• God was created by man in his own image

    The God of Jews-Christians and Muslims is loaded with human qualities. And one of those is he is not omnipotent as claimed. It is said no one could look upon the face of God and live. Yet Abraham, Elisha, Moses and many others did just that. And Abraham wrestled with God all night and hadhim begging to be let go. Not bad performance for 87 year old Abraham. When God killed a few thousand Hebrews because David took the census incorrectly and David pleaded he should be the one punished, God did not relent. But later apologized to David. The stories never hold up. This god was developed from the Greek and Roman gods, Zoroastrian and Mithra and Egyptian religions. Seems I am mightier than God as I can forgive someone who has wronged me without having an only son to kill. In math 1+1+1 =3, in Christianity 1+1+1=1, for any thinking person those numbers simply do not compute.

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