Does our education system need to be reformed?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Yes, reform is needed

    The largest need would be for government to get out of education. For example, the national government should play no role in setting national standards, nor should the state. The reason is that there are so many people involved in decision-making (national politicians, state politicians, local school boards) who have never been teachers (or haven't practiced in years) that they are out of touch with what students and teacher need. The result is so many initiatives and goals that everyone is concerned with developing that teachers can't do what is necessary to teach students: brainstorm, collaborate and push themselves and students.
    If each school were just the administration + teachers setting goals and lessons that help students achieve, then the best schools, administrators and teacher would be apparent. Let students go to any school they want to go to. Isn't our society based on competition and the cream rising to the top (as is the university system as well) so why is our public education system? Not letting students, teachers and administrators compete sets students up for a harsh lesson in the real world.
    Lastly, stop making public school a business in the sense of national researchers (who for the most part are not practicing teachers) selling their curriculums and initiatives to districts to latch on to. Make best use of your best resources, the administrators, teachers and students in one building.

  • Learning is Different Now

    Schools these days only require that students learn how to answer a standardized test correctly and move on from there but the downside to this is that students don't retain knowledge of what they've learned. All schools are these days are just giant machines to pump out "educated" kids to a standardized line and nothing greater. On top of that, the way the schools teach the students is really only helpful to certain types of students. Research has proven that there are different types of learners such a visual, audible, kinesthetic and so on. Curriculum these days only support students in maybe one or two of the ways of learning and while some might excel, other students will begin to fall and its a spiral for both sides where one gets better and the other worsens.

  • The world is changing

    More technology needs to be introduced into classrooms because technology is the future. In every job it is used frequently. I am a sports coach and gymnastics teacher and I use iPads in my work on a daily basis. No matter what job they go into they will be using technology, so things like iPads should be introduced into all classrooms.

  • Our Children Are the Future

    We need to make sure that each child gets the best education they can receive, even if they go to public school, especially in a low-income areas. We need to focus on each child's need and focus on their strength and weaknesses. Create individual programs that will help them succeed in the future and contribute their best in society. I think the administrations make it general and that it sets some children up for failure. Every child has a gift, but due to over crowded schools and low paying teachers, it can be unnoticed and their gifts are lost. We are consider one of the dumbest country in the world. That is embarrassing. That shows we need a huge change!

  • Education is needed to survive

    If the education system doesn't adapt to the worlds current jobs and requirements it could be quite bad. Currently our education system has us teens get up at 6:00am and get to school at 7:00am. Science has proven that teens aren't fully active until 9:00 - 10:00am sadly this means such a start time can hurt how much the learn and how much effort we put in. I luckily give it my fullest effort but to counter that i still feel i could put in more effort if the start time was later. And on the topic of time why do we learn languages in High school why not elementary when its easy to learn and remember currently i'm a Japanese (Nihongo) one (ichi) student and it's quite honestly impossible to remember what i need to when my brain is pretty much developed in the language department. And now onto something completely different Technology, We all use it because it improves everyday living and education if you ask me i'd say yes we need more advanced technology in our classes but we can't rely to heavily on technology sadly my current US history class rely's on being on the internet for our home work sadly i don't have a computer at home and the school library closes about an hour after school and on top of that being online on the internet makes it very easy to get sidetracked and or distracted and on top of that attempting to work on half hour long home work for six classes with four out of six assignments from classes being online and when you don't have a computer hardly any before school and after school time to work on it and only so much time in class makes it impossible to get a good grade on said home work and that's all i have currently

  • Creativity and a change in curriculum

    Students should have knowledge about other activities like physical education, music and so on. The focus should not be only on academic success but also on other aspects. What the use of learning by heart a subject and write it in exam , it should be a lifetime learning process.

  • We Need A Whole New System

    Okay, I'm that one Anonymous who says fuck a lot so you probably can identify me by now. Anyways, we need a new fucking system, this can't go on.
    We don't need homework, it's full of fucking bullshit.
    Public schools do not need uniforms; you see tank tops and shorts in public areas. And want to know what school your running? A fucking PUBLIC school. If you can see a certain clothing on a public lot, it should be allowed at a public school- as public school is basically a fucking public lot for kids to learn.
    We need the basics and the advanced shit is optional:

    Here's how I think it should work:

    We go to school, we learn math, grammar, etc. and then we're done with the day- just like how it is now. The only difference is calculus, algebra, and shit you won't ever do in your life unless your a fucking rocket scientist is optional because you want to take on said career path or had so much fun learning during actual school hours you took those courses.

  • Less jobs now

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  • Reform is vital for further progression of society.

    Nowadays, the education system is designed in a way that is supposed to raise the rates of success in GCSEs etc. However, I believe that the education system is no longer about students learning things to help them later in life, but is solely revolved around passing your exams. As a student, I feel very passionate about this, as I have not only encountered the pressures first hand, but I have also dealt with the stress, emotional roller coaster and disappointment that millions of others have experienced. I feel that education is vital for the society in general to be able to work in a way that benefits not only the people in it, but also the environment and the economy. It's no good teaching people things that only benefit the governments rates of success, as this will not help progression of society if nobody even knows what they are doing. Something needs to change, not only for the mental health of students everywhere, but for the future economy we are trying to improve.

  • Education is our countries future.

    If education isn't reformed where would we be? We obviously don't have a perfect country and it keeps going down hill from there. If we don't fix how the children of America learn, then our country is basically going to get flushed down the toilet. We have to learn. SOON!!!!!!!

  • Motivation, Not Moderation

    There are so many kids in our school systems that simply DO NOT TRY. They have stopped putting effort into their academic endeavors. Frankly, our system works fine when a child has the basic desire to strive for success in a class. That said, not every child intends to put forth the necessary effort. Therefore I suggest we significantly raise the bar on passing/failing. Generally the requirement is that a student gets a C in a class to pass. I suggest that we raise this requirement to a B, forcing kids to actually try somewhat in order to pass. Education isn't something that just appears magically out of the sky, it requires sound work ethic and a desire to learn. Heavily moderating our teachers simply to try and raise test scores won't solve anything.

  • Reformation is needed

    Nowadays education is fully based on book knowledge only. The current Education system does not give opportunity for the students to think individually based on their knowledge and create innovative things on their own. The system just allow us to mugging informations for only the sake of getting good marks. So there is no opportunity to show the students knowledge to the outside world.

    Each and every child possess certain excellent talents that should be definitely shown through their education. Either the Education system should be reformed according to the student capabilities or the students must choose their domain according to their interest.

    Finally I concluded that, the good Education system also helps to develop our nation all over the world so it must be reformed to practical knowledge and to provide updated knowledge or information.

  • Schools add up to pressure on the child.....

    Need to realize that not everyone is a born Einstein or a Newton. Different individuals have different talents and different learning abilities. But the system places so much stress on book learning that all other talents get overshadowed by a person’s ability to memorize facts and then to reproduce them in the examination. There’s also the prospect of having to face unfavourable results.

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