• Of course it does.

    Racism is something that will never go away in the U.S. because people always want to use that card in order to justify the unfairness that they feel like they are receiving. Most of the U.S would just like to move on and ignore any kind of racism but there are those out there that use it for attention reasons because they don't know any better. They say that Caucasians are the most racist but the truth is the color that is claiming the racism are the ones who are the most racist, they just won't let it go and move on.

  • Racism definitely still exists.

    Race itself is not real. Race only happened when a bunch of people from Europe decided they wanted to get rich fast without working. So they created a system where they could dehumanize people who aren't white and use them for free labour. So now it's this big social construct that we can't seem to get rid of because some people can't wrap their minds around the fact that race has no biological roots. But I do think that race will cease to be a thing at some point due to the increasing amount of interracial people.

  • Racism still exists and its stupid. I have nothing against black people.

    So many people in the United state are racists and i think its ridiculous. People shouldn't be judged on the color of there skin. People stereo type blacks. I think there is nothing wrong with blacks. There like people just like us whites there's nothing different between us and them. We should treat them the way we would want to be treated. I'm only 14 and I've figured this out. Don't judge people on the color of there skin but by there personality there character. I know several black people and they are all good people in fact im in a relationship with someone of the different skin color and we are so happy together. So people shouldn't judge. I think racism shouldn't exists. Its a stupid thing to fight over.

  • Until we change

    Racism will always be an issue as long as there are humans on this planet. We as human beings are prideful and arrogant by nature Therefor we always try to find a way to put ourselves in a higher position than others. Racism is just one of the many forms of our pridefulness and arrogance. For some reason we feel the need to label things and it doesn't Stop us from labeling each other.

  • Racism will always exist

    Racism has always existed in the U.S, it is so deeply threaded in the people that without even knowing it people always do racist things and always act racist. People always talk about Obama and him being elected president and he was black so people are not racist. No some blacks are described as an Oreo black on the outside yet white on the inside and that is how a lot of political blacks are I have to say. I don't get how people don't think racism exists think about it innocent blacks are killed on the street by the police and then our own government doesn't make them serve punishment, not even a single second in jail. What type of justice is that! No racism has always existed in the U.S and in the future it will continue to exist

  • Racism is Everywhere

    I am an Indian American, and I was born on American soil. In my lifetime, I have not encountered direct racism, or unfair oppression.But that is not always the case for others. I accept that anything I have received or accomplished in my life was not limited because of my race. However, I believe that racism strongly exists indirectly all over America. This includes American media and advertising. Interracial marriage is rarely presented in American commercials, and when it does, it becomes a controversy. The number of Caucasian models to black models in the fashion industry is extremely disproportionate. In an overwhelming majority Children's books, the minority of races, stay minor. There are only two colored Princesses among an array of Caucasian ones. I live in California, and the cities, are extremely segregated on the basis of race, which is affiliated with economic prosperity. One can conclude that racism certainly exists, through statistics that present the average income that each race makes. Racism is also addressed in court cases. Recently police violence in the Micheal Brown case and the way it was treated, revealed a sad truth underlying in American society. Counter protests against the protesters of the Court Decision also expose the poorly covered roots of racism planted beneath American soil.

  • Flawed Human Perception

    Racism exist not just in America, but all over the globe. When you look at how people behave, what you notice is our need to make sense or compartmentalize things that we experience. Look around your room. You know the name of everything in it. The reason is because humans name everything so we can categorize it. Unfortunately we do this when it comes to people as well. We label other humans too! Racism won't change until humans rewire their thinking!

  • Does racism exist?

    Let us first define racism. Racism is prejudice discrimination or antagonism directed against one race by persons of another race who believe their race is superior. Racism IS bigotry with power so we can safely conclude that Racism is a tool of the colorless used against people of color to affect control. As long as a society exists that perpetuates subservience then the one's in control have to employ some method to maintain their status. Slavery, genocide, police brutality, unfair employment practices, inequities in the judicial process.......RACISM.

