• History plays a role in our lives.

    History plays a role in our lives. Everything we do involves history. When we drive a car, someone in the past
    invented that car. When we walk down a
    street, someone in the past built that street.
    When we eat our favorite food, someone in the past invented that recipe.

  • Yes, history has shaped who we are, and our everyday lives.

    While it only takes a generation or two to forget the horrors of things such as war, we are still the product of our history. For example, the United States is a country of immigrants, which other countries often admire about it. Its history has shaped it as a country. While we are shaped by what has happened in the past, we should strive to learn from others' mistakes, and learn even more from the history that has shaped the world. For example, after the Holocaust, people said "Never again." However, it could be argued that this is still happening in some countries. Slavery, too, still exists in other countries (even the United States still has underground sex slavery). We have learned from the past--but we need to learn and pay attention to history even more.

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