• Thus saith the Lord

    The Bible says so: Leviticus 20:13 reads, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Clearly, an abomination tells you God's opinion of the homosexual. Paul also mentions in Romans 1:27, "And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet." This error that they are paid back with in their bodies is clearly a prediction of AIDS. The Bible warned man ahead of time the problems with sodomites.

  • God didn't hate them before, but maybe He hates them now

    ...When some gay men inflitrated the Catholic Church to become Priests so they can sodomize and abuse innocent children in the name of Divine Authority.

    But if God hates gay people, He must surely hate drug smugglers and bankers even more.

    However since drug smugglers and bankers ran amok unabaited without persecutation, it must be true that He doesn't hate them.

    Only gay people, black, minorities and Mormons.

    Of course, we all know that God has never personally said anything about these issues Himself. It's not like He has a cable channel like Oprah.

    But of course God hates gay people...Evangelicals in America said so.

    Who would you believe? God or the Evangelicals?

    Posted by: DT
  • God does not hate anyone

    Because our God is loving and forgiving, he acknowledges the fact that we are sinners, but CHOOSES to love us anyway. Because homosexuality is a lifestyle and mindset, it is not a sin that you can 'accidentally' make or something you immediately regret or repent from. It is a conscious decision to put your desires before what God asks of you. If you can grasp the fact that it is morally wrong, then you would not continue to act upon your sexual desires. You would be disgusted by the fact that your entire mindset is overall displeasure to God. He loves gays, themselves, but not the decision they made to accept their sexual desires. Same goes for all sinners.

  • God does not hate anyone

    Because our God is loving and forgiving, he acknowledges the fact that we are sinners, but CHOOSES to love us anyway. Because homosexuality is a lifestyle and mindset, it is not a sin that you can 'accidentally' make or something you immediately regret or repent from. It is a conscious decision to put your desires before what God asks of you. If you can grasp the fact that it is morally wrong, then you would not continue to act upon your sexual desires. You would be disgusted by the fact that your entire mindset is overall displeasure to God. He loves gays, themselves, but not the decision they made to accept their sexual desires. Same goes for all sinners.

  • God can love and hate

    God is perfect. We can only understand so much of his truth with our finite minds. God can love us and hate us at the same time. There phrase " God hates the sin not the sinner" is erroneous. Homosexuality is not just sin, it is a lifestyle of sin. People can say that God created them that way, that they had no choice. First God created Adam and Eve, Who committed the original sin. When that sin was committed the world became tainted and things like homosexuality were able to come into existence. Homosexuals can choose to act on their lust and "natural" attractions or not. Granted they may have to go through more tribulation with sexuality but the bottom line is a Gay person can be saved, but a saved person does not live to sin( lifestyle of sin). I would say the same of anyone who had a sex addition and who acted out that addiction. In this case either could be saved by God's grace through faith, and it doesn't mean they would stop their sinful lifestyle right away, the difference , especially in the beginning would be how they felt about their sinful lifestyle. Again Great spiritual tribulation for either case. "God loves you no matter what" well that is true and that is why he ultimately sacrificed his Son, but that doesn't mean he can't hate you and it doesn't mean that Sinners will be welcomed into the kingdom. " Christians sin" This is true and If anyone says otherwise they are liars, but there is a difference in sinning and being a sinner. We will all sin as long as we are bound to our sinful flesh, the difference is again that a sinner lives to sin, if you are a active homosexual you are living to sin, you choose what you feel is natural to you instead of what God calls you to do. Your putting your own idolatry above God. Bottom line God Hates Gay people as much as he hates all sinners perfectly( living for sin, fulfilling their "wants" instead of Gods) But he also loves everyone perfectly and with his grace through our faith we all can be saved. Repentance is not a condition to salvation rather it is a symptom of salvation. When you accept salvation with true faith you will repent from your sin, it will disgust you and you will want to live your life for God. God never promised it would be painless, I think the paths that we see his followers walked in the bible make whatever we could possibly go through look like cake.

