• It exists in a sense.

    Gender does exist physically, obviously, in that women can reproduce, men are stronger, women have more fat content, men have more jagged features, etc. But emotionally, it does not exist to the extent we like to believe. For example, a woman can have masculine traits, which is seen as strange to most as is a man with feminine traits. But if a person has both masculine and feminine traits, are they a certain "gender" emotionally? The more I think about it, the more I have come to think that gender only exists in a physical sense.

  • What kind of insane premise is this?

    Gender is physically defined by your genetic makeup. A man can no more claim to be physically a woman than an African American can claim to be an Asian. Men and women are physically biologically two different things, anyone who disagrees is a complete ignoramus.

    What a bunch of nonsense.

  • Yes. It is a physical reality. Not a moral dilemma. It is also not a state of mind.

    Gender roles are one thing. Actual gender is another. Gender is the physical reality of an individual's reproductive system. Therefore, one can have one gender or another, no gender at all or both. All of this presupposes the existence of gender.

    Gender is a functional distinction to make (medically at the very least) and is completely separate from sexual preference, ideology and any other social construct that might be placed upon one gender or another.

  • But it's completely fluid!

    Oftentimes, individuals find solace in acknowledging their gender, and that's beautiful! Some individuals find that they are all genders, all the time. That's great! You rock that dress and beard! Some individuals find that they don't have a gender at all. Awesome! Challenge gender roles, wear your binder with pride!

    Gender is real, depending on your point of view. It's important to some, but only that individual gets the choice of their gender. One shouldn't look at an individual with a penis and declare, "Boy." Nor should they look at an individual with a vagina and declare, "Girl."

  • Gender is Socially Constructed.

    Gender is a socially constructed category that is used to define the difference between men and women within a society. Within North American society, we have an expectation of how men should behave and how women should behave. This varies from culture to culture and changes over time. Gender is not static but ever changing and adapting to society's needs and desires at the time. What is masculine and what is feminine are defined by Gender.

    For example, women used to stay at home while now they are more women in the workforce. Another strong example is what the sentence "Be a man" means to society. Often by stating to 'be a man', you are enforcing certain gender expectations. "Be a man" has less to do with biology and more to do with how one behaves.

  • Yes. It is not exactly binary.

    At the simplest forms there the males (who can impregnate) and females (who can become pregnant), which is determined by sex chromosomes. There are also roles and behaviors associated by the identities that may not match the the birth gender. There are a variety of possibilities combining the chromosomes and how they are expressed, this is termed intersex. So in a simplistic answer there are males and females with some overlap. Up to 1% of live births can be deemed intersex. Gender identity is determined mostly by the preference of the individual.

  • Quit enforcing your opinion on us

    Many people these days feel like the opinion of a heterosexual, cis, or white person is invalid. Just because you feel that gender doesn't exist, quit forcing us to believe that. Just because you are gender dysphoric, doesn't mean we all are. Not to mention the fact that just because a man is somewhat feminine, doesn't mean his penis magically turns into a vagina.

  • Quit enforcing your opinion on us

    Many people these days feel like the opinion of a heterosexual, cis, or white person is invalid. Just because you feel that gender doesn't exist, quit forcing us to believe that. Just because you are gender dysphoric, doesn't mean we all are. Not to mention the fact that just because a man is somewhat feminine, doesn't mean his penis magically turns into a vagina.

  • By definition, whether you like it or not

    Is there some confusion on what the term 'exist' means...?

    In the strictest sense, it is the state of being male or female. This is a simple fact. Even if you look at it from a roles and identity perspective, and how the trappings of gender are socially constructed, it still exists. These roles and identities are descriptive, not prescriptive, but to say that an observable biological and sociological phenomenon doesn't exist seems kind of nonsensical, doesn't it...?

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  • It's an outdated, sexist idea

    There is no gender. There is sex (female, male, etc.) but it's rediculous to think that one can "identify" as a single sex. We are all the same, the only differences between men and women are physical. It's sexist to assume that you can identify as one or the other, because that's implying that each one has to act a certain way. Don't get me wrong, a man can want to be a woman and vice versa, but that's a male WANTING TO BE a female. He is still a male until he becomes a female through surgery. A man can love to dress in women's clothing and play with dolls and go to the women's bathroom, but he is still a male. It doesn't matter what he likes, because there's no such thing as "girl things" and "guy things". Again, it's a sexist idea. Dollhouses can be used by both sexes, same thing goes with football. So it's rediculous to think you can "identify" with a single one. We are all the same. We are all humans with different anatomy. We are a single type of organism, not two different ones.

