• Nope. It isn't.

    Luck does not exist because it is not proven. Therefore, luck is not existent. For instance, unicorns do not exist. But it is not proven so we do not know if this is a fact or not so at the end of the day and week it is not real.

  • Believing in Luck is not believing in a Creator, Destiny, or simply Good Planning

    "Leaders are made, not born" - countless times this has been proven by the best leaders of history. These Influential people did not believe in Luck - they follow God, their skills, and impeccable planning. People who, I know, believed in Luck did not make it to the top or even ending up in misery or poverty. "Luck ran out", typically is said, when a person woke up to the FACT, that there is no such thing as Luck.

  • No it does not exist

    I say no because is all GOD's plan.
    He makes things to happen, but sometimes when you want something and you don't have it is because is not good for you.
    God want you to believe in Him and in His father(our father in heavens).
    He loves you as much as He loved His people.
    For me believing in "luck" is like believing in "gods" that they don't exist.Is like believing in something that is not there.
    God is everywhere, everyday with all of you.

  • Yes Luck Exist

    I say yes because everything happens for a reason. Half the things in your life that has happened have probably happened because of luck. Like meeting that guy or girl when you were supposed to be somewhere else then later on down the road you find out that's your soul mate.

  • Feels to real to be fake

    As a factual, scientific type, I am naturally skeptical of a concept such as "luck". In my mind, things simply happen because either, 1) you manifested them to happen through action or, 2) simple randomness (not to be confused with luck). However, after years and years of life, it seems like, while my luck is predictably in balance, it is balanced in an odd way that does suggest the intervention of the force of "luck". After enough years of living where big life events seem to work our easily, and small, petty, everyday things seem to disproportionately go against me, I am convinced that there is more than simple randomness going on. Getting good bounces in a game, or picking the right lane in traffic, and other such things, I am convinced that I experience disproportionate bad luck, while in big life events, I feel I experience disproportionate good luck. So, I don't believe in luck because I feel very unlucky or very lucky, I feel both things in different aspects of life disproportionately, and because of that, I know luck is real.

  • Yes luck is real

    Good luck exists it's not fake. God gave us good luck. Because of a loving creator good luck exists. There are different forms of luck which are health luck, love luck and wealth luck. Yes some people are luckier than others and others are extremely luckier than others and so forth.

  • Quarterback at Stanford University and for the Indianapolis Colts.

    How could luck not be real if I can watch play football on TV? Are my eyes and/or brain deceiving me? Is the TV lying to me? Is he and/or anyone else simply a figment of my imagination? Am I a real person? Am I a robot programmed to write ridiculous things on websites selected at random? Am I a robot that was unable to notice that "luck" wasn't capitalized and therefore not referring to a proper noun such as the name of a human? Am I programmed to stop writing when I go off on some absurd tangent? The world may never know... (Mostly because few will read this, and none will give a damn).

  • How ever you want to define it...

    Now yes, I will admit that everything occurs due to a wide scale of events happening to make something else occur. This means that technically, all luck is just a result of a bunch of things happening co-incidentally. But since we can't monitor everything that happens to make something else happen, then we, ourselves, can't make it happen. For example, if a rain drop falls from the sky and hits your window, nothing intended it to. The raindrop fell at a certain time, and due to the angle and position it fell in the right position to hit your window. Sure, physics 'made' it do this, but there was no purposeful intervention. So luck, (defined as a co-incidental occurrence) exists because we can not intervene on everything that happens in the world.

  • Luck aint real

    Luck aint real because there is always an cause then an effect things happen off what you do in your everyday life. People say luck is like when you do something in a short time but will usually take like a month or so but thats not what it is. Its base off of your own skills and how badly you want to get it done.

  • People should stop being in denial about this.....

    Yes, imo, some people in this world are definitely more luckier than others. Let's face it. You have people out there who got lucky enough to be born in famous/ rich families where their every material need is fulfilled, they received cars before any other teen their age. They got to go on vacations,any maybe even travel around the world. They probably received great educations. To top it off, they had/have the luxury of being financially stress free and not worry about where their next meal is gonna come from. Then you have people who are fortunate enough to have been born into very loving and caring families who have their back no matter what. You have people who grow up to have great looks and most likely get everything handed to them just basedon that. Now on the other hand you have people who were born into abusive families. People who are born into poor families and grow up struggling themselves due to their family not having money. People who struggle and go hungry for a day or two. There are people who are born with a defect or a disease that they had no control over. So once again, yes I believe that there are people in this world who get dealt a better hand than others in life. I honestly think that the people who say luck doesnt exist only say it to feel better about their own lives.