  • I dont think so

    If God actually did hate people, then he would have stopped making gay babies and he wouldnt have made all gay people look so cute too.... Like ive never seen a gay person who didnt look like he/she came out of a shampoo commercial whereas Ive seen straight people so ugly that they almost made me turn gay....

  • Of course he doesn't

    Many reasons here
    If God is so powerful that he can do anything he pleased, he would have gotten rid of homosexuality or never created the characteristic in the first place. Another reason here could be that God created homosexuality for a purpose, perhaps population control. Yes, it does say in the bible that it is an abomination for man to lie with man, woman to lie with woman etc, but it isnt very clear by what it means. It does not specifically say that two man cannot be in love, the same for woman. It also says in the bible that God has unconditional love for each and every one of us, so if God did not love everyone, Gay or not, then what would be the point of believing the one book which is meant to be his word.
    A person who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or asexual do not choose it. It is who they are, and if their natural preference cannot be accepted by other people who find it too disturbing to exist, then my hope for a non-judgemental humanity is lost. If you believe that any of those preferences are a choice made by someone, then go ahead, you try and become gay for the day. Its not that easy is it. Now how about you got discriminated against for being heterosexual and got told that it was a choice you made, and that you were wrong?
    If you dont like the fact that the lgbtqia community exists, then just remember that we have no plans whatsoever to try and convert anyone to join our 'club', but thats not the case for you people who knock on people's doors, preaching hate about us. I dont preach hate about anyone. I just want to live my life without being judged for who i am by everyone at school and being hated by girls who spend more time saying God hates me than they do actually paying any attention to their faith. Why can't the world be thankful that love exists and that love will be the most wonderful thing to have in your life. We should be encouraging every form of the same love, then everyone would be happy and not waste their time on judging ither people's love

  • Homosexuality, Catholicism and the omni-benevolent nature of God

    A lot of the people here are saying that the Catholic Church teaches being gay is a sin- it doesn't. The Catholic Church teaches that it is fine to be gay, but because gay sex obviously doesn't lead to procreation, it is a sin. That's the official teaching of the church, of course the church is filled with old geezers who wouldn't open to, dare I say it- an openly gay priest! BUT there's nothing in the catechism to say that if indeed the priest was gay, he couldn't be a priest. The church calls homosexuals to refrain from the act of homosexuality which personally I believe is unfair but its better than the notion that if God creates you gay, even if you never act on it, you're still going to hell. The world 'Catholic' means universal, therefore, they can hardly reject 10% of the worlds population from their prayers and from being on the receiving end of God's love and goodness. Now onto Christianity in general, all Christians should know and be able to say the Nicene Creed, IT DOESN'T MENTION HOMOSEXUALITY!!! God does love gays because God is good and he doesn't hate anyone, he loves everyone, think the prodigal son (not that homosexuality is turning away from God). And for those idiots with your absolute morality waving the letters of St Paul in the air with fervent rage- we are not StPaulians WE ARE CHRISTIANS- therefore we follow Christ who's words speak for all time, not just one saint who was heavily influenced by the social context of his time, therefore NOT EVERYTHING THAT PAUL SAYS HAS TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. If you love God, he loves you. If you don't love God, he loves you.

  • No he doesn't

    If there is a God, I do not think that he hates gay people. God is forgiving and understanding. Sometimes bad things happen to gay people and they are struggling for basic human rights. But sometimes bad things happen to straight people and other people have fought and still continue to fight for individual rights..I think that if there is a God, that he cares for each and every person equally.

  • No He doesn't.

    He hates backstabbers though, and people who are mean to each other as well as people who use religion as a way to bully people. All in all, God and many Christians are on my ish list. I mean where is God when things go wrong? Sitting on His a@@ blessing Republicans. PFFT!

  • God is a loving God

    God's nature is love. I believe that Jesus Christ came to die for my sins as much as He did to die for gays' sins as much as He did to die for atheists' sins as much as He did to die for murderers' sins because He loves them and wants them to be saved no matter what they did.

