• Racism is a natural thing

    Throughout all of history, people have been racist, it MUST be a natural thing. Almost nothing has been with the human race as long as racism, perhaps the most notable exception is sex, but that brings into the question of sexism, which is too crude to discuss here. As a prolific social science studier, there have been points made that "all races matter" or "for equality". This is simply not possible. For example, why are black people not as successful as normal people? The answer lies in skin color. Can you really expect a monkey to be as smart as a human? No. Black people are simply more closely related to chimps and gorillas than modern evolved homo sapiens. I do not understand why the United States Government recognizes them as people! For the love of god get these filthy "niggers" (or as I like to call them an invasive monkey species) out of the United States.
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • Racism happens so it MATTERS

    Due to the fact that racism happens in our world today we all should think it matters...A lot!
    If it didn't matter NO ONE WOULD TRY AND STOP IT and no one would care. The world would see a case where a black man was killed because he was a different race to the white cop and pass over that incident claiming the cop had to kill him because he was black and nobody gives 2 stuff about racism.

  • Why does it?

    Racism is something that shouldn't have existed in the first place. No one should be discriminated just because they have different skin colors! I am against the fact that racism matters because everyone is equal, no one is better than each other, especially when it comes to different races. This is inhumane.

  • Nope not at all

    Racism does not matter people. Why should skin colour and ethnic groups define who we are and how we treat people. Everyone is equally worthy. For equality. Against discrimination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • I don't think racism matters.

    All races matter and we are all equal by one factor and that is that we are all human, To me there is only one race and that is " The Human Race". We need to end racism! ALL LIVES MATTER! We need to start growing up and realizing that we are all one.

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