• There still justice even though man is self-interested.

    That's why justice is been implemented for man, to lessen his own interest, and to show that justice starts from equity to equality, how? First give what is due, then man has a inborn consciousness of being good. So the action must come first to man, man must have the self-realization.
    Second man becomes greed because of his surroundings, to have this justice for man, he must learn and see that he/she has the potentiality of goodness.

  • Justice does exist

    Although it is imperfect, justice does still exist in the world. Many a time we tend to focus on the negative aspects that occur and those are the ones we tend to discuss. Howeever, there are a million people each day being brought to justice for the wrong that they have comitted. Therefore no matter how much we want to believe that justice does not exist it in fact does

  • There are many forms of "Justice"

    In this world we live in, there is right and wrong. Or at least the illusion of it. And for each such circumstance there is a corresponding type of "justice". Whether it be legal justice, spiritual justice, or even vigilantly justice; it will be served. One way or another, justice, will be done.

  • Justice does exist, it just not always there.

    Not every court case ends with a victim forced to pay lawyer fee's because they lost. With that being said not every criminal is caught, but karma does exist and in it real justice stays. Sorry if it was cryptic at the end, but I'm sure most of you got it.

  • Regarless of what happens justice always takes place.

    Justice is the end result. Plain and simple. Scenario: I'm the king. You live in my land. I come to your home and say "your home is now mine." This is justice in action. The end result is I took your home and because I am the king what I say goes. That is justice. Setting morality aside. The arguments I see in this debate are all regarding what is morally right or wrong. But morality and justice are 2 different things. Morality is absolute where as justice is a man made word. This is where people have trouble with in this debate. Mixing up the 2 words saying justice must always be what is right. But if we separate the 2 we see that justice is irrelevant and the true question we should be asking is does morality exist in our government. And now the question is to be asked are we doing the right? Thing

  • Only God gives true justice

    God's justice is perfect. He mixes His "justice" and mercy to form something beautiful. Our court systems try to give people justice and I honor them for that, but only God's justice is perfect. As humans, we will never achieve true justice, as we make mistakes. God will judge all of us later, but for now the courts are doing very well.

  • Justice exists though it is not always served

    Justice is in my opinion the love for peace expressed through actions. This means that justice has to be wanted by both sides of the argument for it to actually happen. If a person gets robbed and the robber gets caught and goes to jail the owner of the property is afraid and knows that they have been robbed they can be robbed again. This isn't justice this is punishment justice and punishment are very different things. Punishment tells the robber not to do it again true justice ensures the person will not do it again and also ensures that the robber will think what he did was wrong and that he will not just pay a fine he willwalk away guilty in his heart for he has humility. True justice is possible though it is not ingorced by the court it is inforced by the heart.

  • Yes, I believe it exists, but you have to pursue it.

    Much of the problem with justice is how to achieve it, one must persevere it its quest. Unfortunately, sometimes in this pursuit, one may make enemies in the process. We, as social beings, want the camaraderie with the presence of our fellow man. Much depends on what the injustice is and whether the pursuit of justice will cause isolation. People must do what they have to do LEGALLY if the injustice is extremely serious.

  • Justice does exist, as it just comes in different forms.

    The whole idea of "justice" is for those to get what was coming to them, or to be punished for wrong doing. With the laws we have in place today, it's hard to punish all wrong and criminal acts. The justice system sure does try, even when there are some who don't go through the court system and get away with it. It's important to remember that "what goes around comes around". It's called the law of attraction. Justice comes in many forms.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • I think justice exists, because all the bad you do will eventually catch up with you, as well as the good stuff you do.

    I believe everything you do in life has consequences. They can be good or bad, but it will always have some justified effect in your life.

