Does Kosovo/Kosova belong to Serbia (yes) or Albania (no)?

Asked by: MountainCrusader
  • It was always Serbia

    Kosovo was always historic Serbian territory, even when it was part of Ottoman empire. If Kosovo is independent why Kurds in Turkey is not independent? Why South Tirol is part of Italy? Why Basque is the part of Spain and France?...
    Kosovo means blackbird in Serbian. In Albanian it does not mean anything.

  • They just stole Kosovo !

    The muslim people started buying up all the houses and area in Kosovo. The few Serbians that were left there sold their houses in fear and ran off. Then all of a sudden the Muslim people say Kosovo is ours, bye Serbia! Kosovo belongs to Serbia and always will be!!!

  • Wow this is cancer

    Looking at what some albanians are saying is only strenthining my support for serbia,wouldent recomend talking to any of them. Modern day kosovo is influenced and built by serbia,we have lost 1000s of lives on that land and made several lasts stands on it. For example ww1 and the fall of the serbian empire. Using the albanians logic we should give the republic srpska to serbia and northern canada to natives. They even call serbs gypsies as you can clearly read.

  • Yes yes and yes

    Kosovo has been Serbian since the beginning of time and throughout history. This is clearly visible by the beautiful ancient monasteries across the whole of Kosovo and Metohija. The Albanians who are born in the province of Serbia called Kosovo should not try to make it into an independent country as they are not entitled to the land. Again clearly visible by the monasteries and shown when they burnt the monasteries in 2004, a horrific act as every temple and church is home of God which should not be destroyed due to politics.

  • Kosovo Is Serbia

    I’m argumenting about that becouse I am from Croatia, There is lot of Albanian people and they are really weird. Everything that they are doing is fighting. You look him in wrong way, He hits you, You say something against him, He hits you, If you’re stronger then him he just call his 10 brothers and you’re almost dead with few ribs. There was situation that Kosovars get in hospital because one of them was in pain. Doctor said them to wait but they didn’t want to wait and they started hitting him and they broke 3 ribs. That guy that was in pain was hitting him to. That is Kosovars. So okay that doesn’t mean anything but that is typical albanians. People that don’t live in 21st century because they are fucking close minded and they was like that in 20th century when they didn’t know how to get something that never was their and then they use violence and bullying. My wallaper on phone was my favorite club Barcelona but he said that he hates it started yelling at me and said to me to change it. I looked at his eyes, Smiled and kept doing things on phone. In class I said that I don’t recognize Kosovo, Who nows maybe he will wait for me with his 11 cousins and kill me after school cause I shouldn’t have my opinion. KOSOVO IS SERBIA HISTORICALLY AND ALBANIANS ARE PESTS

  • Pusite nam kurac albanci

    Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi! Pobili ste narod i uzeli nam zemlju lopovi!

  • Kosovo is Serbia Macedonia is Greece.

    Just because Kosovo has more than 92% Albanians that doesnt mean it is a land of Albania. You literally just started killing and raping thousands of un-armed Serbian citizens inside Kosovo and then had the bright idea to have 10 kids in each family of yours, just so you can get paid by the Serbian goverment for child support. SO YOU KILL THE PEOPLE AND GET PAID BY THEM. Way to go Albania! And also for those who thought that Serbs were first appeared in the Balkans on the 11th century... Sorry to ruin this for you, but we were there waayy before you even knew what is BALKAN. To be honest, we first appeared in the 6-7 th century :) I would really suggest you to open up some books. <3

    p.S Kosovo is Serbia and Macedonia Is Greece!

  • Kosovo is , was and will always be serbian

    Albania exists since 1913 and it would not be in this world without london so its best for them to just shut up already . Nobody is taking kosovo away from serbia . Any land that is STOLEN LIKE KOSOVO WAS should never even TRY to be a country.KOSOVO IS SERBIA

  • Kosovo is Serbia Cradle

    Just because Tito a Croat opened the borders and let Albanians flood into Kosovo does not give the the right to steal land from Serbia. Will Muslims in Germany one day want an independent state?

    Illyrian? Illyrians weren't Muslim and if your Illyrian then denounce Albania and become Illyria can't sit on three seats with one ass

  • No its not get that through your brains

    Kosova was albanias and still is however, serbias psychopaths decided to make a mass genocide, by killing loads of people, raping women and causing people to flee their beloved land. So listen her uglies, kosovo is albania. Ask what the people there speak? What is their blood? Albaniannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not difficult why do u think they freed kosovo from serbia!!! Because they are rapists murderers and a beautkful place like that should not be part of serbia. So get ur fat ugly train out of our land and take that l.

