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  • Religion is not a peaceful thing.

    That has got to be the biggest joke in the history of mankind. Religion, creating peace? What do you think was the cause of most wars, deaths, misery and suffering in the world? Yes, that's right: religion! Sure, they pay lip service to peace, and the Christians just love their New Testament, but we all know a much more grim reality, don't we?

  • No, spirituality creates peace.

    The spirituality that religion is based on can certainly help create peace within oneself, among people, and in the world at large. But when it becomes institutionalized as a religion, then it becomes stagnant and self preserving and it actually promotes war between various religions that want to see themselves as superior.

  • Not in this world

    You see if you don't believe in god and don't care, what makes you think Satan would want to attack you. Religion has created wars that I can only assume Satan propped up on peoples shoulders and used his extreme knowledge to trick people in to making them think they were defending there god.

  • No, the exact opposite.

    Religion causes the exact opposite of peace, as a matter of fact. Almost every war throughout history has been a holy war, or at least had a religious aspect to it. Even today, holy wars rage on between the Muslims and Jews, Christians and Muslims and all around. It's disgusting.

  • Religion has caused many wars

    Religion does not create peace. In fact one could even argue that religion causes violence. Many millions have died in wars of religion. Wars between Christians and Muslims and one type of Christian verses another type of Christian litter the historical record. The 9/11 terrorists were influenced by religion to kill thousands of innocent people.

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