• Yes, we should teach history.

    How could we not teach history in the class room? As the saying goes, we will be doomed to repeat what we do not come to understand. However, the history we teach has to be broader than a list of wars and conquests. We need to know more about various cultures and ways of living and how they developed.

  • Yes, it helps us understand each other.

    Yes, history has a place in the classroom, because history is vital to understanding who we are and where we have come from. Students should study history because it is fundamental to understanding society. A person cannot fully participate in society until they understand the history behind the society they are a part of.

  • History Is Essential

    I believe history does have a place in the classroom. All grade levels should talk about history. History is a essential topic for students to learn about. If we don't know our past how could we possibly know what direction we're headed in. History explains a lot about the human condition.

  • History Is Essential

    I believe that history does have a place in the classroom and truthfully, I believe it is absolutely necessary. If we ignore history, we are more apt to repeat the mistakes of the past again and again. Humanity has a tendancy to want to move forward, so it's essential to be aware of the past.

  • History Necessary In Classroom

    Obviously, history is necessary in the classrom and has an important place in the educational setting. Children need to grow up learning about the past in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future. History is a wildly important subject that shouldn't be cut from classrooms for any reason in this day and age.

  • Yes, but more No

    Some aspects of history i will agree are VERY important. Most of it common knowledge that people will reference forever. However, some of it isn't being used by the average person daily. I believe that if history interests you enough to want to learn every bit of it, take some college courses.. Because soon or later, 50 years, 100 years, or 500 years down the road, it just wont be possible for students to learn every bit of history since the first civilization like they are now.

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