• Yes. It unites those of the same nationality, but separates nation from nation

    The majority of wars in history and present time are centered around religion. The Middle East (primarily Islam) hates the US (primarily Christian) and Israel (primarily Jewish) because the the book of Islam, the Quran tells them to. Christianity is a religion centered on love and service. Christians are tolerant of those they disagree with, while they may not always support them. They reach out to help all. On the contrary, intolerant religions, such as Islam, cause wars and cause unfair prejudices.

  • It's Simple Religion Divides

    Religion is a scapegoat used to persecute people with different religious beliefs and to harm them. People like it when things are there way. So when people have a different religion than their's they are not happy. So they take that anger out on people of different religions. Religion divides.

  • Yes religion definitely separates the world.

    Religion doesn't separate the person literally but rather what it does is classifies the retards from the non-retards.
    Human society is ever evolving, with science and technology guiding us forward while religion is dragging us backwards. Everything we see today is a result of science and religion contributed nothing. So why in anyone's right mind would they believe in God? The obvious answer to that is: Intelligence. If a person cannot recognize the obvious, even when it's right there in front of him/her and choose to believe in some fantasy with no factual basis we would agree to call these people retards. As for those whose logic is on the right track and understand the world around them through repeatedly challenging the facts are the ones who we'd call intelligent. So religion definitely divides the world, by intelligence.

  • It is a fact that religion separates people

    Ask a religious person if they accept being in a relationship that leads to marriage with another person who is not of the same religion. The answer will be no. Then Yes, religion separates people. However, I don't think the problem is with religion /itself as it is not a person or a physical being that can take decisions be in control etc... Rather the problem is with humans greed and love for power in addition to insecurities that lead them to be extremists and not willing to accept the others.

  • Without a doubt

    I want my children to grow up in a world free of terrorism. Religion has been the axis of so many ''Righteous' crusades in the name of God who is worshiped by many religions with TOO many names to mention. The world needs to move on, religion originally was used to control the masses, times have changed. The western world is embracing change and others need to follow. Im sick of laws, poiltics and a whole host of religious mumbo jumbo dominating the news involving wars.

  • It makes people believe that some are better than others

    - Religion influences children and their upbringing: children are indoctrinated in certain belief systems and are not given freedom to choose for themselves
    - Religion gives alibis for killing others without remorse
    - Religious beliefs lead this world to the state of overpopulation and bring our planet to the tipping point
    - Religions "comfort" people offering lies
    -Religion allows slavery, misogyny, homophobia etc.

  • It is the result of group dynamics

    Religion is by definition a group whose participation is based on a set of criteria, which immediately implies that there is an inside and an outside. This also implies exclusion of people from the group based solely on the rules of participation. That is where the conflict arises. People in a group who share the beliefs will help one another, perhaps not consciously, since the group will tend to stay together based on established communication, which opens doors of opportunities for "members." These groups and exclusive behavior sets up resentment on the part of the non-members, who become disadvantage from lack of participation in the group, similar to being banished. Members of these religious groups even go so far as to require a certain look or dress code in order to differentiate themselves from those who do not "belong." The end result is immoral behavior of the group as they exclude others who do not share their beliefs in the invisible beings they pray to who allegedly created the universe (and, by the way, did a fine job stranding us on a planet with impossible distances or means to travel to other habitable worlds based on the physical constraints created by these beings) The bottom line? We are a groups of humans living on a rock in space, far from other habitable worlds. We should help each other to discover how to solve the real problems of the world, such as disease, pollution, overpopulation, and dwindling usable resources. Religion does not unify, it adds to the list of problems be creating social rifts and in many cases directly causes war or generates groups of easily controllable fanatics who can be led to war. Unfortunately, the acquisition of money has become a new religion, with the same consequences.

  • Yes it Causes Rifts Among People

    Religion definitely divides the world. One only needs to look at the number of wars which can be traced back to religious reasons, whether that be fighting over the holy land or persecuting people for their beliefs. Religion is a positive thing until it makes one unaccepting of others belief systems.

  • Religion Separates Us All

    A majority of all the wars in the history of the world have been between people fighting over what they believe in. This has led people to move to different areas of the world in order to leave religious persecution. Even now religion is leading to riots and revolts throughout the world, and separating the human race.

  • Religion divides lovers

    Going to the bare basics, a man and woman from two different parts of the world, different culture, different religions can fall madly in love with each other, be soul mates, have deep conversation 24 hours in a row, pausing only to sleep. But can never be together forever because the differences in religion makes things very difficult. Even to compromise to a point seems impossible. It is never fair for a lover to lose his/her identity for his/her partner despite being madly in love with each. These differences are the reason why they fell in love with each other. But the religion simply does not allow it. It is a shame because the world loses a pair of lovers that long to be together.

