• Yes, poverty destroys our children s education.

    Poverty is one of the worst things we deal with in today's society. Poverty is one of the ultimate problems to today's society. We as a nation need to stand up and fight against and for the well being of another. We should all care for oneanother. If we stand up we could be a more perfect union. In God We trust.

  • Yes, poverty is a cycle.

    Yes, poverty destroys education, because parents cannot focus on their children. A parent who works a minimum wage job is tired at the end of the day, and cannot think about their children or their children's education. Also, education is not emphasized, which leads to a cycle in which the children grow up unmotivated to do better.

  • Yes, poverty has a very destructive impact on a child's education potential.

    Poverty can have a profound and destructive impact on a child. By living in poverty, there is a greater chance of living in a family with greater financial stress and marital stress. You will likely go to a school in a poor area that is under-funded. You will not eat as much food, which is important to brain development. Finally, you may not receive timely health care, leading to greater loss of school time due to sickness.

  • No poverty does not destroy education.

    Education is available to all, even those in poverty. There are many great stories of those who have risen from poverty and excelled and achieved great things. By using poverty as an excuse people are only enabling and allowing people to say they come from a poor community and that is why they decided to drop out or not get the full education they were offered.

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