Does more funding help (yes) or harm (no) the educational opportunities for the Roma people?

  • Funding Education Is Always Helpful

    I believe more funding is helpful for the educational opportunities for the Roma people. As far as we can tell, education can engulf as much money as someone will give it, the quality and results are always improved. No one have earmarked too much money for education in the past.

  • Yes, more funding helps the educational opportunities for the Roa people.

    More funding is always beneficial to the education of the Roma people. More funding will give people better access to books and computer software which can advance their learning. It will also allow for a better student to teacher ratio which helps improve hands on learning. More funding for education also lures better candidates to the education field.

  • Be strict, but yes, do fund the Roma

    I'm an American, but considering that bias, the American Welfare program actually has many benefits, in certain states. Probably the best and most classic example of welfare is food stamps. Assigning welfare to a specific unit of care helps to make sure that it can be both measured, and not abused.

  • More funding helpts the educational opportunities for the Roma people.

    Obviously, increasing the funding for education will help fulfill the educational needs of the Roma people. If there is more money allocated to this purpose, there will be more resources for them to use. They can also hire more and better teachers if there is more funding for their education.

  • Yes it helps.

    If you are giving them more funding than it would help. That allows them to create more schools higher better teachers and get people the education they deserve. They will need money for books and classrooms with desks and seats so the more money means the easier their education will be.

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