• Yes, And every show or movie has some kind of reference to this filth.

    Gods judgement is going to fall on America for not only trying to shove this wickedness down the adults throat but for trying to teach our children and out grand children this evil. Israel was punished over and over for this same type of pride and rebellion. It is inevitable that something terrible is going to happen to this nation for it's role in this whole movement. Normally God uses nations enemies to punish them when they start doing evil, In Americas case one of the other Super Powers. Biblically we are treading on thin ice.

  • I just watch the old tv shows and films

    Divide and rule, Blacks v white gays v normal left v right, It looks like the worlds is being changed by the few. No one talks about just how easy it is to stop gays being formed. Which vets found out about many years back. In animals. The mothers to be just need a good selection of vitamins. The book Rare earth cures,covers the subject, One would think it would be on every news show world wide, but that's not there agenda is it. Of course more gays less children. People realy should read the georga guild stones to see what the hidden hands have to say.

  • Everything is now painted with rainbows.

    It's now harder to find a TV show that doesn't normalize homosexuality than one that does. The funny thing is that they all involve families that if it wasn't for heterosexual would not exist. Funny fact, every homosexual ever born was the result of a man and a woman getting it on, i.e. homosexuality must be genetic. That makes perfect sense.

  • Yes they are promoting it. That is obvious

    I got sick of it when they had to have two guys kiss on the T.V. Show the Excorcist. I am not sure why any heterosexual guy would want to see guys making out. To me that is sick and the producer made a comment that he doesn’t care what we think. They want everyone to think it is normal even in elementary school. That is why they even put it in family shows. Here are the facts, there isn’t one scientific study that gives evidence that you are born that way. It is a choice people make and it is a perverted choice.

  • Far too much.

    Even a show most would consider wholesome, Supergirl, features a lesbian couple as the biggest theme of the show. The Walking Dead, until the most recent episode, put a male gay couple front and center. Homosexuality is being put front and center all over television. Midnight Texas? Gat angel and gay demon couple. All great shows that are being defiled.

  • Can't watch anything anymore without homosexuality being shoved in your face

    Many characters in movies/series don't appear in 'romantic' scenes or with a partner or talking about a partner, simply because it doesn't fit into the plot. So technically, they could be hetero- or homosexual and nobody would care, and I honestly wish nobody did and they can just be whatever they are because I don't care about a character's sexual relations when it has nothing to do with the plot or character development. But with homosexual characters it seems that they have to be specifically portrayed as gay, meaning they have e.g. a very graphical sex scene to show that they are homosexual. I watch series on Netflix and pretty much all of them have homosexual relations/sex included, Orange is the new black (obviously), The good wife, Ozark, Sense 8, Ray Donovan, even Narcos. Sometimes it goes fine with the plot but often I feel it's being shoved in my face, which I also don't like with heterosexual sex scenes btw, only the latter is something I don't come across anymore too often. To me it seems like a token thing and by now it seriously annoys me, so the last time I started watching a series and every character was displayed in situations such as work, with their parents, hanging out with friends, and then, of course, the lesbian couple had to have a very 'the more you see the better' sex scene, I stopped watching. I want to see a series, not agenda pushing, thank you very much! It also seriously annoys me that 'open' and 'tolerant' is something that only applies to you (or that's what is being suggested imo) when you enjoy people shoving their tongue down each other's throat and more. I just don' like that, I think people should have things more than holding hands and kissing (in an affectionate non-sexual manner) in their private homes. I was a rather left-wing democrat, non-religious traveller all my life, but with everything that's going on with people now calling everybody a hateful homophobe who doesn't think their own kids would be so much cooler if they were gay, I feel how I am drifting more and more to the right.

  • All media supports and promotes homosexuality

    You'd have to be a giant IMBECILE! To not realize that all Media in general promotes homosexuality. Every major network from A to Z, even news networks, promote it like hell. Can anyone name me a show that does not have a gay character in it? Here's the thing, America today isn't the America that our parents grew up in. This is now a totally secularised, godless nation that's gone to the toilet. Everything that common sense says is wrong, today it has turned into right. How ironic that there are more things going wrong today in this country alone than ever before, and we're left with morons who question "why does God allow bad things to happen? How about because this nation along with the rest of the nations of this world have completely rejected God and His holy word the bible. Enough said, no one cares or listens anyways.

  • Hollywood definitely promotes it!

    I get they want us to "accept it" but they don't need to have homosexuality in every TV shows and movies. Honestly I'm getting tired of watching them. I don't support their gay lifestyle but I do respect them. I have my beliefs and I feel like their views and opinions are shoved down my throat to HAVE to accept them. People should be allowed to express and hold on their beliefs without being called "Homophobic". I also see that Hollywood is treating this as a fashion trend. I just saw a TV show about a girl coming out and another guy was commenting to a friend "Yeah the gay thing was 2 years ago, now is transgender." I'm like wtf?? Hollywood sees it as a trend because it's selling and will keep having gay/transgender scenes on TV until people will get fed up with it because it's played out too much and Hollywood will move on to the next trend. That's just the way it is. Until then they will make it seem that being gay is BETTER than being straight. That's not okay!

  • What happen to all these new movies that are blown up on advertisements in order to convince you to watch the homosexuality hollywood is promoting

    In the past four movies I have watched they have had some kind of homosexuality. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against it, but why has hollywood made this such a trend. What is the reason for hollywood to promote homosexuality. In the last four movies which were Hot tub time machine, The Interview, and some other ones I can't seem to remember displays how homosexuality is cool, funny, and just better. Again I have nothing against homosexuality but when clearly every movie I watch promotes homosexuality I tend to question whether I want to visit the movie theatre and watch another movie that I know will have propaganda to make us how they want us to be.

  • Every show must have a gay episode

    Seems every series (yes, even NCIS) has to promote the gay lifestyle. There have been gays for centuries and I have no problem with that. What I don't support is Hollywood promoting the lifestyle so that children having difficulty in social situations feel the solution is to become gay. In many cases, it is the lack of a supporting family.

  • No, they aren't "promoting" in the sense people think.

    Hollywood does show homosexuality in its material, but showcasing homosexuality is not promotion in the sense people think. I haven't seen any movies or shows that try to convince heterosexuals to experiment with homosexuality. Gay people should be able to show themselves in public without being accused of trying to convert the straight populace.

  • People are gay or straight (or whateer else), regardless of what they see on tv

    Regardless of whether or not Hollywood says it's OK to be gay or not, such a "promotion" begs the question, and assumes that being gay is something people choose. People with homosexual orientation will be just as attracted to their own gender regardless of what they see on TV, and those same people will be just as sexually unattracted to the opposite gender regardless of what they see on TV. The only difference the TV generally makes is whether or not they accept what they feel, whether or not they realize what's actually going on.

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