  • Racism is everwhere

    Ofcourse racism still exists in the United States of America. For some reason racism still lives on and will live on for generations to come. Not to be rude or anything, but you have to be stupid to think it doesn't exist, especially in the U.S..... I don't understand why people have that mentality, we are humans, same body structure, same types of blood. To subject someone with cruelty cause of their ethnic background or the colour of their skin is disrespectful and shouldn't be tolerated in this world! SAY NO TO RACISM, WE ARE ONE!!!

  • Until the End

    I think racism will always be the thorn in our sides that keeps our country from truly accepting our differences and our opinions, lifestyles, etc. However, I am proud to say that during tragedies like 9-11, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pearl Harbor, and the Challenger disaster, you can at least count on people to put all that junk aside to reach out and comfort those who are hurting. It's the human side of us that still has that thought of superiority in every day living. Thankfully, it's the God in all of us that allows us to say and to do what is right when someone is in need of a lift up.

  • I don't think or

    Believe that racism is still a problem, yes people might make joke about it but they are not refereed to anyone. If there was still racism we would not have a black president, public schools, there would still be segregation, and we wouldn't have biracial marriage (different race marriage). So if America is still raciest someone explain this claim!

  • Your all Hyppocrits

    If 93% of you all say racism is wrong then how come you all say it exists? Unless of course you all think of yourselves as racist? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please explain? .

  • Racism doesn't anymore

    The cops are responsible for dealing with criminal threats to the public. People complain about Michael Brown being shot with his hands up. However there is evidence of him beating up the owner of a drug store, steeling from the store, and attempting to turn a gun on the cops. His friends that was with him even admitted him doing so. He was also black btw.

  • Just no. No

    Yo,we have a black president we have public schools and i am eleven and i have not seen a "race restriction" befor ! Some people make jokes about races but they are jokes and just jokes! Trebly sorry for bad grammer and even wors spelling yell at me if you want.

  • Racism only exists because we say it does

    While you may say that racism is a still present I would argue that it actually works the opposite. People voted for Obama not because he was a good candidate but because they didn't want to appear racist. Likewise there is a great deal of black people in acting and power. However the white people live in fear of the black people because they don't want to be racist or a bigot. Indeed racism is only a matter because we keep bringing it up and it more leaves white people affected.

  • It just doesn't.

    People are too darn sensitive these days...You cannot even awknowledge someone's race without getting in trouble, yet black people can mention white's whenever they want to. They also can make fun of other races, and not be called racist. If anything, people are racist against white people now. They cannot get away with saying anything, and are forced to walk on glass by people who can't get over themselves and believe they deserve special treatment, because...? They aren't white? Why do they? Isn't equality the real goal here. "Equality" means both sides deserve to be equal. Other races do not deserve more than the others, or there is an imbalance.

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  • Generally not in the masses

    It is very concentrated in modern times. Racism is perceived by liberals who have prejudices about conservatives. In general ethnocentrism is very common, but culture does not refer to race. Many people incorrectly believe that because there are prejudices about black American instantly means you are a racist. In reality hating a black American because the way he dresses, talks, acts in general, refers to his culture not his race. I do not like black American culture but that does not mean I hate black people. Africa has many black people, very few of which rap, wear baggy pants really low (with a belt), try to act intimidating etc. This goes for any race. So no racism does not exist as a global issue that should be addressed. If everyone believes it is so bad and that is exist (91% as of writing this) than how can it possibly exist!? Furthermore, more white people pursue modern black culture than black people. More white people rap (not famously just in general) and dress like this than black people, therefore believing because one is black means he is like this is a complete falsehood, and in reality refers to his cultural upbringing. Also, when referring to someone by there race is not at all racist! If you were describing someone and did not want to mention skin color how would this be possible "oh yeah he has dark hair and brown eyes" that refers to a good portion of the worlds population, now say "and he is of Asian decent" now we narrowed down the search. Referring to someones race is a biological trait, if you were born to black parents than you are biologically black skinned, someone referring to you as a black person is not racist, they are simply stating your general appearance. Moral of the story, Racism has existed in the past, but now is just an illusion made by liberals so that they can change everyone. RACISM DOES NOT EXIST, OPEN YOUR EYES, DO NOT BE A LIBERAL.

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