• Of Course !!!

    I would say that the majority of people work for the money, why do you think that we pay more for overtime hours? Because it motivates people(LIGHT BULB(despicable me reference) your job pays you money, if they stopped paying you would you still work for them? NO you work for the money to support your family, money motivates everything whether we like it or not

  • Definitely no !!

    In it companes like today, freshers dont get paid much , yet they work for their satisfaction. They dont get paid for the work they do. In this case they work to satsify themselves for what they have learnt. Getting a job in it company is a huge difficulty. So if they work for money, well They will remain to be workless beggars

  • It does not motivates

    Some people do not work for money but sacrifices for the sake of their country. However it is not money the motivator but the payment is just a reward for hard work.A person who fear god is trustworthy because he or she knows that money is the root of all evil.

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