• Yes, money does buy love.

    Money does buy love for some that have it. Many work very hard to acquire lots of money. Yes, some will say that money does not buy happiness which is true. Furthermore, many might say that money does not buy love. However, the vast number of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas that are happy with paying someone for companionship would dispute this. Many of these wealthy individuals are happier paying someone to love them then many of the people stuck in miserable traditional relationships. In short, yes, money does buy love for some.

  • Money sometimes can buy love.

    I know, some will say money can't buy any feelings. But think; wouldn't the golden earrings in your hand change your feelings against someone? Look, I changed your feelings, and this means I actually bought your feelings! And I think love is a special kind of money.

    This is sth. That buys the love and hearts.

  • It can buy the illusion of love which is enough

    Buy anything if you got enough money to offer.

    I also believe money can buy happiness. For some people a lack of happiness is because they have a lack of money. So if these rich folks are with some gorgeous woman or bloke and it makes them happy, well. Enough said.

  • No, you can't buy a feeling as abstract and complex as love.

    Money can persuade a person to act as if they care about you, but actual love is not swayed by money. Whether or not someone loves you is determined by a number of factors, including personal and physical compatibility. It is impossible to achieve any of those with money alone.

  • Money does not buy you love.

    Money does buy you love, but that is not true love which every living being needs. With true love it helps you motivate and being successful, but money love does not last really that long comparing it to true love. So my point of view for this topic is that money does not buy you love.

  • Money Can't buy love

    Money can't buy love because no matter the things a person may do for money it does that compare to the love they have inside their heart. If someone is with you for money it will be very clear to see that person has no feelings what so ever for you.

  • Money doesn't but love

    Money does not buy love, If it could buy true love then everyone we know would be locked up with true love more rich people I know seem to be not as happy as some of the lower class people I know,because they found there true love and the upper class people just care about money

  • Money does not buy love

    Some people may marry for money and money only. Their love was not bought because they have no love for the other person, they just have a need for money. You can't force yourself to love someone much less force someone to love you therefore love isn't bought. It CAN'T be bought

  • No, money can't buy love

    Money can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy love. There are examples all around us of couples brought together more by money than by love. It seems unlikely that most of these relationships can last, simply because the two parties do not have mutual interests. A love of money can only take someone so far. It can't buy love.

  • No, money does not buy love.

    Money can buy behavior that mimics love. For example, a person might be kind and affectionate toward someone who has loads of money to share, but true love is independent of wealth. A relationship based on money is self-serving. Once the money runs out, the other person will run out too.

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