• Yes, Pakistan has been supporting the actions of terrorists

    The country of Pakistan has been shown to support and harbor terrorists. There are many ways that terrorists can hide out in Pakistan and the government does little to intervene. The country of Pakistan is so poor and uneducated that the people will support whoever offers them a bit of reward.

  • There are those there that do

    Pakistan has admitted, more and more, that they have terrorist cells operating in their country. While not coming out directly and proclaiming that Pakistan stands behind the terrorists, the actions and words of certain high profile individuals has given everyone concerned food for thought. Countries like Pakistan and Turkey must walk a very slippery slope - one where they do not gain the wrath of terrorists and see their citenzry targeted like those in France, the United States and others.

  • No, Pakistan as a whole does not praise terrorsim.

    It would be ignorant to believe an entire country praises the actions of terrorism because a few individuals decide to act on extremism and violence. The country's majority practices Islam, and some religious extremists warp Islam's peaceful messages and doctrines. However, the actions of a few do not and cannot represent the beliefs of an entire country. Many Pakistan civilians have no outlet for their voices to be heard, but so many of them call for peace.

  • No, they had enough terrorist attacks in their own country.

    No, I don't believe that Pakistanis praise the actions of the terrorists, because they have seen firsthand what it feels like to be the target of such attacks. Of course there are some extremists in Pakistan that support terrorism, there were even accusations that Pakistani Secret Service is involved in hiding Bin Laden and supporting Al-Qaeda, but I firmly believe that general population is strongly against terrorism.

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