• Yes, Hillary Clinton exists outside of the law

    Much like other highly powerful individuals, Hillary Clinton has escaped what should have been a life sentence in prison. By allowing her to walk away from a series of 1000+ federal crimes, the government is clearly stating that she is not held accountable to the same laws as that of the common man.

  • Hillary Clinton's non-indictment means she lives above the law

    As clear as clear can be, Hillary Clinton's non-indictment means she lives far above the law more than any normal person. Does anyone have any real doubt that if a regular citizen had engaged in the conduct that she did but they would not be facing jail time? Once again, the Clintons skate free. God help us all if this woman is elected president.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton's not being referred for charges appears like she lives above the law.

    Yes, the fact that Hillary Clinton was not referred for charges means that she lives above the law. She clearly violated multiple federal criminal statutes. James Comey's speech about the decision contained a lot of information about the many ways in which her actions did violate the federal law, so it appears that the laws are simply not applied to her.

  • No, it is a difficult case.

    While Hillary had a lot of help that the average citizen may not have had, it is also true that she was under a great deal more scrutiny than the average citizen. Hilary Clinton's e-mail scandal says more about how problematic e-mail can be than it says about Hillary Clinton.

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