• It does repeat itself

    As a result of the first world war. Germany was left in serous debt to the rest of the world. This had a huge inflationary impact on the German currency, leaving their country in ruins for something that wasn't entirely their fault. This made the people sour about the whole thing which created an opening for the infamous Adolf Hitler. Who promised that he could restore germanys pride and power. Which lead to an eventual violation of the treaty of Versailles. Which then triggered the second world war. Boom Bam baby two world wars for the price of one because, wait for it... History REPEATS ITSELF

  • Yes history repeats itself

    By simply observing what's happening to us now and in the past history repeats itself. For example, Mayon volcano erupted in 1615 and erupted in 1814 it now called an history of the mayon vocano in albay. By just observing the eruption of the volcanoes it happens again and again.

  • Yes history repeats itself

    By simply observing what's happening to us now and in the past history repeats itself. For example, Mayon volcano erupted in 1615 and erupted in 1814 it now called an history of the mayon vocano in albay. By just observing the eruption of the volcanoes it happens again and again.

  • Look at our history to see the proof!

    History does, in fact, repeat itself. Look at all those battles one hears about in war - one side is always outmanned, outgunned, and outgeared in general, but they end up winning! Why? Because they have good leaders. A few examples - tons of battles in the Revolutionary War of the US against Britain - they had better men, better guns, and better supplies, but the US ended up winning because the US had better leaders - Washington and the French. Another example is the battle of cinco de mayo, 1862 - the peasants were basically screwed, but they had General Zaragoza to lead them, so they ended up winning. Yet another example is a few of the battles of the American Civil War. The Union had better trained men, better guns, and better supplies, and more of all of the above. Yet they ended on top because they had all those amazing generals - "Stonewall" Jackson and the like. So yes, history does repeat itself, quite obviously.

  • History undeniably repeats itself.

    No, it will not be word for word, not every part will be the same. History will not literally repeat itself. However the earth will continue to rotate around the sun and people will cause conflicts that are either world wide or between two human beings. History repeating itself is unavoidable. The nature of mankind has always been the same and always will be, the only differences in it are the developed technology, which change the way we display this nature.
    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein. This quote brings up another good thing. It applies to one trying to fix a problem, advising them to look at it from a different perspective. Applying this to history repeating itself, you can't look at a situation in a way that one has not already looked at before in a similar situation. Surely Einstein did not intend for this sentence to be used this way, but it is true that history does indeed repeat itself.

  • Yes history repeats itself

    Not to get religious but the Bible, Torah, Koran and majority of spiritual holy books have written down stories telling the history of the world. That's why if you read carefully you notice the same story is written /told in many different versions and they all speak the same warnings about what will happen if we continue down the same path. But the misconception is that these predictions are foretelling of things to come but that is not the case. What it is telling us is that the same sets of events that have happened before countless time before that has lead to a breakdown of society and it will happen again unless we as a collective change and go about things in a different way. So maybe the religious people are right that the end of days will come but not by the hand of God or Satan but by our own hands. To us that are used to living in a certain way with easy access to food, medicine, clean water and ability to communicate ,travel and receive information I believe that it will seem like the end of the world if our system is destroyed. Of course this is all speculation on my part ,my opinions based upon reading and research I have done on my own. Educate yourself and you decide.


    NoOne is EveryOne

  • Yes,history repeats itself.

    Just simply look around you that every thing in nature at one time get lost its charm or existance but with the passage of time it"ll grow up and gets its place just like the circle of earth around sun complete its circle at one point but from the same point it starts its new circle for continution of its nature.Then we see the geographical changes due to the explosion of lava.During this process some geographical changes happens like the gap between the earth gradually this gap increase its size and finally became a separate part but with the same process earth gets new pieces of land...So from this natural example we may assume that history of course repeats itself

  • History most certainly repeats itself.

    It's all based on power & money. If tomorrow someone offered you a million dollars to commit a crime would you do it? Almost all will answer yes. If you're struggling financially you'll want the money.
    Look at History. Germany was depressed financially during the 1930's.
    It took but one man (Hitler) to have millions of people look the other way while millions were murdered. Same for the killing of Christ.
    While he was nothing more than a pest to the Romans he was a threat to the power of the head Rabbi at the time. It's the 21st Century and nothing has changed. Money gets thrown at programs that never reach the poor. Our children ( and some adults) have relied so much on technology that they cannot do simple math or express themselves correctly. Out of the box thinking? Gone.

  • History Repeats Itself

    History repeats itself because there will always be people that agree with the past and things were better than the way they were. For example, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated, like Abraham Lincoln. There are people that believe they know what is best for the world, just like Hitler did.

  • History repeats itself

    Yes history does repeats it self. No matter how much knowledge or experience we gain we still have people in this world how use this information for evil. The knowledge of history is extremely important so we don't repeat it but unfortunately we do. This world is full of patterns weather we like it or not. I dont feel there is anything we can do to change it.

