• Cyber bullying effects

    Cyber bullying is defined as use of electronic communication to bully a person. Today so many people can be seen falling in this maters. This is because when they meet a unknown person on the social networking sites they come in contact with us and can send some inappropriate material.

  • Media violence can encourage other criminals.

    I believe that the media should be limited with how much violence
    they show on television. Violence is a
    learned behavior, and showing criminals committing violence on TV only leads to
    more violence in the future. Media violence
    is worse than entertainment violence because viewers know that media violence
    is real.

  • Media Violence is Dangerous

    The more time you watch,play,or see violent media, the more it effects your behavior. Did you know that the Newtown shooter was a major fan of Call Of Duty? Violent media is everywhere. "90% of movies, 68% of video games, and 60% of TV shows show some depictions of violence.", stated CNN.
    Hence, violent media is dangerous!

  • Media violence causes real violence.

    It has been shown that violence in the media can cause violence in real life. Copy cat criminals emulate what they have seen on television or in films. The media should not glorify violence and make it look cool. A lot of the current school shootings have been connected to violent video games.

  • Bla bla bla

    Violent video games cause violence in real life because it influences people to reinact what they do in a game. Now days video games have extremely good graphics which make it look like the real world, thus making them think it would be cool in the real world. Now days teen play "M" rated games when they are not mature enough. That is why they have "T" rated game

  • If media caused violence then:

    What about the other 16 million players of call of duty?
    What about the 150 Million that watch the news?
    Most video games are made in and for Japan yet, Japan still has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world.
    What about the NRA promoting guns right near locations that were sites of school shootings, and then start off the event by saying "Over my cold, dead body"?
    The media is not to blame, it's the guns.

  • Look at real life

    There is a cartoon of a child watching tv and the mother says "Don't play violent video games." To this, the child replies, "It's the news."

    If there is blood and gore in a video game, it will prepare you for real life. If you cut yourself there is blood, if you cut someone else there is blood. We can't have soldiers who are afraid of blood, because no wars would ever be won.

    Some people say that violence in media desensitizes children. I agree, but this is good if they are going to follow a career as a doctor, or a surgeon or a soldier, or anything else that involves fighting, or healing people.

    Typical normal life is gory and violent video games will prepare children for it.

  • Not a Cause But a Factor

    Saying media violence CAUSES is like saying I have smoked for many years and I don't have lung cancer... That means smoking has no impact on lung cancer. We all know it does. I do believe that media violence is a FACTOR but not the cause. There are an abundance of people who see media violence and never act out in violence. Why would those people be okay if media was the cause? It'a as much of a cause of violence as being male or having a low self esteem is. Media doesn't, and will never, cause a violent society. See the real problem in society and stop blaming all societal problems on media.

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