Does Malala Yousafzai deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • She stood up for girls across the world

    Malala not only stood up for girls' rights to education in Pakistan, which has resulted in all children in Pakistan now having access to free education, but she also made speeches that fought oppression against girls' education across the world, raising the issue to an international level and forcing people to accept that the issue was real.

  • Ok she got shot in the face that is not the point

    So she got shot in the face and the media thinks THAT is the reason she won the nobel prize so if Justin Bieber got shot in the face he would win a grammy or if Chris Pratt got shot in the face he would win an oscar NO CHECK THE FACTS PEOPLE

  • Yeah,she does deserve it

    If you had enough courage to do what she did,you can do anything. SHE GOT SHOT IN THE FACE!!!I mean,really,she is helping young girls everywhere to get a chance at an education. Would you dare speak out against (basically) a terrorist group and live to tell the whole world about it?Not many people could do that.

  • Malala is an amazing role model with strong confidence and bravery.

    If you were living under the Taliban's control, would you be brave enough to speak out for education rights? If you were living under the Taliban's control, would you be brave enough to argue with the risk of being killed. Many children don't like to go to school but if you didn't go to school then you wouldn't be able to live out your dreams of being a lawyer or a doctor. I think it is amazing for Malala to do what she did because she not only stood up for herself, she stood up for all of the children that are deprived of education.

  • Why Malala Does deserve the noble peace prize.

    I get all of the people who said no. I get there opinions. But you are most definitely wrong. Yes she gets a lot of attention because she was shot. And yes tons of people are abused and shot and all of that. But would you be able to do what she did? Could you continue to go to school and defy the Taliban. I could bet you wouldn't. Malala had the courage to do that. To stand up to them just to prove women need to be educated. Yes you may read this and be like oh I bet its just some girl Who loves to argue. Well yes I love to argue but only for the right reasons. It's true she needs to fight for all kids not just girls but still the fact that she would do that and write it to bring attention to all of this is amazing. I can bet not one of you people who disagree would be able to do that. She has done amazing things to show everyone they can fight against forces like Taliban. She has inspired so many young girls and boys. There are tons of people who deserve this award but as for Malala she is definitely one of those people. I'm only twelve and I know what she did was heroic and all of these people who disagree are just making me believe in her more.

  • Would you have enough courage to do what she did?

    Imagine you lived in Afghanistan or Pakistan. One day a terrorist group that everybody fears comes and says if you go to school you will be killed. Would you have enough courage to still go to school? Would you risk your life to go to school! And then would you start a blog about what life is like under the Taliban and send it to England!! Would you be brave enough to speak out against them! Would you be brave enough to get DEATH THREATS and still go to school and continue speaking out! And then you and some of her friends get shot on a school bus. Would you still speak out!! If you aren't brave enough to do that you shouldn't be saying she didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Yes, she made a change in the world

    Malala Yousafzi deserves the Noble Peace Prize. She made a non profit fond to help pay for children that are not allowed to go to school, go to school. When the Taliban shot her, it didn't stop her thought of children education. I think that she tried to put herself out there so that people know about the Taliban and how some children are not allowed to go school. Malala Yousafzi is a very brave girl who deserves credit for all of the help that she gave to children that needed it.

  • Malala does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

    I think this because she is an amazing role model for young girls who don't get an education everywhere! Because when you think about it she was shot just because she was a role model! And did she quit after that day? No, because she is brave, strong, helpful, kind, caring, and many other things. Plus all she wants to do now is send kids to school and let her voice be heard! That's why I think that Malala deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!

  • She was shot because she was brave.

    She just wanted to have girls go to school. She stood up to them and was hurt. She is a symbol of change!!! The stupid Taliban took rights and she stood up. She caused change and the Taliban was scared. She then fired back harder and caused even more change. She deserves to win because she is change.

  • Oh yes she does!