    Posted by: PainstakingLawrence
  • Too big to fail

    Law enforcement and the court systems are so big that they can barely be held accountable any more. I was arrested and held for 4 days; when I was the one being terrorized. I called the police 2 weeks before the 'victim' grabbed a hold of the front of my shirt and threatened me- and I spit at her. I know it sounds gross, but this person would not leave my house, threatened to kill herself, I bought her a plane ticket to go back home- she did- then came back....To my place of work. I had to quit, leave my house, had most of my things broken. I called the police two weeks before, and they said If I wasn't planning to have this person arrested, they wouldn't come out. This person was a loaded canon; attempted suicide. They dismissed the charges, but only because the 'victim' got a case of the conscience. I spent 4 day in jail; and the jail let her in to visit, even though they had a 'no contact' order against ME! This was F-ing insane! I was also held in a detox tank for 3 hours, when I passed breathalyzer, field sobriety, was not swerving, had 1 drink all evening (they followed me out of a jazz club that serves alcohol). Under the influence of NOTHING! I was stopped for no reason, at midnight; coming home from work. State patrol stopped me, frisked me, insisted I keep my hands out where he could see them, looked inside my car. When I asked why he stopped me, he said 'someone said a car matching mine was seen swerving'. He then told me I needed mud flaps on my jeep; which I found out from DMV was not true, because I had mud guards. Anyone who says that law in America is just, has been living like a hermit, and doesn't get out much. Probably a good idea that they don't. The 'justice' system is OUT OF CONTROL!!!

  • How Is There Justice?

    How can we say we have a justice system when innocent people are pretty much forced to plead guilty or no contest to a crime they did not commit? You don't think about a situation like that much until it's knocking on your back door. It happens everyday. That's why there should have to be definitive evidence and not just circumstantial. Things aren't always what they appear to be and without knowing someone there is no way possible to be able to make the right call. Therefore we have innocent people out a whole lot of money and a record when they have done nothing wrong. Never done anything criminal in their life. How do we call this justice?

  • You realize the truth as you get older

    Justice ... Is only served to the popular and well liked. Regardless of whether they are right or wrong, the majority will justify their actions and make excuses for them. However, if you are in the minority and aren't well liked ... Then, they will monsterize you and give you conniving reasons for everything. This is why heroes are always good looking and villians are always ugly. Because it is a reflection of how the world really is. Statistics supports this. Therefore, justice only exists for a minority of people.

  • I was assaulted. Suffered a brain injury. Assailant lied when I was unable to defend myself. Went by ambu,ance to the hospital.

    Suspect lied to police. Police believed him. DA believed him. Case closed. Had texts from assailant that proved he lied. Still didn't matter. And Oj Simpson got off too. Something needs to change in our justice system. Victims stay victims time and time again. My only hope is Karma. God knows!

  • First hand experience

    The legal system of the United States is supported by laws, written by lawyers to support lawyers. Judges are, former lawyers corrupted by the desire to perpetuate the system that created them.
    Example, win a malpractice case against your lawyer does not give you any rights to argue, you were not adequately represented in court.
    Example: The number one former occupation of members of congress are lawyers.
    Example: The typical lawyer earns 10 times the average American, so how does Congress represent America?

  • Justice for all is just a slogan.

    You probably have to be a certain person to get justice and there is probably a criteria so there is probably fine prints to it. There is justice but like I said above there is no justice for all. It's just for competition with other countries on who's better that's my opinion...

  • Justice for all is just a slogan.

    You probably have to be a certain person to get justice and there is probably a criteria so there is probably fine prints to it. There is justice but like I said above there is no justice for all. It's just for competition with other countries on who's better that's my opinion...

  • There is no justice

    Justice is supposed to appeal to both sides, be fair, but it never does. One side always has a more preferable outcome than the other. Like in Antigone, by Sophocles, Antigone wants to bury her brother and Creon does not want her to because it goes against his laws. They both cannot receive justice in this case, either Antigone does and Creon is made to look weak or Creon gets justice and Antigone dishonors her family.

  • What is it ?

    Justice is like a blind fire from the hip, sometimes you hit the target some times not. Justice is makeing yourself feel better by blaming and punishing an acused even if wrong. Justice is no matter who is punished someone is. Justice is a dream people think they have but is a mirage forced upon by others.

  • Just nopw, i dont care, there is no true justice

    Well, justice is objective, the war hero of country X with be the demon in the eyes of country Y.
    The military are "allies of justice" right, they still kill people, the family of the killed will definitely not think that their family's killer is a "justice" but instead a "evil"

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