• Yes, she's got too much going on in her life!

    Between a divorce and a contested paternity, she certainly has too much drama right now. She also has to sell her home now that the marriage is over. I guess this just goes to show that actors and football stars have just as much unhappiness in their lives as ordinary people. I hope things straighten out for her soon.

  • Keisha Knight Pulliam has too much drama on her hands

    Going through a divorce is hard on anyone. Questioning the paternity of your children is hard on anyone. Doing both while pregnant is just too much for one person to handle all at one time. Keisha Knight Pulliam is dealing with both of these issues while trying to manage taking care of herself and her unborn child. Of course, many would believe that she has likely put herself into this situation and must deal with it, but that is a hard pill to swallow. In my opinion, her husband, Ed Hartwell, should take some of the pressure off of her. I don't know all of the details, and I understand that he can feel hurt and shame. Being able to consider the well-being of a child should be the first journey, then manage his pride next. The unborn child is turning into an innocent victim in all of this and should be considered first and foremost - no matter who the parents are.

  • No, Pulliam makes the drama more intense.

    Keisha Knight Pulliam appears to have a lot on her plate right now, but the truth is, she doesn't have as much as you would think. Pulliam comes from the part of the world where people are always going to try to get drama in their lives but Pulliam is the type to feed her fire with this fuel.

  • The drama of Keisha Knight Pulliam is similar to that of many women

    Divorces are often messy, and the revelations of infidelity or other marital problems never come at a convenient time for anyone. The drama faced by Keisha Knight Pulliam is no different than that faced by many women at some time in their lives. Expecting a child should be a joyous time for a woman, but it sometimes brings stress that marriages can't withstand.

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