• Somewhat indirectly, but yes.

    I don't know how I am going to drag this out to fifty words, but: Money buys prostitutes, prostitutes leads to sexual intercourse, and sexual intercourse releases the neurotransmitters associated with pleasure.

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  • Yes it does, but...

    Money does buy happiness but only to a certain extent. People with money can afford things they love. More money means one can afford to travel and buy the nicest, most comfortable of clothing, food for them and their families, latest forms of technology and everything that is needed in life. People without money cannot and do not have that luxury, which can lead to them feeling unhappy. But this doesn't mean poor people cannot be happy, because many of them are, and there are unhappy wealthy people as well. However it's better to assume that having more money is clearly more beneficial whereas having none leads to stress. Money is what controls the world and without it, surviving is more difficult. Having more money is clearly better and makes people happier.

  • Sure it does.

    There is no way it can not buy happiness, look at those who are poor and on the streets, do you honestly think they are happy? If you think they are, somethings wrong with you. For those who have money, they can get everything, absolutly everything on this planet, has a price on it, so if yo want to buy a good steak, but cant afford it, you get all upset, and then you try hard, get that money so you can get that steak so you can be happy and content.

  • Up to some extent

    When yoy have money you can afford all the luxurious things which every human aspires. For all humans today happiness means good food, good house, cars, tv, tabs, laptops, branded clothes and stuff like that. Though this is not the right definition for happiness but you need these things to be happy. So money can buy happiness, but this type of happiness is not natural or emotional.

  • Money Helps pay bills

    Well with money, you can buy lots of things, but it can help you pay bills which I don't know about everyone else but when my parents bills are paid they're a lot less stressed don't have to worry about being in debt all the time then can treat the family or themselves a dinner, so in my opinion money makes everyone a lot happier.

  • Yesss!!! It can buy you happiness for sure!!!!!

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  • Yes yes yes

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  • Money is everything.

    What makes you happy? Dogs, cats, video games, mansions? Well money can buy all of those stuff. Who pay your bills? Your parents how do they pay? With money. Homeless people are happy when a Youtuber gives him a makeover, but how do you give him a makeover? You need money, there's people that are homeless because they don't have money, no money no life.

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  • Yes it does

    Yes money is needed and it brings u happiness . From the shelter to the food , clothes u wear etc ... Without the top on your would you be happy or without food would u be happy no you would be stressed . Money is the happiness without it nothing .......

  • No, unless you misinterpret

    So, you say it does, because without money, you cannot be happy. Let's assume for a moment that it is true - actually, mostly it is. So, "money buys happiness". It means: "with money, you have happiness". What you state is: "with money, you have happiness", because "without money, you don't have happiness". That's around as wrong as stating that without food, you die, but with food, you survive even if you don't breathe.

  • No, and he reason should be obvious.

    The fact that the reason isn't obvious is a convoluted victory for Psychologist who are wicked greedy and exploitive or American. However, I would think even a middle school kid would realize that materialism cannot make you happy, if so, all these 'football' players, movie stars, rappers, and the like would not be drug addicted and suicidal now would they? CEO's wouldn't be slitting their wrist at a stock market plunge. Another person cannot make you happy, you are not defined by your house, car, wife, kids, income, or any of that drivel. Introspection and a desire toward self actualization is happiness and judging from the fact that less than 3% of Americans are self actualized, well then, this comment is moot because you don't have the mentality to 'get it' Es tut mir leud.

  • Above poverty it does not.

    The poll question leaves much to be assumed. If people cannot afford the basic necessities of life, then indeed they will be happier if they have more money for food, clothing, and shelter. Everyone knows that, so that question is not worth asking. What is really asked is whether at each point more money will bring more happiness in rough proportion. That's been well-studied, and the answer is that above middle incomes, increased wealth has less and less affect on happiness. It's not at all safe to assume that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the happiest people in America, or if they are that it's due to wealth. I think one of the attractions of tabloids selling scandals involving the rich and famous, especially Hollywood celebrities, is that it shows the average person that they are not so bad off with much less wealth.

  • I think its ni way

    No way happiness from our heart, money from our pocket, there is a lot of people ho have no money but they still think that they are happy. But i know that we need money all the time, but money isnt everything. The real happiness just satisfied. And your beautiful past is the happiness of ur heart.

  • Maybe for the people who are blinded by their money.

    Money cannot buy a person's happiness. Yes it can provide you with things that you find "attractive" or "fun" and that you will get enjoyment out of, but a persons true happiness cannot be bought, only made. I use the example of the Smiling Hearts School in Cambodia. The students, in this school are HAPPY to be attending school in a lady's backyard, because they cannot afford the cost of schooling.

  • Money can buy bed, but no sleep

    Money can't buy real love, real friends. Money is temporary. Today you have it and tomorrow it's gone. Money does pay your bills, gives you a luxurious life but it can't get you people who would be with you always. Money is just an aspect of life, it isn't your life. Come on... Think emotionally too!

  • For my opinion

    Money doesn't buy happiness because you are buying too many things and not enough experience in your life and if you have money you cant buy family and friends and if you do and you think they like you but really they like your money that you have with you !

  • Money no way

    I sit with both type of people and I found that poor people have so many problems but still they used to happy. The small achievement of any poor person makes them personal satisfaction. Most of the time the people around rich peoples are always there because of their personal benefits they don't really attach with each other on other hand bonding between poor families are so strong they really help each other support each other and love each other.Moreover, if money buys happiness then the only rich people have right to be happy But ALLAH is just that's why this is not possible.

  • It cant give us that happiness that we really want

    Money cant buy us happiness. Like we can buy bed sofa laptop mac etc items with the help of money but happiness no never . Happiness is not on sale on any shop so how can we buy it . Happiness is being with family. If we want money we need to work and we will get busy in running after money. We cant get to spend our time with our family . If we cant earn money it annoys us and instead of happiness it brings sadness in our lives . A family is still happy with only some amount of money . So friends get it we do not need money always to be happy.

  • Inner peace cannot be bought

    What will a person do qith a million or a billion bucks in the bank, with no inner peace? It cannot be bought. But one can cultivate it only with his thoughts. It comes when one accepts everything that life has to offer and is able to find positivitt in the most negative situations. Money is the reason which robs us off this peace because we keep stressing uon how to earn it, save it, increase it, or spend it. And with inner peace comes internal happiness.

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