• It certainly does.

    It does not exist in the same way homophobia exists and probably never will, but here's what interests me, I think some homosexuals have a deep form of hatred for heterosexuals because they used to persecute homosexuals. I don't blame them, but hating heteros is not going to stop sexual discrimination. Lots of gays get offended when a straight person says they are proud of being straight and label them as a homophobe. Straight people can't be proud of their sexuality? That seems rather hateful to me. Like I said, it is not the same as homophobia and I don't think it ever will as it is almost impossible to hate on the vast majority of people in the world and your ancestors-who were probably mostly straight, but that does not mean heterophobia cannot exist- it does, it is just overlooked and different from hom.Phobia!

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