Does hip-hop music culture destroy the minds of young people?

Asked by: Arieynna123
  • In most cases, Yes it is

    Example? Take a look at lil tay and her "coach" brother.

    Hip-hop teaches the youth to show off, To be even more annoying, To use drugs, To dress and talk like those "gangstuh", To spend a lot on overpriced trendy stuff, Ect ect.
    Worst case scenario is inspire them to be rappers and dropout of school instead of finishing it.

  • Previous supporter of Rap

    Growing up in the early 90. S and the dawn of gangster rap era. I was fully emmersed in they gang lifestyle up until i wS in my mid 20's and them my thought process changed gradually to common sense and logic. I am a 6 time felon most are violent crimes and i can akin it back to rap music. It was the driving force on how to act and represent yourself. Even today they rap is Absolute trash. I no longer listen to the garbage and everyone wonders why the blAck community is in shambles. Its directly correlated to rap music and violence. 100% truth

  • Uhh...Duh...Isn't it obvious?

    Early rap had a message of bringing attention to racial injustices and discouraged negative behaviors. All in all, the older rap had an uplifting message. Now a days, its all just bragging about how much: money, weed, or pussy you get/have. And, if that isn't the narrative, then it is a "dis" against someone else for some STUPID reason (if there even is a reason). This attitude is projected by the music and reflected in the youth. Go ahead and ask these children "what they want to be when they grow up?" Nine out of Ten times they'll say "Professional {insert sport} Player" or "Professional Rapper." They do not have realistic expectations or goals because prolonged exposure to that music, at a young age, has warped their vision and limited their perspectives.

  • Yes, but it depends on how intelligent and vulnerable the person is

    I listen to all genres of music, but hip hop in particular is in my top 2. However, by listening to hundreds of songs I notice that at least 60% of the songs are about drugs, sex, and even hate. I also notice in my school life that people get pressured to listen to hip hop music because the "cool kids", usually fellow blacks listen to rap. I then see friends labeling certain girls as "thots" and while they may be, I find it dumb that they focus on women instead of getting an education to help their future. I also hear white people saying the n word which is just plain stupid. Hip hop as a whole isn't bad, as some songs provide me inspiration, but the other side of the spectrum unfortunately promotes divide in the US

  • Yes it does

    I'm 15 and I have been listening to hip hop music since many years.I also listen other genre songs but mostly hip-hop.Well i realized that music can affect our health, mood, feelings, and a lot more.Hip hop music or culture adversely affects our health, vision, mission, and many more.Ever since i have leaved that music and moved to classicial songs i have seen an increase in my concentration and social skills.There were other benefits too. Try it you will understand this fact...Hip-hop music culture does destroy the minds of young people

  • Hip Hop music is negatively influencing young peoples minds.

    1. Bad Grammer.
    2. Curse words.
    3. Promotes violence.
    4. Bad image on women.
    5. Promotes young people to take drugs.
    6. It should be banned from yung people.

    I believe that hip hop music is influencing yung peoples minds because they are growing and if this is what they listen to then they wont grow up to be positive people. They WONT help the world at all. All they will learn is negative things.

  • Yes, people are killed.

    Yes, hip hop music and its culture destroys the minds of young people, because they believe that that is the culture they should try to be. Gold teeth, gold chains, and the occasional murder are no way to go through life. Children see these images and these actions and believe that ordinary people wear their baseball caps over their eyes and jeans around their ankles.

  • Hip Hop Is Destroying The Minds Of Young People.

    Hip-Hop back in the day was really about how peoples lives are and like how they feel , now days its about how big a girls A$$ is or what someone looks like. And young people see that and they think its okay to do anything and everything someone is doing on a music video. Back in the day I know that girls had their pants properly fitted and their shorts weren't showing half of their but or it wasn't riding all the way up in her stuff. Or generation is becoming dangerous and to be honest... Also its becoming dumb! Young people know a song from top to bottom but when it comes too a book they don't know a word! Or they can memorize a song but when it comes to a test they don't know a thing. Young people are starting to think and experiment dangerous things that can hurt them like having premature sex and doing bad drugs maybe even selling them.

  • Not all Hip Hop objectifies women

    While certain Hip Hop songs can have negative influences and bad messages, this does not lead to people committing crimes or people minds being corrupted. I recently just choreographed a Hip Hop dance for children at my church and it was christian music. If you think that all Hip Hop music objectifies women, you're wrong. Beethoven composed a song titled death to all women, but classical music isn't bad. What about Heavy Metal that speaks of worshiping Satan. That doesn't make rock bad. All music genres have bad sub genres that you don't have to agree with morally. And if you place the blame on the whole genre, then you can' listen to any music, because it all has that ugly sister.

  • Of course not

    Hip Hop started out as a way for people to express themselves. It was an outlet that allowed these guys to get the word out of the way that they lived. Hip Hop is about that expression, the way that it is talked about is about "sex, women, drugs" they do not focus on the expression that this music is famous for. Focus on rap/hip-hop as a tool for expression as much as the way journalists then use pens and papers.

  • Lit af 100

    Hip hop is lit af mah bah 100 100 100 100 100 fuck you feminist pigs who want to take it away from me. I'm lit af when i listen to hip hop because i love the bad grammar and dat is 2 kwl 4 me,still lit doe ha ha

  • Because it calms people down

    If they are going through tough times Hip Hop and R & B can inspire people to find hope out of a bad situations. An example is if someone's parents dies then they can listen to a song about how to be strong and use their knowledge to make good decisions.

  • Idk fam it's sick

    M8 wot u on bout hippity hoppity musicians is the best Muthar yuckar right now it the face d d e d d d r r r r t t t t r r r r f t f to r f f f f g g f r f

  • It really doesn't.

    For anyone to believe that hiphop SINGLE-HANDEDLY destroys young peoples minds is a fool. Music is a powerful agent when it comes to influencing the brain but it can't go as far to commit crime. The brain is a lot more complex for that to work. I believe a more powerful agent is responsible for all crime and how a person is in general and that is simply the upbringing of the child and how it is raised and what atmosphere it is introduced into.

  • It is there choice

    Its their choice Hip hop music isnt the best music for young minds unless it has a positive messege. The bad things kids see and heard in hip hop arent gud for them. Its also their choice if their going to portray the actions seen and heard in the music. If kids could be more sophistacated and kno that they shouldnt do those things then maybe we wouldnt have to think of hip hop as it destroying the minds of youth.

  • Its their choice

    Hip hop music isnt the best music for young minds unless it has a positive messege. The bad things kids see and heard in hip hop arent gud for them. Its also their choice if their going to portray the actions seen and heard in the music. If kids could be more sophistacated and kno that they shouldnt do those things then maybe we wouldnt have to think of hip hop as it destroying the minds of youth.

  • Real Hip Hop Builds Minds

    Much of the hip hop we hear on corporate radio is not reflective of the true essence of the art. The underground scene provides great literary criticism of society and injustice. It helps to elevate the understanding and teaches people how, not what to think. No other music is like hip hop in this regard, and unfortunately many people are oblivious to this.

  • More a moral panic

    Hip-hop music, the reaction of young people and their parents, and society's portrayal of the art are classic examples of a moral panic, and is inherently elitist. The idea of high or low culture is as old as class divisions (so, eternal), and this is simply the most recent example.

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