• Lil Wayne could potentially have a drug problem

    it is no secret that many singers and celebrities tend to gravitate towards the route of drug abuse. That is especially relevant in current pop culture where being on the edge and being careless is glorified. In Lil Wayne's song he often refers to drug use and other illegal activity. Does that suggest that he encourages and participates in it? That is probably for the listener to decide. But by the way the rapper carries himself, his manner of speech, and so on, it is safe to assume that he could be under the influence of a number of drugs, which he is pretty open about.

  • Yes, he needs lots of prayer and rehab would not hurt either.

    The problem is that no one tells these celebrities "no" they can get anything from anyone and get most people to do anything for them. Until he cares for his own life he will be on a quick road to the grave. I just feel bad for all his kids. He need to grow up and be about something besides parties.

  • Yes, I believe that Lil Wayne has a drug addiction problem.

    Yes, I believe that Lil Wayne has a drug addiction problem because the rapper is seen constantly drinking lean, which is a mixture of codeine, promethazine and soda. Lil Wayne had a close brush with death almost three years ago, and I believe that the seizures he suffered recently was caused by his drug use.

  • No one Knows for Sure

    I tend to give someone the benefit of a doubt in that department until they openly admit to it. Yes, he could have one but than again there could be something else wrong that he isn't bringing to the forefront. Perhaps he has a health issue that he is trying to hide from the public. We don't really know for sure what is the case until it comes to light.

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