  • Kosovo was never part of Serbia and it will never be.

    You fucking idiots. Just leave us alone. We never belonged to Serbia. I don't see why is that so hard to accept!!! We are independent! We are all living in 21st CENTURY; just mind your own business. Enough of that old time, lord. This sounds more like a babies game or something. Just grow up!

  • Kosovo never was, is or will be Serbia

    How can a land be serbian, if serbs are not even authoctonus in the Balkans? They are immigrants from Russia! Does it even make any sense, if a person comes to your house, steals something that is yours, and claim that is theirs?! In the other side, albanians are one of the oldest peoples in Europe. They've lived there since antiquity! Besides, aren't kosovans the ones that should decide about this? There are only 4% serbs living there, and over 93% albanians. Isn't it clear?

  • It clearly does not.

    Albanians have been there since the beginning, not the serbs, serbians are just russian gypsies who make ridiculous claims to land and try to call it their own, serbs murder and rape women, even kill children. Albanians have been in Kosovo since the time we were known as Illyrians, serbs dont have and will never have the right to call it their land.

  • It clearly does not.

    Albanians have been there since the beginning, not the serbs, serbians are just russian gypsies who make ridiculous claims to land and try to call it their own, serbs murder and rape women, even kill children. Albanians have been in Kosovo since the time we were known as Illyrians, serbs dont have and will never have the right to call it their land.

  • No no no

    Kosovo is more then 90% Albanian, Serbs came to Balkans in the 11th century while Albanians have lived in Balkans since Illyrian times. Serbia will never get Kosovo due to, lack of allies and military funding and Russia wont help them but all Serbs claim they will since they are same religion. The only people in Balkans who like Serbs are Greeks because they are same religion. If the majority of the people in kosova (90% Albanian) want to be apart of Albania they will eventually have there way just like northern Ireland wanted to be apart of the UK. Hopefully it will be a peaceful transition but I doubt it because Serbs wont like it and will probably kill woman and children on the side of the road fleeing from the war like they did to the Bosnians and Croatians and even the Albanians before they got bombed. In conclusion, even if Serbia took kosova there are no Serbs there and the people would just revolt and if Albania took military intervention they would easily win with allies to usa nato and turkey while Serbia has not had Russia help them in a single war. I personally believed Yugoslavia was the best country as we all lived together until Milosevic took over. After what happened in Yugoslavia I believe there is no chance the Balkans ever uniting unless its there own people coming together like kosova and Albania not like the Serbs calling every country in the Balkans there own. Let Serbs live with Serbs, Albanians with Albanians, Croatians with Croatians, Bosnians with Bosnian, and we will have peace in the powder keg of the world.

  • Kosovo is not Serbia

    Please read books guys. . . . . Serbians love to argue with Albanians because they don't have anything else to do. They can't accept the fact that no one likes them. Honestly lets be real. The only people that actually like serbs or Macedonians are themselves. Sorry not sorry, Gn kids, Stop the hate. Just read, Become more knowledgeable and respectful

  • Kosovo is Abanian land

    On 30 May 1913, without the Ottoman Empire being present, the conference signed the Treaty of London (1913), an agreement under which Ottoman Empire would give up all territory west of the Enos-Midia line. After much discussion, the Ambassadors reached a formal decision on 29 July 1913, to establish the Principality of Albania as a sovereign state independent of the Ottoman Empire.

    As a result of the decisions taken and because of pressures from Greece and Serbia, half of the territory claimed by the newly established Albanian state, which comprised between 30% and 40% of the total Albanian population was left out of the newly established Principality of Albania. In particular Kosovo Vilayet was given to Serbia and Chameria and Ioannina to Greece.

  • Kosovo was never Serbia’s to begin with

    Over 90% of people living in Kosovo are Albanian. Search that up anywhere on any device. The answer will always be that the vast majority of people living in Kosovo are Albanian Therefore Serbia should have nothing to do with Kosovo since it’s practically Albanian.

    Ps. Serbs and Greeks really need to start getting off of Albania’s dick.

  • Kosovo is Albania

    Kosovo has more than 92% Albanians. The first people that was in Kosovo was Albanians. The name of Kosovo comes from the Kastrati family (Albanian Family) : Kastrati => Kasova => Kosova.
    The first people in Balkan was Albania (Illyria), serbs was a minority from Asia. In 1999 serbia make a genocide in Kosovo when 500,000 citizens was killed and massacred. Around 20,000 albanians body was never found. Serbs are criminels, Kosovo is Albania.

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