• I'm done with life

    Life is the most depressing experience i have ever been through. Nothing leads to happiness and almost everything leads to sadness. What are we as humans trying to do with everything? Eventually die off and be forgotten? That's exactly what it is. All the work that we put into searching for eternal happiness leads to death.

  • Pondering on life

    So I am at the point were I feel everything is either hollow or needles, work only gives me money to buy things that give me short term joy. Family tend to become, well taken for granted.. I do have a good job and I have no comments other than a house, but even this I don't see the need for. So if we don't know the purpose and the mean is up to us to make then what is the end result... Everything goin for its self with no real need...

  • I absolutely think it does.

    What is the point of life if you do not have a purpose? Why does anyone just do anything? We need to have a meaning and structure to our existence. Otherwise, there really is no defining moment which would cause us to feel as if we are a valid part of society.

  • To have a purpose is to find meaning in life.

    I think that when you have a purpose in life then every day is not a boring uncertainty of what to do and what's to come. Having a purpose means you wake up each day knowing who you are and what you are doing and even how to go about doing it. I still believe that it is possible for someone to find meaning but its much easier and faster when you have a purpose.

  • I am believe in God

    So yes I do believe that life does have a purpose and a meaning. And I believe it is God and living for him. I do not shove my beliefs down anyone throats or force it on them in anyway. Life makes more sense with a purpose. Goals area a driving force for most people.

  • Purpose is a state of satisfaction and not a requirement for comfort and survival.

    People generally ponder on what the purpose of life is. But from my point of view, it has no purpose, doesn't need one. The things in life will make you happy whether it has a purpose or not. If you really need purpose, then define it yourself. The fact is, purpose is a state of satisfaction in the mind and nor is it a mandatory one, or one that prevents your future. Simply enjoy the things in life that make you comfortable. If you discover a purpose, you just keep living. You might feel better now that you know, but in the end, it barely changes a thing.

  • Don't think about it.

    Nature rolls the dice with each instance of a living thing. Your purpose is to live and in that act your life is fulfilled. The relative value of the specifics is unknown along the way regardless of your motives and intentions. Many instances of very smart dedicated hard working intelligent humans intending to do good inflicting great pain to others or to this planet. So trying to think your way to a fulfilling life is fraught with hazard. Far better to just live in the moment and enjoy the ride. Express the roll of your dice through the moment to moment reaction to the universe that feels instinctual. Ifyou think too much about it, your probably screwing things up with the garbage programming that parents and society drilled into your impressionable brain. Mother Nature built that impressionable brain to very good ends for an entirely different purpose. Don't be duped by the modern societies narrative about anything. Feel it.

  • Life isn't something that should have forced goals.

    In life, there are certain things like having enough money, and friends, and family to bring you health and happiness. Still, you don't need to have a purpose or an ultimate goal in life to be happy. Devoting your life to doing or becoming something is great, but is not needed to have a happy and meaningful life.

  • Live in the moment

    If you spend too much time worrying about the future and what you are going to do with your life, you miss out out on the present moment. Enjoy the present and not worry too much about the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to live in the present, in my opinion

  • Life Does Not Need a Purpose

    No, life does not need a purpose to have meaning. In fact, life having no purpose is the greatest of freedoms as it allows a person to invent his/her own meaning. To be free from the shackles of purpose is to face the universe with a blank slate. What one decides to write on that slate is up to him/her.

  • Tough question to answer with a simple yes or a no.

    On the one hand, those who say yes have a good point, humans don't, in general, feel happy about lack of meaning and lack of purpose, which is why we create meaning and ascribe purpose. If you accept this, it's easy to see that almost every thing we do and everything we say can be infused with meaning. The purpose, as I see it, is to live life to the full, to make the most of every opportunity you are granted, the most of any shred of talent or skill you might have, the most of every encounter, real or virtual, to be fully present and engaged in this extraordinary experience that is being alive. To live, to breathe, to love, to learn, to dance and to sing, to feel, to remember, to dream, to imagine, to create and collaborate, and, with a little bit of luck, to leave this space, a little better than we found it :)

  • life is what you make it

    I feel so many of us are caught up in this search to find meaning, to find purpose. Often we never will due to the fact human nature is always changing, and what might be our 'purpose' one day could not be the next. The meaning in your life should come from appreciating the things we already have the things that come guaranteed; friends, family, and chocolate.

  • Meaning does not require purpose

    I think that you can find meaning in life if you look closely. I did not set out in life with the purpose of having children, but my daughter certainly gives meaning to my life on a daily basis. The people I help at work, give meaning to my life. While my job is not my purpose and being a mother is not my purpose, both of those things give meaning.

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