Does Malala Yousafzai deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • She stood up for girls across the world

    Malala not only stood up for girls' rights to education in Pakistan, which has resulted in all children in Pakistan now having access to free education, but she also made speeches that fought oppression against girls' education across the world, raising the issue to an international level and forcing people to accept that the issue was real.

  • Ok she got shot in the face that is not the point

    So she got shot in the face and the media thinks THAT is the reason she won the nobel prize so if Justin Bieber got shot in the face he would win a grammy or if Chris Pratt got shot in the face he would win an oscar NO CHECK THE FACTS PEOPLE

  • Yeah,she does deserve it

    If you had enough courage to do what she did,you can do anything. SHE GOT SHOT IN THE FACE!!!I mean,really,she is helping young girls everywhere to get a chance at an education. Would you dare speak out against (basically) a terrorist group and live to tell the whole world about it?Not many people could do that.

  • Malala is an amazing role model with strong confidence and bravery.

    If you were living under the Taliban's control, would you be brave enough to speak out for education rights? If you were living under the Taliban's control, would you be brave enough to argue with the risk of being killed. Many children don't like to go to school but if you didn't go to school then you wouldn't be able to live out your dreams of being a lawyer or a doctor. I think it is amazing for Malala to do what she did because she not only stood up for herself, she stood up for all of the children that are deprived of education.

  • Why Malala Does deserve the noble peace prize.

    I get all of the people who said no. I get there opinions. But you are most definitely wrong. Yes she gets a lot of attention because she was shot. And yes tons of people are abused and shot and all of that. But would you be able to do what she did? Could you continue to go to school and defy the Taliban. I could bet you wouldn't. Malala had the courage to do that. To stand up to them just to prove women need to be educated. Yes you may read this and be like oh I bet its just some girl Who loves to argue. Well yes I love to argue but only for the right reasons. It's true she needs to fight for all kids not just girls but still the fact that she would do that and write it to bring attention to all of this is amazing. I can bet not one of you people who disagree would be able to do that. She has done amazing things to show everyone they can fight against forces like Taliban. She has inspired so many young girls and boys. There are tons of people who deserve this award but as for Malala she is definitely one of those people. I'm only twelve and I know what she did was heroic and all of these people who disagree are just making me believe in her more.

  • Would you have enough courage to do what she did?

    Imagine you lived in Afghanistan or Pakistan. One day a terrorist group that everybody fears comes and says if you go to school you will be killed. Would you have enough courage to still go to school? Would you risk your life to go to school! And then would you start a blog about what life is like under the Taliban and send it to England!! Would you be brave enough to speak out against them! Would you be brave enough to get DEATH THREATS and still go to school and continue speaking out! And then you and some of her friends get shot on a school bus. Would you still speak out!! If you aren't brave enough to do that you shouldn't be saying she didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Yes, she made a change in the world

    Malala Yousafzi deserves the Noble Peace Prize. She made a non profit fond to help pay for children that are not allowed to go to school, go to school. When the Taliban shot her, it didn't stop her thought of children education. I think that she tried to put herself out there so that people know about the Taliban and how some children are not allowed to go school. Malala Yousafzi is a very brave girl who deserves credit for all of the help that she gave to children that needed it.

  • Malala does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

    I think this because she is an amazing role model for young girls who don't get an education everywhere! Because when you think about it she was shot just because she was a role model! And did she quit after that day? No, because she is brave, strong, helpful, kind, caring, and many other things. Plus all she wants to do now is send kids to school and let her voice be heard! That's why I think that Malala deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!

  • She was shot because she was brave.

    She just wanted to have girls go to school. She stood up to them and was hurt. She is a symbol of change!!! The stupid Taliban took rights and she stood up. She caused change and the Taliban was scared. She then fired back harder and caused even more change. She deserves to win because she is change.

  • Oh yes she does!

    Her troubles are many as her achievements! Even a bullet didn't stop her or mislead her from the path that she chose to walk on. She is on her way to spread the message of peace and that girls must get their education and shouldn't be stopped from doing so no matter what! She surely deserved the Nobel Peace Prize and she even deserves all the other prizes that she has gotten so far! If you don't know about them, so check them out here:

  • No I do not think she deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Even though I think she is an amazing person that is fighting for peace in her country and equal rights for all citizens, I do not think she deserves a Nobel Peace Prize because many others are fighting for the same thing. She did get shot, but not because she was fighting for her cause, but for standing up for herself. There are many other people worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize and although she is trying to fight hard to get equality, I think they should be looked at before her.

