• I think so

    Teens and Adults are joining more gangs and drink/ doing drugs more after listening top rap music. I've done research on it and it proves that teens especially are joining gangs more and more each and every day. Rap music also is telling teens its okay to do drugs and drink and use violence in today's society.

  • Rap music affects society today.

    Rap music has a negative effect on society today. Rap music advocates violence towards women and often uses profanities such as the n-word. Rap music is not something that people should emulate. Instead, people should listen to music that is uplifting and positive. There are many other genres of music that can be listened to.

  • Rap Music Has Negative Effect

    Yes, rap music does affect society today. The themes associated with this genre of music instill the wrong messages in our youth. Rap music promotes the degradation of women. Most of the main stream rap music talks about females in disgusting ways and enforces many gender stereotypes. Likewise, it reinforces homophobia among its listeners and artists within the genre.

  • Yes all music affects society

    All music affects society in one way or another. Rap music itself is not bad but the lyrics in rap music can often be bad. The lyrics in some rock music are just as bad and just as detrimental. The issue is it is teaching young kids that certain things are okay in society when really they are not.

  • I think that rap music has a huge effect on society.

    I think that rap music has a huge effect on society. Most of the people who listen to rap music
    are not very intelligent. They are very
    impressionable, and they believe everything that they hear. A rap music fan can hear a rapper rap about
    being a drug lord, and then they will want to sell drugs.

  • Rap Music Affects Society

    Yes, rap music does affect society today, as many forms of music do. In the case of rap, unfortunately, negative values are reinforced, such as violence and misogony, and this is a sad case. Rap is not the only music to reinforce such values, though, and not all rap does so. Some rap is positive and uplifting.

  • Yes, rap music affects society.

    Rap music affects society in that it can contain negative lyrics and concepts, and people learn from what they're exposed to. It's also negative in the fact that people feel it's "cool" to do certain things present in the songs, from mistreating women to doing drugs. The type of lifestyle advocated in a lot of rap music is not one that fits in with mainstream society, and it can have a negative impact on those who listen to it.

  • Rap is an atrocity, not an art form.

    The evolution of rap music from an expressive artistic and musical form into a violent, angry poetry slam session has had a profoundly negative effect on today's society. If it were possible to entirely ban a form of so-called "music" I would wipe rap from the face of the earth. It's just a thug soundtrack for lowlifes.

  • Rap music affects society today.

    Rap music affects society today. This is because of the fact that all arts and music affect society. Music inspires and affects people through the message and the sound. Music can rally people who are feeling badly and can rally people to commit acts or dress differently because of images.

  • Rap is a bad influnce

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  • No it doesn't.

    All of y'all who are saying that rap does affect the society obviously don't know what music is. It is an easier way to express your feelings because some people don't know how to sing or sing in tune haha but they do know how to rap to a beat and that's music! Those who're saying that it affects the society, it's just because your kids are doing drugs behind your back and listening to rap takes the stress away because people that say "YES" are annoying and know nothing about music.

  • No it doesn't.

    Rap music is a way of expressing how life really is and it also shows emotions. Y'all who are saying it does affect the society haha your kids just listen to rap because they be doing drugs and shit behind your back lol. Rap is an amazing way to express feelings, you people that are saying yes just don't know what music is.

  • I strongly disagree.

    I think that its a persons choice to listen to rap music that has to do with drugs and alcohol, and it is their choice to start doing drugs and alcohol due to listening to that music. Rappers like Eminem and Macklemore done necessarily rap about things like that, for example Macklemore raps about mopeds in his newest hit "Downtown".

  • Rap isn't a bad thing

    Rap I believe is a way to let people explain their feelings. Rap has no effect on people today. This is so because the taste in music for gangs and others has a stereotype of rap. This is because rap music (the majority) is talking about gangs and illegal things.

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  • Not at all

    Jayden is stupid and he does not know what he is talking about. He thinks that he is cool but he is not. Tell him that he needs to get a life because he will end up on the streets and that is not very good at all. The end

  • No, rap music is not affecting the society today.

    Music may have the ability to affect people in the society but most of the time it effects people positively. For example, music has been know to help increase the pituitary gland's hormone which is know to stimulate healing. Music can also create a positive learning environment and relax the class to produce more productivity. Music also helps with memory and when a student learns a song that teaches students something the student is more likely to remember that information.

  • It doesn't affect the society at all

    I personally don't think that rap music affects the society at all. Many rappers talk about real social issues in their songs but yet there are still a lot of problems. People avoid rap music because they don't give a damn about the society's problems. Same issues still exist today

  • It's just like other music

    No matter what genre of music you have there will always be some songs that will have violent lyrics. Even country music can have songs about rape but there are also songs about great things. Any genre can talk about whatever it wants because that is how the artist expresses itself. Putting a label on rap saying "all rap songs have a bad meaning" is like saying all pop songs have a bad meaning

  • Positive affects of rap music!!

    Rap music does affect society, but in a much more positive form! There is more music than just "rap and sell drugs, and kill people". Unfortunately, that is the part of rap people only want to recognize. A lot of rap is poetry with an instrumental. It gives people the chance to connect with music and ultimately inspire for the better.

    If children are listening to the bad seeds of hip hop and feel the need to immediately join a gang, that is not the affect of hip hop, but the affect of a bad environment. The bad environment can be lack of parental guidance, living in a neighborhood with no support or local success, being surrounded by other drug dealers, or poverty.

    I listened to rap music, my brother did, my cousins did, etc. And we are all soon to be college graduates, and I have not held a gun once or even smoked anything, not even a cigarette!

    I did grow up in a high crime city, and the influences I see on gangs, rebellious teens, and things of that nature, is lack of motivation and guidance from the parents, poverty, failing school systems, and no involvement!

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