• It's not like homophobia

    Of course, heterosexuals don't get the same treatment as homosexuals. But homophobia is hate towards homosexual people. And there is people who have hate against heterosexuals. Therefor, heterophobia does exist. It's just in no way close to how bad homophobia currently is. People think that when people mention "heterophobia" it's the same as homophobia. It's NOT. HUMAN BEINS HATE AGAINST OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. Simple, it's not rocket science tumblr.

  • It certainly does.

    It does not exist in the same way homophobia exists and probably never will, but here's what interests me, I think some homosexuals have a deep form of hatred for heterosexuals because they used to persecute homosexuals. I don't blame them, but hating heteros is not going to stop sexual discrimination. Lots of gays get offended when a straight person says they are proud of being straight and label them as a homophobe. Straight people can't be proud of their sexuality? That seems rather hateful to me. Like I said, it is not the same as homophobia and I don't think it ever will as it is almost impossible to hate on the vast majority of people in the world and your ancestors-who were probably mostly straight, but that does not mean heterophobia cannot exist- it does, it is just overlooked and different from hom.Phobia!

  • Heterophobia does not exist

    Straight people have never been harassed or discriminated like gay people. Homophobia exists because being gay isn’t considered “normal” which is why straight people don’t get to say they are being oppressed because they have never been fired or abused or kicked out of their home for being straight. Heterophobia does NOT exist

  • Come back to me when there is straight conversion therapy.

    Heterophobia is probably one of the most entitled formations of letter I will ever read. Homophobia gets people kicked out of their homes, have their genitals shocked, get ostrasized from their families, harassed, fetishized, taken less seriously over sexual assault, literally killed... The list goes on. Gay people will have services denied, be a point of mockery in the media, shat on by religions everywhere, hated by their families, made to hate themselves. They're discriminated against. In many parts of the world, they're denied fundamental human rights. Heterophoia is basically "a gay person hurt my feelings :(" and it doesn't exist. A gay person might resent straight people (you know, because straight people hated, harassed, kicked out, neglected, abused, gaslighted, and threatened them...) but that is nowhere near homophobia. What kind of entitled prick even thought up the term "heterophobia" ??? So stupid.

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