    Posted by: meek
  • Can it exist? Maybe, but I don't think so.

    To believe luck is something I can own, is a bit far fetched. I'd sooner believe a deceased family member is helping me than there being a controlling energy over physics called "Luck". If fact on the list of God, ancestors, telepathy, and other extra dimensional influences, "Luck" is the last thing I'd think is a possibility. I'm not even going to get into the infinate universes theory from quantum phsyics.

  • Nothing happens by chance

    God plans everything out beforehand. People use the word luck as a definition of good things that happen to them. If you win a game. "Oh that's lucky" if you happen to find 20 dollars on the street- is it really lucky? Luck simply does not exist because things happen for a reason, luck is just a name used to describe things that happen to people, and there is no supporting proof.

  • I don't believe in luck.

    I believe there is a reaction to every action, this isn't luck however. People make good or bad things happen with free will. I don't believe that it is pure luck that someone may, for example, write an award wining novel or say kick the winning goal. This comes from working hard. I don't believe in good or bad luck. I believe people make their own choices and with those choices comes the aftermath.

  • Luck has a hindsight bias

    Good things will happen to you as will bad things. If you never dread on the bad and champion the good, you'll probably think your a lucky person. A great view on life I will not deny whatsoever.. "Luck" exists in the sense of simply coming out on top of any given situation. "Luck" being this indesecribable forece that is harnessed with such idiotic tools like rabbits feet or reused underware... does not

  • Luck requires a solidified definition.

    The question is replete with ambiguity. It depends on how one would define luck.
    If you say that it is a supernatural force and some people are inherently luckier than others, then I do not believe luck exists. If you say that luck is the happenstance of unlikely events occuring throughout one's lifetime, then I think that luck does indeed exist.

  • No, luck does not exist.

    No, I don't believe that luck exists. Although many people would like to think that we are affected by supernatural forces of nature outside of our control, there has been no concrete proof to show that any sort of luck exists. People have trinkets, rabbit's foots, and other lucky charms because it gives them the sense that they will be lucky, but science has yet to prove that luck is anything but a fabrication.

  • Lucky Charms + Baseball

    Just because you eat Lucky Charms every morning, doesn't mean you'll have good luck for the rest of the day.
    Like players in the MLB, that do their sequences before getting up to bat, whether they would tap their right foot first with bat then their left and spin around 19 times, or spin the bat twice, rub their foot in the dirt 4 times, do the hokie-pokie, do the sign of the cross 2 times because once isn't good enough: no matter what they do, they are just changing their mentality and confidence, not their outcome. You can't prove that their sequences actually work. It's their mentality that changes which helps them hit the ball and get on base.
    They could rub their foot 10 times in the dirt for their sake, and the pitcher could throw them the nastiest curve balls they've ever seen before and they strike out. How do their sequences play into this now? They don't. It's the incapability to hit it because they did not prepare enough. Not because they only rubbed their foot in the dirt 9 times.

  • Concept of Fantasy

    I believe that luck is an escape route to say that things happened, even though it was the aftermath of a situation/something. It's the unfortunate moment of others which has given them success. I want to also point out the quote (by an anonymous person) that states "I make my own luck." Basically stating that oneself creates his own future and sets himself up for his of success/failure.

  • Luck is simply chance

    Luck doesn't exist; looking at some of the arguments on the left people often cite instances where people made off better than others in unlikely circumstances. Everything happens for a reason and given the right data can be physically predicted such as some people surviving a crash and not others. Some people have bigger, stronger bones than others allowing them to survive things others cannot, just to give one example. In a crash people are also in different places relative to the impact of the other car and thus it has a different effect on some than others, often meaning the difference between life or death. Take the lottery for another example; to keep it simple there are 10 tickets. Some one wins, and the other 9 lose, but when the one person wins, it isn't because of some magical force we call 'luck', it's because of their unlikely, but far from impossible, chances of winning.

  • If luck exists, there should be some PROOF or EXPLANATION behind it,

    People say that passing exams without revising is luck, bit it's not. The person who passed the exam knew the answer to the questions on the paper. You don't revise 2 add 2 everyday to know that it equals 4, do you? You just REMEMBER that it does.
    Another 'lucky' incident is that no one sees you there when you're hiding. IT isn't luck, they just didn't LOOK anywhere near your hiding spot to know you were there.
    Last point. So if you toss a coin hoping to get tails and you get tails, IT ISN'T luck. It's just that it had half a chance of landing on heads and half a chance of landing on tails, so it had to land on one of them and it was tails.

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