  • History cant be repeated

    We are not Buddhas we cant reincarnate from the dead so there history doesn't repeat.There hasn't officially been a fact in where a person comes back to life.Yes there has been many wars as well but as you they are not everlasting .Nothing ever is ever lasting.So might as well take the fact

  • Future is more complicated

    If history repeat itself, then we all will be rich from stock markets. Yes people do same mistakes over and over . But events are not. They are at large unpredictable . Look at wars, revolutions ,crashes and many other major events . They all come unannounced. Many experts in their field failed to predict such events

  • History does not repeat itself

    Chaos Theory states that in complex things many things will go wrong. Repetition is impossible do to the slightest changes. This results in history just like all things not repeating itself. Even in the most simple things minor changes will be made resulting in different results in history. This is why history does not repeat itself

  • History = nonrepeating

    History cannot be recreated exactly as it was before as seen by the butterfly effect. Each small thing changed- like a butterfly flapping its wings can cause drastic changes to something-else.Entanglement theory also proves this- Everything is interconnected no matter how far apart the items are. History, like a fingerprint, cannot be the same twice. Repeating patterns may look the same but upon close inspection are actually different. There are similarities between every-thing.

  • Facts, intentions and thoughts are elements that build the present.

    Each of the elements are not equal between past and present, therefore will not be the same in the future. The facts will be a little different, the intentions are a little different and thoughts will be different too. So when you combine them, it will have a different result.

    When you enter a river twice, you do are not the same one that entered before and the river is not the same, said Heraclito.

    Now imagine all the things that make up facts, intentions and thoughts. Only if you remove much of what makes them what they are, history could repeat itself.

    Also, people who say history repeats itself are probably trying to make an erroneous analogy to fool someone else. So, beware!

  • Elements repeat, not history.

    Certain elements of history repeat--dictators rise and fall, civilizations destroy their resource base and collapse, the balance between openness and closedness in a society fluctuates. These, and many others, are *elements* that make up the history of any group, society, or culture. And the shifting balance between different and/or opposing elements gives a feeling of cyclicality. But the exact combination of elements, and their fluctuations, does not repeat. Prohibition is an example. Prohibition was enacted as a Constitutional Amendment; current bans on drugs are matters of a huge network of laws. Different. Both spawned an enormous black market, resulting in gang warfare. Repeat. Public outcry repealed Prohibition; It has had very little effect on the current legislative scene. Different. Both resulted in enhanced powers of the Federal government. Repeat. And so on.

    This is not to say that one cannot learn from the elements that do repeat, or nearly so (It's just unlikely to the close order of impossible). But it is a simplistic distortion to say that history repeats.

  • Hitler will never be born again.

    From a Judeo-christian point of view, time had a specific beginning point and proceeds linearly without repeats. There will be only one creation, only one messiah and only one judgement.

    From an academic point of view, events arise in time that are similar to events that happened previously. But they are only similar. Adolf Hitler will never be born again. He will never again rise to power in Germany. Just because one event is similar to a previous event is not indicative of repetitive history.

  • History is not an unending circle

    Many use the war raging over this planet through distance and time as proof as that history repeats itself.
    Other insist that all humans are born with motives for power and money, and are prone to use the same [evil] techniques a few people used, spanning till even the beginnings of recorded history.


    Wars are prone to happen, and so are bad - worldwide - decisions. We are all human, and we make those decisions, for both good and bad reasons.

    We have evolved. We have technology, and universities, and industries. Our wars are for different reasons than for those a few hundred years ago. Because a few bad people mad some horrible power hungry decisions in this world does not dictate that history is condemned to be stuck on repeat.

    All People are not power hungry. They are not born without morals. Those few who are power hungry are the same ones who do not know the history, which is the only reason they are condemned to repeat it

  • NO It Does Not

    History does not repeat itself because each event that happens in the past does not again happen in the future. There may be recurring themes in history but it does not technically REPEAT itself. Themes are completely different then recurring themes. So history most definitely does not repeat itself. Otherwise the future would be the past.

  • Of course not!

    People have a tendency to make connections, its how the brain works. It makes it easier for us to remember and think about things if they're connected or put into categories. If you were to roll a hundred sided die, and the first five numbers we roll are 34-51-22-9-84. Now, we roll the dice another 100, or a thousand times with no major repeats, and then suddenly we get a 34... 51... 22.... Then a 9! And then a 32. So we saw a similar set of numbers, and we all saw the connection but we all know the dice are random. They aren't repeating themselves, there was just a similar roll of dice at the beginning, and in the middle.

    There are 7 billion people in the world. So, yes, occasionally a small set of circumstances happens to have similarities, and your brain makes the connection. No, history is not repeating itself.

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