Does God purposely create nonbelievers to distinguish Heaven and Hell?

Asked by: lordandrew
  • Yes, God gave us free will all the well knowing some would chose Him and others would chose self.

    Its a HUGE question. My thesis is that for us humans to truly love God, with all the complexities of emotion, passion, imagination, creativity, etc, endowed into our eternsl souls there must a choice. To love or not. To care or be indifferent. To serve our Creator or our self. To be or not to be is the question. By one man all fell, the 1st Adam and by one man, all may live, the 2nd Adam - the God man Jesus Christ. God knows how much time is on our earthly time clock. So choose quickly and wisely. Why not chose today whom you will serve? Love is much more than an emotion. God loves you. Won't you respond so that you dont land in the wrong eternal camp?

  • Im saying no but not for the reason you may think

    I say no because one, i disagree with the question and no...Well ill get to that. Firstly i'm an atheist so i don't think that 'god' made nonbelievers.
    Secondly I think this is a reason against god because if we were made with free will and god does not care what you are then why is he against homosexuality and people who worship things other then him. Why is it that men are always the authority in the church. I thought that god loved all of us the same. I think that if god existed and loved us then he wouldn't send us to hell in the first place.

  • No. The purpose is to show everyone who their brothers and sisters are.

    Indeed, God is all powerful, if he only wanted believers, he could easily only created believers. Therefore, why even bother creating non-believers, right?

    Because God loves everyone the same, believer or non believer, deaf or blind, young or old, men or women, anyone and everyone, anything and everything, all loved equally.

    Most men probably won't understand what unconditional love is, but most women have a better chance at understanding this unconditional love that only God can give. Why can women understand this unconditional love? It is because women are the ones who gives birth to other humans. The child of a women literally came from the flesh of the women. When someone was literally a part of you, how can you not forever love them; they came from you, they are you in a way.

    All life came from God, so how can God not love them all the same? To hate even a single one of them, would be like God is hating a part of God.

    Therefore, the believers are here to show humanity the value in the unseen, the unknown, the incomprehensible. And, non-believers are here to show humanity the value in the seen, the known, the comprehensible.

    We're all just humans right? We're not Gods. We cannot do everything ourselves. We need others to do what we cannot do. And, in order to do what we cannot do, those others cannot be like ourselves.

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