• Yes, Its everywhere

    Its hard to find a country with no pollution problem. Especially Germany which is a big car hub, with so many car manufacturing companies, the factories are a major cause for pollution. There is no speed limit for the roads and people drive super speed cars with no restrictions. This also adds to the pollution.

  • Yes, but not only Germany.

    Yes, pollution still is a problem in Europe, for we still use cars with classic engines and the electric power comes from nuclear plants and power plants that use charcoal and natural gas. If we measure polution in CO2 equivilants than pollution in Europe is many times higher than in developing countries. And as it was rightly mentioned by Mr. Steiner, polution doesn’t respect borders.

  • All countries have a pollution problem.

    Yes Germany has a pollution problem but they aren't the only country facing this problem. In fact, every country has a pollution problem and there is little we can do about it in society today. Not only Germany but all countries in the world should try to solve this problem together.

  • Germany does not have a pollution problem

    Germany does not have a pollution problem. This is nothing more than some enviro-wacko contingent making a lot of noise just to get its fifteen minutes of fame. These groups systematically go from target to target trying to extort their latest brand of environmentalism. Time to ignore these people and not give them any press.

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