then made Nazism become more prominent. If we censor anyone's ideology, you get more of it.

    Also, many people are classifying people saying things they dislike as hate speech. For example, conservatives are often accused of preaching hate speech. However, if people censor conservative, how is it any different than communism, which the left denonces?

    Posted by: asta
  • Technically it does

    People who rant about people they hate use this all the time, and they have a point! It's called freedom of speech for a reason! Hate-mongers have the right to say what they say, because it's a proven constitutional right.

    Liberals don't give a crap about it. They say they believe in freedom of speech, yet they don't like hate speech against them because it hurts their feelings and they think that that kind of speech should be outlawed.

    Freedom of speech is freedom of speech! No matter how much it hurts your feelings!

    If you want to criminalize hate speech, then you don't support freedom of speech, plain and simple.

    In defense of the hate-mongers, let them say what they want to say. Its their constitutional right!

  • I don't think it's the cause.

    Obviously freedom of speech allows hateful opinions to surface for all to hear. It allows people to say what they think regardless of what they know. However, I do not believe that freedom of speech is the cause of hateful views. Rather if a group cannot be scrutinized or laughed at it sows the seeds of resentment.

    I would argue that poor education is more of a cause than the freedom to speak freely.

    Hate speech though can be different things to different people. Many would argue that anyone who is against political correctness is guilty of hate speech. Others would propose that political correctness censors people because PC culture is intolerant of their views.
    Who is right? I dunno, Both maybe or none. Not for me to say.
    But no I would say that free speech is not the cause, just the messenger.

  • Freedom of speech ALLOWS hate speech, it does not cause it.

    To say freedom of speech causes hate speech is to imply that the ability for individuals to freely express themselves will ultimately culminate in negative and hateful expression. While I would agree that rampant hate speech is more easily developed because of free speech, I would not say that freedom of speech is the reason this hate speech develops.

  • Hate speech is NOT a universal idea

    Hate speech is subjective. That's a given. Also, the right to free speech is inalienable even if free speech does cause hate speech and does NOT, by any means, include the right to have others agree with you. I should also add that words hurt IF AND ONLY IF you give them the power to hurt you. Plus, you may not like to think of it like this, but racists, sexists, and other bigots could view the very ideas of minority Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights, freedom of religion, individualism, and individual liberty as threats to their group identity, and could therefore classify advocating for any of the aforementioned ideas as "hate speech" according to their standards.

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