Does "God" really exist: Does the Bible come to us directly from God?

  • Yes he exists

    God is alive in everytihing. He sent his son jesus to save us the sinners. He openly agreed to give his life to save man and then rose again from the dead. On the 40th day he rose in to heaven and is seated at the right hand of god the father

  • God really exist

    God really exist and the word of God which is in the Bible is true.We serve a mighty and living God.The word tells us that there is God and we believe in it that is the Bible.We believe that the Bible was written by people inspired by God who created them.

  • Yes, God really exists.

    I believe God really exists. I do not believe we know exactly what he wants from us, or has a straight narrow path to heaven. It comes down to a persons beliefs and how they choose to practice their religion. I think the Bible also came from God, but that does not mean it was written with mistakes. From what I understand man made the Bible, they were just told by God what to write. But, man can make mistakes.

  • The bible doesnt come straight from god.

    1st of all, why should i beleive what the bible says. It's just a book. In harry potter and the deathly hallows, they arent supposed to say "voldemort" because then he will know where you are. That doesnt mean that i beleive that to be true and base my life on that belief. Also, it's impossible for EVERYTHING said in the bible to be true because so many passages contradict eachother.

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