  • Christians make him look bad

    God is loving and loves everyone, no matter how bad you are and what awful things you might have done. Since Christians disagree with homosexuality, we tend to be more hateful and discriminatory towards them. God says that he loves them and that we should too. We just have a harder time showing love when we disagree with people. We should be witnesses to the world, not hating but making friends and building relationships, no matter if we are in disagreement with that person.

  • God does not hate.

    God hates sin, not sinners. He loves sinners. Why would one specific sin make Him hate you? He sent His Son to die for you, no matter what you've done. I don't know where the popular saying "God hates fags" came from, but it wasn't from the Bible. God is love.

  • If the God exists...

    He does not "hate" anyone if by hate we mean desire evil for them. First, the Christian God is said to be a God of infinite mercy and love. I hate when Christians say that God hates someone because this is just plain stupid, according to Christians, God sent His son to DIE for the sins of EVERYONE. This should be enough evidence of Love.

    Even beyond the Christian concept of God, from a pure philosophical standpoint, God as traditionally conceived of is necessarily perfect. God's will therefore is perfect as well. A perfect will cannot desire evil for anyone. This does not mean that GOd wills every good for every person, but He does not will any evil for any person.

    Posted by: Dmot
  • I don't believe God hates Gay people.

    In the OT (Old testament) there are verses that speak out against homosexuality. But there are also verses that speak out against divorce, women even wearing pants, make-up, tassels on clothing, and a lot of other things. These are all the laws in the OT. In the NT (New testament) there are at least three passages that may refer directly to homosexual activity. Nowhere in these two books does it say that God hates gay people. God loves everyone, literally everyone. You can love someone unconditionally, and not necessarily agree with every choice they make. So no, God doesn't hate gay people. He may not agree with the choices they make, but that doesn't mean he hates them.

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aso says2013-10-23T05:12:55.717
It is not about whether or not God 'hates', it is what God hates, God hates sin. The reason is really quite simple, sin kills, "the wages of sin is death". God does not desire the death of a single person, He has given us the 'freedom to choose', it is our choice what we do with our bodies, what behaviours we choose, what we drink, smoke, practice. We cannot blame God for a death when a person 'kiils' themselves either by suicide or lifestyle, (drug o/d, alcoholism etc). To accept that God created all, an enemy, who wants to be in charge, (sound familiar, workplace, school, bullies etc), who desires to be in charge, begins our challenge, "choose this day who you will serve". So, we have a choice, we can live as we like, do what we want, and to 'hell with anyone who disagrees', If this is the case, don't complain when you end up in the 'wrong place'. Or, we can do some research, realise that we have a loving Father, Creator and search out that relationship. This is not about religion, (a filthy word), it is a relationship. When this is desired, we learn, I did, the truth does indeed set us free from the lies we have been taught and helps us understand the universal laws that have been forgotten and replaced with 'do what you will'. Every country, state, territory, city has laws. Disobeying these laws can result in fines, confiscation of assets or imprisonment. We still get to live. Disobeying the universal laws has an eternal consequence, life or death. Life is pleasurable and joyful, the death is eternal torment and sorrow. God will not 'force' anyone to obey Him, He will help those who 'choose to obey Him'. So in summary, No, God does not hate homosexuals, He hates the 'practice of sin' as this is disobedience. Will abstinence save us, YES, to resist temptation = obedience, this is the same in all sexual matters and life matters. Obedience is better than sacrifice, This is why the Son had to die, the remission of sin or the cancellation of the punishment of sin for EVERYONE who chooses obedience. What a most perfect gift, and it is free. John 3-16 "For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son, that who so ever believes on Him/ in Him, will not die, but have eternal life", 17 "For God did not send His son to condemn the world, but that through Him, the world might be saved". This is love, my question is "Do you want your 'love life' to save you from destruction or cause your destruction?", remember, this choice belongs to every individual, so.........Choose wisely.