Does having gay parents influence kids to be gay?

  • Yes yes and yes

    I have an old friend who's mother is gay and I found out my friend turned gay, at a very young age. So yes without a doubt having gay parents influences kids to become gay. Not against gay people but it is very sad. If I were I would not let my kids see it.

  • Biological Inaccuracy (It is manifested by influence)

    I have witnessed many interviews, read about this topic, and studied it.
    I know for a fact that homosexuality is a flaw in human nature, it should not be. If homosexuals were legitimate, their numbers would decrease significantly, I believe that it is a flaw in the genetics that is very rare. In the past few years the numbers of homosexuals rose as they were acknowledged as acceptable and natural. I disagree, heterosexuals are the base in which humanity has settled upon, the only true sexuality that allows the couple to procreate without sperm banks or adoption. The parental figures are one of the most important relationships in a person's life, there is a great amount of influence on the children based on the actions and beliefs of the parents, if your parents are gay you are most likely to become gay because the children are being encouraged to be gay not because they actually have a sexual or moral desire for another male. If the parent is a robber his son will MOST LIKELY be a robber. The parent's job is to teach their children morals, logic and customs to pass down, if they are taught that homosexuality is "okay" then that will be their ultimate truth, because they trust their parents by the morals and logic that they pass down...

  • This is a biological inaccuracy ( IT IS A CHOICE BY INFLUENCE!)

    I have seen many interviews, read about this, and have studied this as well. I believe that homosexuality is a choice, because it is a flaw in human nature , it should not be. I believe that there should be a lot less cases of homosexuals if it was truly legitimate. If it were a case of genetics, homosexuality should be a flaw in the genetics which would lower the number of "gay" people in the world significantly. But this is not so, over the past few years the number of "gays" rose and rose, it is now a matter of influence, you can hear young people going through a phase, while everyone else cheers for them encouraging homosexuality, the arguments that almost everyone uses are weak, I do believe that you will burn in the fires of hell if you are gay, however atheists do not agree as well as the gay audience.

  • I Think So

    Sexuality is plastic. It is true that many kids from gay marriages turn out to be heterosexual and marry likewise. However, same-sex marriage may influence bisexual kids to have a same-sex bias. Just as some kids start out as heterosexuals and discover later on the joys of same sex, a kid could start out 'gay' and find out hus bisexuality.

  • Kinsey proves sexuality is fluid so it's possible

    It's possible that many, many factors form influences. Kinsey shows sexuality is fluid. So having gay parents could be a factor, although it's also possible that in some cases the factor would work paradoxically (influence against becoming gay). But it doesn't matter since there is nothing wrong with being gay.

  • Gay friends and family

    No medial findings here just from what I have seen by person experience.
    I have family and many friends that are gay, one is a childhood friend which we always knew she was gay. She came out and eventually many years later her little sister came out gay as well.. I have a cousin that was married and had two daughters. She divorced and started dating a women in which she later moved in with. The two adolescent daughters are now teenagers and of course gay. How can anyone say there is no influence on the children when that is what they see.
    Another cousin of mine grew up with both mom and dad They eventually divorced and the son (my cousin) is older now and gay. I asked him why he related to being gay and he said it was simply easier to be with a man than a women and that he liked seeing his dads partners in the nude.
    I honestly am open to gay rights and marriage but you have to be blind and naive to deny a direct correlation with growing up in a gay family and how you will relate as an adult.

  • Sexually ambiguous parents, also.

    My best friend from high school is straight, but effeminate. He married the first woman he ever had sex with - a very butch woman.

    Flash-forward 20 years, both of their kids (male and a female) identify as non-binary. The boy has several boyfriends and the girl switches around and demands special pronouns.

    This isn't, 'I was just born this way!'

  • Gays, maybe, transgender, yes.

    Transgenderism is a choice, if there was a biological component, then those who identify the other gender would be trans-sex. Transgenderism is a minute percentage of the population, but their adoptive kids who were raised non-binary are surprisingly* identifying non-binary as well, especially in Sweden. What are the chances of that happening naturally?

  • Gays, maybe, transgender, yes.

