Does playing violent video games make you violent?

  • They do make you more aggressive.

    Actually even if you did have the choice, you would be unable to decide, as the violent influence takes over. You could try but it would always lead to violence and possibly the endangerment of people. If you do play a violent video game, don't spend to long on it.

  • Maybe They Make You More Aggressive.

    Maybe it doesn't make you violent but it does make you aggressive. When you lose, you feel the need to pounce on something because the desire the win makes you very angry that you lost the match. When I lose games, I become very aggressive and want to beat up something.

  • They separate fiction from reality even less.

    Kids are constantly playing violent games but one thing thing that has changed is kids are learning more bad language and hearing and seeing things that they shouldn't hear. I think that parents should say no to violent games or their kids could be less sympathetic when someone dies like a cat, dog, or a loved one. It also discriminates against women by not having them in games like Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Thank you for listening to my side of the story.

  • Violence begets violence

    Studies show that people who experience violence first hand when younger are far more likely commit violent crimes when older. So, by that same logic, wouldn't violence experience in a animated form in video games have to have a similar effect? It may not be to the same degree of effect due to it being animated violence, but it has to have some effect.

  • Monkey see monkey do

    When people see something they tend to repeat it also While there’s a great deal of controversy around video games and their potential link to violent behavior in youth, statistics show something a little bit different. The studies done by Professor Michael Ward and other researchers argue that video games don’t make today’s youth violent. Still, law makers and congressmen are making decisions that could curb the creative liberty of video game designers.

  • Video games make you violent

    The current generation is so obsessed with the video games that instead of going out and playing or studying they play video games. According to a survey children play video games for 15 hours a week . Children aged 10 years play games rated 18+. Games like DOOM, CALL OF DUTY, GTA, WWE etc. badly influence the player's mind and this results in destructive thinking by the player. Children, often influenced by violent moves in video games try to perform those violent moves and this may lead to accidents including serious injury to others.

  • It's not the game, it's the player

    Being a person who plays video games, I can't see what the problem is. I highly doubt that video games make people violent. You might say that the Colombine or the Sandy Hook shooters were influenced by violent video games but I disagree, I think that regardless of wether or not those stupid people were influenced by video games, it's not the game that makes the decision for the individual, they make p their own mind.

  • I disagree with them

    So respectively Columbine, Sandy Hook and, all other school shooting seemed to be connected to violent video games, or at least that is what most people say. But I on the other hand disagree entirely. All my friends and I play video games and almost always the violent ones and we are just fine as are all of our friends we play with online. Video games actually improve hand-eye coordination and other abilities

  • They don't force you to be violent.

    Video games do not force you to put a gun up to your head. You can choose whether or not use violence and people do say that video games make them think of there crimes they perform but doesn't mean you have to do it still. People who do believe in video games cause them to do violent things should be put away cause a normal person can hold back from doing violent things and even if they cant they can still see a psychiatrist about there violence problem and some people also say that they make kids violent. But parents can keep their children from playing these games cause kids can't buy mature games without their parents permission so if parents are blaming game creators then there the wrong people if they bought there kid a violent game they cant get mad because younger kids aren't good at making those kind of decisions on not being violent and the reason I'm contradicting this topic is I'm a hardcore gamer I love playing violent video games I play violent video games all the time and I'm not running around shooting people and hurting people I'm actually a really calm person and I think that video games are like a stress reliever to me it helps me per say relax and let my anger out on a game instead of on a actual person

  • Agreed with below

    It is just the opposite if you're a well adjusted individual. I played Manhunt when it came out, Manhunt was an absurdly over the top and needlessly violent game. I play Call of Duty multiple times a week, I have for years. One of my friends I play with is a cop, he has been for years and hasn't fired his gun once. Violent video games give people that had problems to begin with ideas, they themselves are not the problem. Virtually everybody that runs around blowing things up on XBox has literally zero desire to ever do so in real life.

  • Just the opposite, in fact

    I have been playing video games since the age of five and have seen the tremendous growth in violence over that period of time. My parents never would have let me play the more gory games at an early age, though, and they were right to. Having good parents that teach you that some of the things you do in video games are not realistic is crucial. Having bad parents can really make it hard to judge right from wrong. Mix that in with mental health issues and someone can turn into a monster. A lot really falls on the parents and the state of mental health. The average person who plays video games does not become violent because of them. For me, it's the exact opposite. When I am angry or frustrated, there's nothing like pulling out one of my favorite games to blow stuff up, take a chainsaw to enemies (whether they be police officers or not), go on long car chases, or any of that stuff I can't do in real life. I substitute video games for reality because I was taught to. It's a form of escapism, and when I'm done blowing off steam, life continues as normal, nobody turns an eye, and I'm not violent. The fact that Congress is even considering restrictions on video games is disgusting - they aren't the problem, mental health is. In fact, if they restrict violence in video games, it will only make things WORSE when a good number of the baboons are dead at the hands of some psychopath angry that their games were taken away from them - an act of rebellious violence that has been known to happen. Address mental health, address better parenting, and avoid video games altogether - they're not the issue, even in the slightest. It's the mental attitude of whomever is playing them that is.

  • No It Does Not

    Playing violent video games does not make a person violent. People that are smart enough to play a game are able to realize the difference between a game and reality. Billions of people play video games and you do not hear about them all doing violent things every day of their lives.

  • Playing violent video games acutaly makes the person have a LESS chance of doing violence in the real world

    I studied about some kids who play video games and the result is the same. Pepole that are mad can let the anger out of playing a violent video game. Plus, somebody just cant turn evil just because of a violent videogame. That is why i think that violent video games are acceptable.

  • Not true at all

    What the opposite side is saying is that if 100 people play violent video games, two get violent due to the lack of discipline, it means violent video games are bad, are you then saying that if 100 people eat an apple, two get allergy reaction, apples are bad?? Lol

  • No just no

    Violent games dont make people violent i am a frequent COD player and my friends are more violent than me and they play sports games and minecraft that just seams like they are just more violent people and stuff is harder for them than it is for mr in life

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peterlee.dorielan says2013-05-14T20:09:57.493
The answer is no
Anonymous says2013-05-21T19:41:38.357
The answer is no