• It doesn't necessary cause crime, but it doesn't help lower crime.

    I played one of the GTAs once, and it was terrible. I don't understand how people enjoy it. All I was doing was running around doing hookers and stomping people to death for no reason.

    Here's the thing. Anyone can say it doesn't desensitize you, but you actually have to think about it. Companies will spend thousands or even millions of dollars to air a 30-second commercial advertising their product. They wouldn't be doing it if it didn't work. Therefore watching a 30-second commercial might make you want to go buy that product. If 30-seconds can suck you in, how about hours and hours? If you play a violent video game all night, then you start to become a little more used to blood and guts flying all over the place, right?

    I play Call of Duty sometimes, but I still recognize that shooting at people is generally a bad thing. I don't think video games will desensitize normal people, but some of the loonies out there might start playing and get a little too used to the violence.

  • More like a 50-50 kinda deal.

    Most people who play GTA are adults and this game series was made for them. But parents who let their children play these game's are at higher risk for their children to become violent and cause crimes rather than adults.
    Children cannot process this type of gaming and it's too realistic for them. Children have a much more expanded imagination so if you introduce something new to them then they are going to think it's the way to go and start acting the way the game influenced them. But adults can handle this kind of violence and they know it's fiction.

  • Do SUVs cause accidents?

    No and SUV don't cause accidents, their drivers do. Put a fertile mind to interact with the character of the Grand Theft Auto and there is a good chance the player will learn something from the game's personality, the game's character. Not only that, the deeds and actions of Grand Theft Auto are more stimulating than real life. Why not carry that stimulation into a three dimensional world with no wires, consoles and infinitely more possibilities to beat the game? The players life and the world the player lives in.
    Definitely No. Grand Theft Auto does not CAUSE crime. Grand Theft Auto set the table for Crime. Eat up, it is SO Delicious.

  • Not If someone ACTUALLY plays it...

    Have you ever seen anybody kill another Just because they saw it on an interactive game? At least I'm not that unlucky... People DO get violent playing these kinds of games, but the ones who actually have played it Do know the consequences, For example, me, I've seen in GTA : it gives me the privilege to kill anybody I see.... But where does it actually lead me? JAIL... Or sometimes It even kills me(in-game)....

  • No it really doesn't.

    I don't think it causes crime at all. It's a matter of how kids are being raised and how people think. The reason I say kids is because we all know kids ages seven to thirteen are playing video games as well. Probably even younger. If your kid goes out and commits a crime that's on them. It's not like Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto to have people go out and commit a crime. No subliminal message or anything. That's on YOU if you go any commit a crime; don't blame it on a game.

  • Video Games Are Social Commentary

    Especially with the release of GTA V, the Grand Theft Auto series has been just as much about curb-stomping innocent civilians and robbing banks to creating an active and relevant social commentary. The game, for those mature enough to understand it's themes, creates an environment where the player can make an opinion about these topics. It touches on the sexualizing of women, gun control, police brutality, crime activity, and even torture. It's not the game's job to tell it's player what he/she should feel, but to rather set the environment to allow the player to make these decisions.

    Keep in mind that these games are truly meant for people over the age of 17, I don't feel that video games cause an increase in crime. If someone is truly affected and changed by video game violence, I think that there is a problem with that person regardless of if they've played a video game.

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TheUntrueFantasy says2013-11-05T06:17:06.850
Well the game it self does not cause crime obviously but it might cause some people to commit crime. People are easily influenced by their environment and it's quite easy to assume that crime rates would be a tiny bit lower if none of the GTA games came out. No dramatic change but still a small change in crime rates. I think anyone who knows anything about advertisement will agree with me.