• Yes, some are more deadly.

    Guns that shoot many rounds without needing to be reloaded and those that shoot high-powered ammunition are more deadly. These sorts of weapons serve no practical purposes. They are not needed for hunting, sport or home defense. The sort of weapon used in the Orlando killings should not be legal.

  • When it comes to mass shootings, the type of gun used matters

    Gun control should take into consideration the types of guns that mass killers often use. They are usually machine guns capable of firing many rounds in mere minutes, which creates maximum devastation. Our law makers need to recognize this and restrict the access to these terrible weapons that is so unfortunately prevalent.

  • No, dead is dead

    If it kills you, it does not really matter what was used. I don't think the victim really cares if they were killed by a handgun or by a machine gun. A corpse is a corpse is a corpse. The tools that procure the murder are inconsequential, it is the reason and motive behind it that matters.

  • No, it does not matter at all.

    A gun in the wrong hand regardless of the type will serve the same purpose of killing. Gone are the days when shooters were synonymous with AK 47 rifles, sophisticated and much more lethal guns like the M14 are readily available. Even with this it does not matter, one death caused by a gun in the wrong hand is just as bad as 50 deaths from the same.

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