• Yes, of course every country has the limit to which it can accommodate foreigners, even if temporarily.

    If this is the price Israel has to pay for showing respect towards Islam and particularly in the month of Ramadan? Surely not at the cost of innocent lives lost in this mayhem. Israel has every right to take steps to protect its people and sovereignty... though the measures are harsh in nature.

  • Israel is justified in the freezing of Ramadan permits

    Israeli authorities came under fire when they froze the permits of tens of thousands of individuals who were trying to enter the country to celebrate Ramadan. However, I believe that they were right to do so. They were protecting themselves following the deadly attack on Tel Aviv and did not want a repeat of that incident.

  • A Freeze is Only Temporary

    Like most governmental agencies, it is likely after attacks that precautions are taken. For Israel to freeze Ramadan permits doesn't strike me as being "wrong" but more of a way of looking at the recent bombing and creating an atmosphere where they can truly inspect all permits until they get the answers they need. I am seeing this as a temporary fix until they can truly work to find the answers to the bombing and release the freeze of ALL Ramadan permits.

  • No, Israel does not have the right to freeze travel permits

    Israel does not have the right to freeze travel permits to Palestinians. Palestinians were given the right to enter the country of Israel, and the Tel Aviv attack does not change that. Israelis and Palestinians are at war in the same country, and Israel must play by those rules, regardless of how dangerous they perceive threats from Palestinians to be.

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