    Her troubles are many as her achievements! Even a bullet didn't stop her or mislead her from the path that she chose to walk on. She is on her way to spread the message of peace and that girls must get their education and shouldn't be stopped from doing so no matter what! She surely deserved the Nobel Peace Prize and she even deserves all the other prizes that she has gotten so far! If you don't know about them, so check them out here:

  • She does not deserve that

    Activists way more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Like Christopher Yao a guy who has been bringing medical treatment in 32 different countries for 10 years. And for some reason some girl who just inspires people by talking get's one. Malala hasn't built schools or anything to help those 32,000,000 people. Take Christopher the man who has.
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  • She does not deseve that

    Here I agree Malala has not done anything in my opinion to warrant the award. Yes she was shot for her beliefs but is now living a safe life in the UK. Where her fellow Nobel winner has devoted his life to helping children out of poverty in India.
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  • Others deserve it more than her!

    Nelson Mandela got Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. But before that happend he spent 27 years in jail because he tried to discremenate rasicm, inequalty and poverty. Malala worked for one year and got a nobel peace prize for being shot in the head and getting some girls in Pakistan an education. There are still kids that cant go to School and she isn´t exactly helping them.

  • Pompous Girl, believes her own hype.

    I can't understand how out of all the girls cruelly shot by terrorist groups, she was the only one airlifted on a private plane for cutting edge treatment in Birmingham. She now resides there, but of course she never publically acknowledge the city that saved her life and provides her private education and housing.
    She has the voice of a shrill victorian school headmistress, even touting her self importance when meeting the Queen (see youtube), the Queen looked unimpressed.
    How can you get a nobel peace prize for promoting girls education in a country you no longer live in? Whether she does well or not, a first class honours degree and a plush political position awaits her. It is like she's cast some sort of spell over the world.

    I have been consistently unimpressed by her lack of humbleness or interpersonal skills. Far too premature and too little achieved for such a grand honour.

  • Did not do anything at all

    What did Malala even do? Was the Nobel Prize for the people who just gave speeches and just argue? I come from another nation and I live in Pakistan and know very much about Malala but I don't think anyone from the Swat Valley was benefited by Malala. Also She has said she would never leave her home, Swat, and all of a sudden she gets shot and live in England? What a shame....

  • There are other better alternatives than her.

    In the same country Pakistan, there was a gentleman, Abdul Sattar Edhi who contributed to the society throughout life. He established free hospitals and free schools, along with his wife. He was honored 'angel of mercy' in his country. Unfortunately, he passed away, no more chance for Nobel Price ;(

  • She should not win because of her religion

    Because she is a Muslim, and Muslims are not peaceful at all just ask trump. They go allah ackbar on innocent people. Islam is not even a religion of peace, if you do not believe me just read the Quran. Giving a Muslim a Nobel Peace Prize is just an oxymoron.

  • Yes she is not the average teenager

    But Nobel did not want this peace prize to go to people for giving motivational speeches. He wanted it to go to people who actually,ly made a difference. And there are so many other people who desrve it more than her. Take Abdul Sattar Edhi. That guy has fed millions and has taken care of thousands of children and homeless people. But no one even nominated him. What she did was indeed courageous but the nobel peace prize is not given to people just beacuse of courage. Check the facts

  • She should not be even considered for the prestigious award. She has been awarded wrongfully and without any proper assessment

    She did nothing for humanity. There are lakhs of activists for girl education around the globe, but nobody cares about them. She was awarded only to "balance" it out with Indian Kailash Satyarthi. After she "won" it, she has turned into a devout Islamist and not even practicing secularism. She has been a shame on humanity and her "award" need to stripped off as soon as possible, if the Nobel committee wants to command some respect. The little kid was just "gifted" with the Big Award and she really never earned it. This is unfortunate on the part of the Nobel committee. Also she is an Islamist supporter and living in London afraid of being attacked again. So, she is not "brave" at all. She is not a role model for any one by any means.

  • What has she done?

    She is poking her nose into political affairs at such age, doesn't that make her a stupid kid. She should go ahead and live where she belong and help those who really need help instead of giving UN directions what to do. Its very painful to see she became a celebrity instead of the big task assigned to her

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