  • It "exists" for all the wrong reasons.

    Gender is a system of shaming people for not fitting into two separate categories. Gender is separate from sex, which must be explicitly noted. All humans are incredibly different mentally, therefore they should not fit into two arbitrary groups based on their genitalia. Noting the differences of gender harms social progress by limiting those to irrelevant physical factors instead of focusing on important mental achievement present in both sexes. Gender should not exist as it is a faulty human conception.

  • How can we identify as a gender if gender itself is based on stereotypes?

    Gender does not exist because it is based on untrue stereotypes. If those stereotypes are false, can we even feel gender? 'Feeling' gender is an absurd concept. I believe gender does not exist because we cannot feel it and everything that defines 'gender' is just an outdated stereotype. We simply are born male or female and there is no gender, just biological sex.

  • There's no gender

    SCIENTIFIC fact proves there is far more than the 2 conventionally-believed genders. Humans, as well as some other organisms, can have a chromosomal arrangement that is contrary to their phenotype; for example, XX males or XY females and there are also other types:
    I think the action of caring and respect is more needed than segregation among human beings.

  • Nope, there's only sex.

    Gender is a social construct, popularized in the 20th century as another term of sex, and the mental state of the different sexes. The notion that there's no such thing as biological sex is ridiculous, as a man claiming to be a woman is no more ridiculous than a year and 100% Caucasian guy claiming that he's Hispanic. The recent notion of "trans" only applies to those who have made a physical transition (hence the term) from one sex to another via surgery, not to special snowflakes trying too hard to be unique in a misguided attempt to find themselves.

  • Think about this...

    What actions can be considered masculine, and what actions can be considered feminine? If people believe that women can do things that men do and men can do the things that women do, then how would you know that a certain action is masculine or feminine? Where would you base the idea that the certain action, or trait, should be called feminine, or masculine?

  • Gender was constructed

    Gender doesn't exist. Sexes do (male vs. Female) but that is all biological and physicals. Other than that gender was simply made to separate people into boxes. Girls should have long hair. Men should have short hair. Women should wear dresses. Men should wear pants. But, that's something we made up ourselves. It varies across the board and constantly changes, so it can't be one solid this. So it doesn't exist. It was made to separate and shape people into differences.

  • Gender isn't scientific

    If you're born with certain genitals, you are that sex. If you have both you are a hermaphrodite. Everything else is opinions with know basis in science or nature. You don't decide your height or your eye color any more than you decide your sex regardless of what "body you're in".

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  • No it doesn't exist

    Mental Gender doesn't exist .

    At birth we are defined and classified with a gender based on our genitals.

    Our parents will then indoctrinate us with a gross ancient belief that gender determinate mentality and personality.

    Belief created because it was easier in ancient times to label people in a simply binary system of factors grouped randomly into ''masculine'' or ''feminine'' where the first was assigned to those individuals born with chromosomes XY inside their gonads , while the later to those with XX .

    This gender system will also be forced to us by the society that really loves it, will convince us with the falsity of it having relevance in your psychology.

    As one of the many negative results those not feeling comfortable with the way others judge their personality based on what gender they've born with may try to change their body (one of the many reasons for transsexed people), as an alternative they will invent new genders to identify themselves with.

    For some , the system will not have any meaning, they won't care at all of genders other than sexually if they are only attracted to one gender's Physicality .

    The rest will let themselves be prescribed by this religious belief ; the system being true , normal and absolutely natural ,
    up to a point to defend it and push it to other individuals too.
    Because they are close minded and got used to how the system defines and confines them .

    There's not such thing as ''girl things'' and ''boy things'' it's just an artificial , useless and sexist idea handed down to us by ancient caveman , that still exists for no logical reason .

    In short , our genitals it's not us , it only defines our reproductive role and has no other meaning . Gender is the same thing as race it only matters if you are racist or sexist .

    Not saying transexuals are all sexist , there are many reasons for them , they don't prove gender essentialism . Rather , gender transition proves how flawed this system is .

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