• Yes, prostitution demeans women.

    Prostitution is a job that demeans women. Some women will say it empowers them and their bodies, but there's another way of looking at it. They are basically selling themselves as a product or an object. This objectifies women, and cheapens them in the eyes of men. It does not create equality, it takes it away. It makes women something that can be bought and sold, just as slaves used to be. It also changes the meaning of sex and what it's supposed to be all about. Women should respect themselves and their bodies, and not sell themselves--or their services--as if they were objects.

  • Prostitution Demeans Women

    Prostitution does demean women in many ways. It devalues their bodies and rights that they have as human beings. Their bodies become more of a tool object for people to use, not a individual human being that has feelings or thoughts of themselves. It devalues women in terms of how society views them, and they are viewed pretty low because they are selling their body for sex or other sexual acts.

  • Yes it is.

    Rapists also demeans men. Natural beauty and modesty of women also demeans. Women are now tolerating the prostitutes. In the next century, women's fashion will be 10 times or more sexually attractive than strip dancers' dresses today. The returning of the ice age will not make women modest again, suits similar to scuba diving suit will be worn for winter, thin and tight but warm.

  • Absolutely, it is.

    Prostitution demeans both women and the men that utilize the service. It consists of the purchase and sale of a woman's body, as if it were an object. This doesn't only make a woman's body less sacred, but it objectifies them. Women (and men) should not let their bodies become available through money. Sex is meant to be shared between those that love each other.

  • Yes it does.

    The reason behind it is that no women wants this profession they are compelled to do so no one want it on their own, even other women treat them with negativity. There is no respect even people who come there don't regard them so how can we say that it 's a good profession if it is so then let us set this ambition for our daughters.

  • Usually it does

    I believe that most prostitutes are not doing it by choice. That includes those who are prostitutes because they need the money and don't see any other way to get it. Now there are lots of unpleasant or dangerous jobs that people do only for the money. But prostitution is fundamentally different I think, although I have trouble saying why that is so.

  • Prostitution Demeans Women

    I believe there are women in the field who are more than happy to offer the service, but there are many others who feel pushed or forced into the situation. For those that made the choice to enter the field, it is not demeaning, but for those that feel they must do it to make ends meet, it is very demeaning.

  • Yes, and few women choose it freely.

    Prostitution demeans the men who utilize it, but it also demeans the women who provide such services. And yet we should have more respect for them than for the men. Most of them have seen no other route for supporting themselves or their children, which is why they turn to the life.

  • Prostitution Demeans Women

    Without a doubt, prostitution demeans women in more ways than one. A woman that thinks they're empowered by prostitution should think again. Men have most of the control in the world of prostitution, and a woman would be crazy to think otherwise. Prostitution takes advantage of thousands of women each day.

  • Could be demeaning, could not

    If a woman (or man) is at wit's end, and the only available option they have is to sell their body to have enough money to scrape by, and they fell demeaned through that work, it is their opinion. Many prostitutes feel empowered by their choice to market themselves, so it really depends on both the client and the sex worker themselves to decide if it is demeaning work, not decisively on or the other.

  • It's their choice

    Some say women would be selling themselves as a product and others would be looking at them as such, but nobody is going to look at them that way if others did not think in such a negative way. This is why women say they feel empowered: men and others who think in this demeaning way will, therefore, see women as products. We need to get people to expand his or her mind and STOP seeing women as objects. It's not prostitution that is the issue, it is people and how people think. Why should women bend to other people's beliefs and moral standing grounds to suit their needs when us women matter just as much? I'm not saying I would go out there and have sex for money, but this country was built on freedom and the right to happiness and if that's what makes certain women happy then I believe they are allowed to do whatever the hell they want.

  • Who could disagree?

    Absolutely, I think prostitution is demeaning to women. I think women tend to use it as a complete last resort to make money. They feel they have failed at everything else and the only way to make a decent living is to literally sell themselves sexually to men willing to pay them.

  • Prostitution is demeaning for some women and empowers other women

    How an individual prostitute feels about what she does is a very personal thing. She may be unhappy and feel used by the john. She may be abused by a pimp. She may be a prostitute out of desperation to pay the bills and feed her family. Some women may feel it's just another job and give it no more thought then that. It's also possible some women feel powerful and in charge of their own lives when they are prostituting.

  • Just a feminist agenda

    Only women who are prostitutes can say whether or not they feel degraded and objectified. It is insulting to those working in prostitution that they cannot make an informed choice and cannot control what they want to do with their bodies, especially when promiscuity is perfectly fine if no cash is involved. Prostitution is only demeaning if society decides it's demeaning. Women and men can choose to be prostitutes, just like they can choose any other type of work. Sports demean men.

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