    Transgenderism is a choice, if there was a biological component, then those who identify the other gender would be trans-sex. Transgenderism is a minute percentage of the population, but their adoptive kids who were raised non-binary are surprisingly* identifying non-binary as well, especially in Sweden. What are the chances of that happening naturally?

  • YES! Parents and family have an enormous effect on the values and choices children make,

    I was a drug addict, alcoholic & extremely promiscuous due to my upbringing. I am a single father and parent for more than 17 years have been clean and sober for 20 and my kids neither drink do drugs or are sexually active. See studies by Walter Schumm, Peter Sprig

  • Sexuality is an identity, not a choice

    People cannot choose to be gay or straight, or pansexual, or asexual. They simply identify as something. Did having a male and female parent influence your gender identity? No. Like gender, sexuality is a psychological state that nobody has power over. Besides, the forces driving sexual attraction are mostly special hormones, which are unaffected by who's parenting you.

  • No it does not!

    Just because a child has gay parents does not influence the child in being gay! The child would see other couples as heterosexuals and not just homosexuals. I am lesbian and have a son. He sees me and his other mother together all the time but he is not gay. He has a girlfriend. He is not against gays by no mean but he also is not gay and does not want to be in a gay relationship. It depends on the child not entirely by who he is raised by on whether he is gay or not.

  • Not necessarily it all depends on the individual.

    Having gay parents does not really mean that you will turn out gay as well. Many gay people grow up in straight families but yet they're gay themselves. It really all depends on the individual. Homosexuality is not genetic so it cannot be inherited. It can be learned but not inherited. So no, I don't think having gay parents influences the kids to be gay. However, that does not mean I agree with gay adoption.

  • No...The Evidence Lies in Genetics

    A study was conducted in 2010 that gay and bisexual and queer individuals are born without the gene that produces enzymes. It's completely natural, and can't be influenced by anyone or anything. Yeah, it is possible to question your sexuality by being around gay people, but it's rare. My point is, being around gay people cannot inherently make you gay.

  • No it does not.

    Of course it doesnt. I dont have gay parents yet im still gay. I have several straight friends with gay parents. I didnt even know what it meant growing up. I finally heard about it when i was trying to figure out why i liked girls. Gay people are born gay. Just like straight people are born straight.

  • It's not a choice.

    It's not choice there for the kid wouldn't just randomly one day look at their parents and be like wow I'm gay now because you guys are too. If that were the case how come straight couples have gay children? Having gay parents does not affect their kids sexuality. People are born gay and that's the issue that people don't understand. And gays wouldn't end the world, like some have said, I'm that case women who abort and men and women who can't have kids will also end the world because they aren't reproducing

  • Same sex marriage

    Just because you grow up in a house hold where same sex is okay or your parents are gay doesn't mean you are going to be to. People are all attracted to different things and hanging around or growing up with people who have different tastes to you does not mean you are going to catch those attractions like a disease.

    Are you and you parents exactly the same? Do you like the same stuff? Do you all hate the same things? Do you have the scars, moles, freckles, brains?

  • Gay Parents Don't Make Their Chlid Gay

    Having a gay parent dosen't make a child gay. It only helps them be more open about their sexuality. Gay isn't a choice and cant be modified with someone else influental lifestyle. If that was true then that means straight people only make straight babies and gays are fake. Use logic to realize that gay is not a choice.

  • No it doesn't.

    If the parents are straight, the kid can still turn out to be gay or straight or bisexual or whatever. Same thing with homo- or bisexual parents: the kids can turn out to be gay, bi or straight. Upbringing has nothing to do with sexual orientation, a person is born with it. Some like girls, some like boys, some both, some none. Some like to eat chocolate, the other prefers chips, third one likes apples.

  • Does Having Gay Parents Influence Kids to be Gay?

    Having gay parents or non-gay parents has no influence on whether a person is gay or not. Being gay, like being straight is something in the genetic make-up of the child. Perhaps the natural parents of the child are prone to carry that gene but the parent, whether the birth parent or a gay guardian cannot turn the child gay. That is something the child is born with, just like those who are heterosexual are born with that trait. Being gay is NOT a choice.

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