• Think about it this way

    I come to your country, kill your dad, rape your mom and sister, make you watch, then i throw you in a prison where you will never see the sun again.

    20 years later, someone is capable of breaking you out of that prison, by means of terrorism, you are out, but you have no one left in your life.

    Someone who has nothing to lose, and nothing to gain anymore, no life, a broken soul... Why wouldnt he want to get even, maybe lay his scars on people of same religion or ethnicity as those who did this to him.

    A crime of absolute hate, and the feeling of complete and utter injustice, and the silence of the world.

  • Injustice is a cause of terrorism

    Injustice is a cause of terrorism. People get offended and hurt by the justice system that they choose to resort to acts of violence in order to protest the on going injustice. There is no cure to fixing the justice system to ensure that everyone is happy, but injustice is a cause of terrorism.

  • Injustice root cause of terrorism.

    Terrorism, comes under the worst controversies in the world. Well in today's era it has been reached to it's highest peak. And the reason behind it??? Obvious answer INJUSTICE. The injustice that has been done between leads to conflicts and rivalry, and this to violence which comes under category of terrorism.

  • No, injustice itself does not always lead to terrorism.

    Injustice alone does not always lead to terrorism. There are many other factors that determine whether or not someone will commit a terrorist attack. Injustice creates anger and hardship in countries around the world. But I do not believe this is the only factor in determining whether terrorism will happen.

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