• Human-induced climate change

    The climate change we talk of when we debate climate change is clearly not the the general process of climate changing. It's shorthand for the additional and likely extremely destructive forms of change to our climate that would otherwise not occur if we hadn't put additional CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The effects of it are already likely visible and it ain't gonna get any easier...

  • Yes o k

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  • All because of human activity

    You can a boring climate now a days. And all because of polloution. Now you may be thinking what is the relationship between polloution and humans ? There only relationship between human and polloution. Polloution is caused by humans.Earlier times there good climate as the old aged people had said it. As there is no polloution that day. Think a small thing 'are you happy with this type of climate?'
    "who you are ,whatever you are, you can do something for your world. If you think climate change is a problem"

  • Humans speed climate change

    I understand the fact that climate change is a naturally occurring however humans do speed up the process by burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, there is no denying that fact. Its been proving that the gases create heat in the atmosphere because of all of the carbon dioxide build up.

  • Human activity causes climate change.

    Scientists have shown that human activity is the real cause of climate change. The emission of greenhouse gases is the principle cause of global warming and the extreme weather phenomena that have been appearing around the world in recent years. Global warming has only started happening after the industrial revolution.

  • Yes in a big way

    Climate change would be occurring with or without humans. It would be a natural process of the Earth. Man however is greatly speeding up this process with his actions. For years we put little thought into the environment and now we are starting to pay the price with an increase in climate change.

  • Humans Cause Major Climate Change

    While the Earth goes through regular periods of climate change, humans are directly responsible for global warming today. Our activities have released so many greenhouse gases that the Earth has been unable to correct this issue. Now humans must change their behavior in order to right this wrong before it's too late.

  • Human activity does cause climate change.

    Human activity does cause climate change. Humans are responsible for the climate change. With more and more vehicles on the road adding to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere then we are responsible for the climate change. The polar ice is melting directly in relation to these gases that are being released.

  • Human activity at fault

    Human activity is at fault for climate change, there is no point in anybody trying to deny it. The science behind climate change is incontrovertible, and the massive amount of research that has gone into studying the cause of climate change over the past 2 decades has led to a clear answer.

  • Yes and No #KILLTHECOWS

    Yes. Human activity can help speed up climate change. However, it is a purely natural process to start with. While humans may in fact be catalysts to this natural phenomenon, we are not the cause. It is in fact the cows fault. That is the solution to global warming. This is a very serious problem. #KILLTHECOWS (btw im not an idiot im joking to clear up confusion ( about kill the cows not my argument) lol)

  • Human activity may well be a catalyst but not the cause...

    The climate has been changing ever since the Earth was formed, indeed the climate is and will always change regardless of human activity. The Earth is currently in the Holocene era and the climate has been fairly stable for last 10000 years - before this the Younger Dryas era saw dramatic and violent shifts in the Earth's climate. The rhetoric of anthropogenic climate change is dangerous is reminiscent of the rhetoric of Communism and Terrorism being a threat to human emancipation... They all are economic and designed to maintain a hegemonic power imbalance. Climate change will happen no matter how much we recycle and invest in renewable energy sources; it is senseless and inhumane to spend billions on trying to prevent it (when millions of people live in poverty, war and famine) and the only sensible thing to do is prepare for climate change.

  • It's Entirely Natural

    Volcanoes cause it, sunlight causes it. Scientists even think the Sahara was once a grassland, but natural changes in the Earth's orbit turned it into a desert. I mean sure we release gases, but so does lightning and changes in sunlight and atmosphere reflectivity. I think that it's definitely not our fault.

  • The Results Of Our Activity

    I do not believe normal human activity causes climate change. It is the results of our activity that can cause the change. If I walk across town, I'm not really doing anything to change the climate, however if I opt to do an activity like burning used oil, then the results of my actions do make an impact.

  • Scientists and Rumors

    No one remembers anymore, kind of like in the book Brave New World or 1984. But people used to complain about global cooling in the 1900s, and now it's global warming. Recently there have been the most cold winters recorded in hundreds of years in various places around the world. You don't hear scientists talk about global warming very much anymore because they really aren't sure. The earth goes in cycles of being overall cold and overall warm, and it may come to a point where it's very extreme, but small humans like us can't do much to change the way God set up the universe.

  • Human Activity is not causing climate change

    No, I do not think that human activity is causing climate change and that climate change is all made up. I think that the earth is fine and that climate change is completely false pushed by a few scientists and Al Gore just to make money. We will all be okay in our climate.

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