Does Modern Family wrongly depict homosexual families?

Asked by: jzonda415
  • Yes, and heterosexual.

    Yes, insofar as it also 'wrongly' depicts heterosexual families. All families, heterosexual or homosexual, are different so why would we expect and 'standard' portrayal of either a hetero- or homosexual family?

    Do you mean to ask if Modern Family portrays homosexual families in a negative light? To which my answer would be no.

    Posted by: Yin
  • Gays Should be Treated the Same Way you Would Treat Straights

    All three families are crazy. Phil's family is crazy. Jay's family is crazy. Mitchell's family is crazy. Actually I honestly think that Phil's family is crazier. I mean three crazy kids running around and a mother that always loses her mind. Whenever you watch this show you should not be concentrated on the fact that there is a gay couple. It does not matter. They are just as equal as everybody else in Modern Family.

  • Modern Family doesnt wrongly depict homosexual families.

    Just because on the show the homosexual family is a little more dramatic doesn't mean that there are not real families that act that way. They did choose to go with something that stands out more but its only one depiction of many types of families that could act that way.

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