• It exists, but not in the way people think it does.

    It's not so much that you do something bad and then the next day something equally bad or worse will happen - it's that by doing bad things, you hinder your spiritual development. In other words, you harm yourself in the process of doing bad things. This will further hinder your growth in the next world that we pass on to.

  • For me, it does.

    I was always told that if you do good things for other people, good things will happen to you. If you do bad things to others, bad things will happen to you. Of course this isn't the case for everyone as we are all different, but for me, Karma most definitely does exist.

  • Karma is just a term

    To point every single you do something and sometime you will have something. Live is fluctuating and sometime we did not consider bad things happened to us suddenly was based on our bad thing had been done long time ago. It was possible or it was not just accidental moment. We are not living in flat days which happiness is always happen. The real Karma is not same unconditional moment we had, it possible to different kind. Ex: someday a guy punched your mouth, at the other day that guy pooped by a bird.

    Posted by: Mocc
  • Karma comes in different ways

    I believe what you put out in the universe returns, but not necessarily in a week, or even a year or in the way you expect. Since I'm not a religious person, this helps me make sense of the world. I also believe it can be true for our planet. Our greed for fuel, land, etc. is having a negative effect on our planet (Global warming), that is our karma as a civilization.

  • Not as a Spiritual Term, but as a Reality

    Anyone who is denying that treating someone else rudely won't lead them to do the same to you obviously does not understand how interactions work. If I came up to you and called you a moron, then you would probably yell "What the heck, man?" I don't believe karma exists as a spiritual force that rewards positivism, but I believe that kindness can potentially lead to more kindness, and rudeness can potentially lead to rudeness.

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  • Return to sender....

    The universe balances its self out and returns what you put out there , same as like attracts like . I have experienced and seen years later people who' s lives have turned out a mess forgeting way back in time they have screwed someone over but when things go bad for them they never realate what they did in the past as to what has happend to them .I have just sat back and waited even years but without a dought its return to sender works every time in one way or an other . Call it karma or a higher power :)

  • Of course it does

    Look, many people say it doesn't, but it does. It happens to everyone. Example- You tease your little brother/sister and then it happens to you. Or you try to kick your dog into a lake and then YOU end up falling. You see, it doesn't matter what religion you are, KARMA does exist.

  • Of course it does

    Look, many people say it doesn't, but it does. It happens to everyone. Example- You tease your little brother/sister and then it happens to you. Or you try to kick your dog into a lake and then YOU end up falling. You see, it doesn't matter what religion you are, KARMA does exist.

  • I belive karma exists

    Hey like most people i never believed in karma. I'm only 16 I'm in 11 grade now but this still haunts me today. I used to be such a mean and rude person in middle school I hit people I cursed people I even threw a chair at someone I was just out of control and nothing ever happened to me so i didn't believe in karma because aren't bad things suppose to happen to bad people. So one day i decided to break my science teachers glasses in half for no reason at all. Later that day during recess the boys were playing soccer as usual it was just normal then all of a sudden the ball comes flying towards me out of no where and hit me dead in the face. I was out for like two minutes and i jumped up and noticed my glasses had fell off ,when I picked them up they were broken if half. I was so scared I just screamed because I remembered I broke my science teachers glasses in half now my glasses got broken in half. Tell me that's not Karma. Now I'am the nicest person you will ever know mainly beacause I'm scared to even do anything now ever since thenI have believed in karma

  • No. No. Nope.

    It's just a term everyone says to keep people yo do good, which isn't that effective. Now, everyday we see good people having bad days, now where's the karma in that? Everything we do has a reaction but that does not mean a good deed will give good reaction and a bad deed would yield a bad one. It can always be the other way around.

  • Only a myth

    I here most people, that karma that really exists cause when you do something bad towards other people. You will experience more than what you've done it will double the consequence, like for me karma It's only a her say it will never happen to the person who always bully with words or sometimes insults me degrading as a person.

  • Everyone Would do "Good Things" if Karma did Exist

    If Karma did exist, obviously humans would take advantage and start doing things that would benefit the society so it could benefit themselves. Does this happen in our world? Hell fucking no. There are children who get cancer who clearly have done nothing to obtain that. We also have the individuals who get into whatever college they want to solely because they were given all of the resources needed from helicopter parents. You may say that they are getting the karma from their previous life, but us humans do no know if our souls get several or one life. It's really all based on perception, things just happen. But the more good things you do, the more likely you will have good luck but it is clearly not guaranteed.

  • No not really

    Karma is more a notion of what you want to happen as opposed to what actually will. Plenty of bad people don't have much bad happen to them, slave owners, loan sharks , Oj Simpson, Stalin. It is not a real thing but it does exist in some sense with the justice system and humans subconsciously abiding by what they think is karma since they may believe in it

  • Karma is definitely a meaningless term.

    It is very easy, merely by observing the world, to disprove karma. For years monarchs, lords. And military commanders have decimated unsuspecting and innocent populations, and the result wasn't retribution, it was actually wealth and joy. In the world, the concept of karma is present. The only way to assert karma is present anywhere, is to assert that hell exist, which causes and even worse problem. Karma is supposed to be just. For example one doesn't still a cookie, and the subsequent act of karma isn't being tortured to death. If you do good, yet disbelieve, you can be tortured forever. Disbelief does not hurt anyone. So why would karma need to be present. On the other end bad believers can go to heaven. Any way one puts it the concept of karma is non-existent. Our world is unjust, and we just have to accept it and try to make the most out of the world.

  • It definately does not

    If it would have existed bad people would never have got away with bad deeds. It has been seen that good people are always the sufferers and even if they do good to others what they get in return is thanklessness and ingratitude.In this world what people care about is themselves and no one else...Not even those who have helped them.

  • What goes around doesn't always come around

    Sometimes bad people get away with bad acts and they never pay the price. Some good people do good & selfless things and then why get hurt. I don't believe karma exists even though it would feel nice to believe that what goes around comes around. It would be nice to believe all bad people who do bad things get what the dish and good people get good but that isn't the case & life is very unfair.

  • No, it does not.

    As this is the religious section I realize this question is about the idea of Karma in the spiritual sense. As such the answer is simple, Karma does not exist. Its obvious as there is no evidence for the existence of any spiritual world which the karma principle could apply to.

  • For karma to exist, right and wrong must be objective absolutes and not subjective.

    Karma, when defined as: "the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation."

    For you to be punished or rewarded for your actions, they must be right or wrong. Right and wrong are both subjective viewpoints. How can you be punished for an act that someone else was rewarded for? This, to me, is a problem for karma.

  • I dont recall hearing about all slave owners being torture after owning slaves.

    Think about it... If karma existed and slavery is wrong then the punishment for slave owners would have to get started right away. The slave owners didnt go through horrible things they actually lived good easy and lazy lifestyles not having to work for anything or pay anybody. If something was happening to all slave owners that we could call karma it would be very noticable as slave owners put slaves through hell every day of their lives. Another problem i have with the belief in karma is people dont even know right from wrong. I am aware that most people think we do but they are certainly wrong as everyone and every religion has a different set of morals that contradicts those of everyone else and every other religion. We all agree on some things all meaning all the people in a country but compare our morality to another countries morality and youll find that they are very different. Not one precept is accepted by every country in every time. Not one precept has been permanent so far. And without knowing right from wrong our iniquities arent our faults

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