  • Her cause didn't change what she fought for

    She only told the west that women were not given rights for education which west knows about it already. Because she was shot there was a media hype(which was good that saved her life). She is being educated in a wstern country but still her colleagues are still being neglected. There is no change in their lives. I don't think for this reason she deserves a nobel.

  • No I do not think she should have won.

    Nobel Prize should be reserved for people who have committed their entire lives to doing something. She might be a good person. She might have started her campaign with good intentions, but I have not see her do anything being done with the funds that she has collected. Nobel prize has become a playground for media. Their are many other Malalas out their in every underdeveloped countries. What about them? Shouldn't they deserve some prize? She should be respected, but I truly do not think she should have gotten it right now.

  • No. Not done enough to change life of others.

    Malala is famous because she was shot and survived.
    Not because she has done a tremendous work on the ground to change lives of others. She has spoken a lot about it but has this translated into any changes on the ground? How can you equate a life time of work which requires exceptional dedication and several personal sacrifices and have touched thousands of lives in a real sense with some body who has fought a personal attack and talked and talked and talked about it. What has she done in real for even single other person. Since when peace prize committee has started to award prizes to people who have successfully survived attack on them and just talked about that. May be she has potential to do something great. But this prize is/was for proven work that changed several other lives.

  • She did not deserve it!

    She couldn't be able to change the life of even a single girl in the world. There are so many people who sacrificed their whole life for some noble causes. She is lucky enough to get the media support. It's only because of that unwanted hype, the West awarded her with the Nobel. Giving the Noble prize to the celebrities would diminish the value of the noble reason behind the prize. Their are millions of others in the world who deserved the prize than her. By the way, what did she do for the ordinary girls of Pakistan who denied opportunities for education? She stays in UK enjoying all the fortunes of the Western life and make jargons frequently. In practice her contributions to the humanity is a big ZERO. The Nobel Prize committee must retrospect their decisions. It's the need of the hour.

    Posted by: Sini
  • She does not deserve it.

    Malala does not deserve Nobel. There are people in the world who has spent entire life to one cause or other. People have sacrificed their personal life, spent every bit of money on social cause.Instead of just delivering lectures, they are working on ground. They deserve this Nobel. Not Malala. Her intentions are good but she hasn't done much yet. She now just looks like page 3 celebirty social activist. Nobel has become joke now a days.

  • No she doesn't.

    Even though she did a wonderful thing by supporting female literacy in Pakistan and nearly paid with her life for it you have to realize that she was only 15 when she left Pakistan& she's not ever going back I think. The question is what concrete changes has she brought in improving female literacy apart from giving speeches/ interviews. One the other hand the co-winner of the prize Indian Kailash Satyarthi has spent over 30yrs in eradicating child labour and has saved over 80,000 children.

  • Where are the Results?

    The most important thing here is that Malala didn't get any results. All the media reports say how she got shot (great story but didn't amount to any results), she met with Obama (once again, great story but did it bring peace?), she was in Time magazine for most influential people (see the pattern?). The media also goes on to always say how she supports everyone getting an education. I mean yeah she's a good speaker and does all these speeches that everyone likes but has she improved life in Pakistan? Has she made global education better? She has no RESULTS.

    Posted by: mjoh
  • No. I don't think she had done enough to win Nobel prize.

    In my point of view, the prize should go to people who have started a movement by acting; not by reacting. She reacted to the conditions of her society and many of his deeds were because of chance, not conscious work. I do respect her, but Nobel Peace prize is for people with greater impact on problems....

  • Nobel Peace Prize should not be given to such worthless people.

    In my opinion, Malala just got lucky to get in the spotlight otherwise there were others far better and more deserving g than her.What did she actually do?Give road learned speeches?Sit in the UK?Pretend to care?Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I salute her bravery for surviving the gunshot but she definitely didn't deserve the Nobel prize.As far as inspiring others is concerned, she had failed to do so. If she has the guts to, why doesn't she come to Pakistan and Steve her ppl here?And please ppl, Imran khan got pushed off a container and almost blasted his head, he's still here, fighting for his country, afraid if nothing .Malala has done nothing for peace and she should know that actions speak louder than words.

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