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  • He does not.

    The President of the United States, Barack Obama, does not belong to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is not real, so there is now way that the President could belong to it, Even if the Illuminati.was a real group of people, the people of the United States would not vote for someone who belonged to that group.

  • It's inconceivable.

    All I can really do when I read this question is shake my head and weep for America. Who would seriously ask this question with a straight face? The answer is, no one with two brains cells actually thinks that president Obama is a member of the Illuminati. Good lord.

  • The Illuminate is not real

    Honestly, do people still accept that this is a viable and tangible organization that actually exists? Not that it does not have compelling evidence but all evidence is circumstantial and fabricated in most instances. Realizing this, the Illuminate is nowhere near believable and neither is President Ob ma's involvement in it.

  • Oh boy here we go

    There really shouldn't need to be an argument against this that goes more in depth than merely saying "no, that's really stupid" but okay. This is the wrong explanation for the actions of literally anybody, despite it being attributed to everybody from the president of the United States to any music video with a triangle in it. No, no, no.

  • He Does Not

    President Barack Obama is not part of the Illuminati and there is not reason to believe he is. This is just something people say because they want to make excuses why others have power and influence that they don't have. Obama is a good man and president. HE is not part of the Illuminati.

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