• Unlike Australia, there is outstanding evidence for the existence of New Mexico.

    In Crikey Dingo 14:5-17, the prophet Billy Mays explains his early life in New Mexico in great detail. Some stories in the book of Orale Mijo also take place in New Mexico.

    And while I deny these books' claims of an existing Australia, I do consider them sufficient historical evidence.

    However, one would argue that if there is a New Mexico, there must also be an Old Mexico, and old Mexico does not exist either. But this is not always the case. There is, in fact, a New Jersey, even when people always throw out their old ones.


    But anyway, Yes. I do in fact believe, while not all the stories of the things that happened in New Mexico are true, New Mexico, as a place, does indeed exist.

    "A la ventana! A la pared! A la pared! Hasta yo tengo sed! No hablo espanol!" - Fitty Cent

  • Yes, it is exist.

    New Mexico is an existent state in the United States that is carved from the territory that the US won from Mexico in the Mexican-American War. It is in the mid-west and border Mexico. Any map of the continental US would show a plot of land call "New Mexico". I think your trying to ask "Does the aliens in New Mexico exist?"

  • Government cover up

    New Mexico is just a ploy to improve relations with Mexico. Why do you think Donald Trump is making the Mexicans pay for the wall? This country is trillions of dollars in debt, and the cost of the wall will not help us in any way. New Mexico doesn't exist at all. If you go in that area, you will find nothing. The only thing there is Santa Fe. In Santa Fe, the residents are just actors hired by the government. If they break character, they get deported.

  • New Mexico cannot possibly exist.

    It is completely a lie. This state is completely made up, as is shown in movies who speak of all the surrounding states but completely neglect New Mexico. Now Santa Fe of course exists, however it exists in Never Never Land, not the wild and wonderful state of New Mexico.

  • It is a great lie!

    Come, my brethren... Avail yourselves to become knowledgable about the great myth of that hethen land known as New Mexico. Great sorcery, indian drug-rituals and cult members known as The Minute Men -according to legend- live there... But alas! They are only a nightmare, a haunt to the dreams of civilized men! Like Australia, New Mexico doesn't exist! There is nothing to fear!

    Posted by: YYW
  • Troll comment here.

    Basic deductive reasoning rules the likelihood of it existing to be slim at best. For starters Mexico (and has not been renamed Old Mexico) is doing just fine, the Aztec gods failed to destroy it last year. Thus if Mexico is still standing, there is no reason to rebuild it calling it "New Mexico."

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