    Story of my life

  • Pride, hatred, misdirected jealousy, envy, scorn, lies, and deceitfulness divide the world not religion.

    Only a FOOL dwells on FOOLISH things!!!! The foundation of the world itself doesn't divide people even though there are 7 continents with oceans stretching all across the Earth. PEOPLE DIVIDE THE WORLD with their own RATIONALE, CORRUPT POLITICS, RACISM, PORNOGRAPHY, ROAD RAGE, ONLINE TROLLING TO CAUSE DISHARMONY, SOCIETAL CLASSES, PREJUDICE, EVIL EMPLOYERS, AND UNETHICAL WHORE DRIVEN CORPORATIONS.

    Religion does NOT divide people. Religion separates the GOOD from the EVIL. So don't EVER say anything bad about religion if you know what's best for you. OWNED.

  • No

    A proper interpretation of religion would bring everyone together. Religion does not create a rift between people, people create a rift between people by being unwilling to accept others for their different perceptions and ways of practicing their faith. Even Christians can't see that their many denominations all practice the same faith and love for Jesus Christ, but still they choose to be divided amongst themselves. This is not because of religion, this is because of the way human beings interpret religion and ignore all the religious texts that say love one another, don't kill, be compassionate, show mercy and practice humility.

  • Of course not

    Cuz basically yeah there would be no world or community without religion or faith. We would all be the same with no cultures and traditions so who ever syas that religion divides us is wrong as religion really unies us!!! We would be sad and depresses without the fun of religion.

  • Religion is supposed to unite

    Religion in itself does not divide. The term "religion" translates as "to bind, to connect". The purpose of religion is to connect us with some sort of ultimate reality or being, something like God or similar to God(Hinduism's Brahman, Buddhism's Nirvana, Confucianism's Will of Heaven or Taoism's Tao). It's not the religion that separates, it's the people involved.

  • Religion is awesome

    The only religon that makes sense is Islam and that unites every muslim together in the world. Allah is the greatest and deserves to be worshipped but many atheists deny god but think about your stupid big bang theory something must have created the first initial point for the big bang to happen.

  • People divide, not religion.

    People from day one state and teach their opinion, but they fail to remember that God holds them accountable for false teachings. Therefore they must continue to search for biblical truths before teaching and repeating what they have learned. When unfounded teachings are taught we get a world of confusing ideas that are false and it divides people.

  • Read What the Religion Actually States

    Have you heard of the golden rule??? Treat other people like you would treat yourself, and this is in the majority of all world religions, who in the world would want to create disturbances and pain to himself, but it is the nature of man to divide himself into groups. Democracy is a perfect example of that are you either (democratic or republican), why do you think Communism doesn't work, people will not be willing to be together and if they were, someone would abuse it, In addition it is nationalism that divides people more, you have non religious societies such as China\Japan and do you think they like to co-operate with each other. Did you know there is no actual Muslim state but all the Muslim states are currently based on a hybrid system between nationalistic beliefs and mixed with religious beliefs, the people in power continue to cherry pick laws to suit there own needs. Religion is only advice, people can choose to take it or not to take it. "There shall be no compulsion in the [acceptance of] the religion.". Chapter 2 verse 256, Quran. Jesus in Christianity was know to be a peaceful man, and you know about Buddha and meditation. Listen instead of worrying about if religion is peaceful or not you should worry about whether it is correct or not, In my opinion as a Muslim, I believe the scientific predictions as shown by Quranic Gems by Nouman Ali Khan, and talks by Ahmed Deedat, or even social talks by Malcolm X (after leaving the nation of islam) can show how religion can largely benefit people, and don't just believe me but research what the religion actually states and you Insha-Allah will begin to understand that religion is a way to make humans, who are constantly in conflict with one another, help one another, particularly when it comes to peaceful arrangements, such as the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and note that it was not the religious who broke the treaty, but the non-religious who broke the treaty, in the end of the day if it was not religion, just look at you're own countries and how they hate one another like rivalries in football games, and understand what the religions actually say; I conclude with "do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." Surat 28 verse 77, Quran.
    And when Muslims meet each other what do we say to one another, "Salaam wa alaykum" which means Peace be with you.

  • Religion does not divide.

    , it unites; it is the politicians and rulers who in the name of religion, democracy and humanity divide the people.

    The earth is the place where people living. One man black, one man red, one man brown, and another men with various colours. One man with a nature and another man with another nature. One is soft and another is anger. One man is bluffing, and another man is always true. Taking earth, the life style differs from area to area, also taking climate one area with heavy rain, and another area totally hot. So, we see differences in every aspect in this earth. Though we are living different countries, the religion alone unifying us.

    Religion by default unites, but we use different misinterpretations to make separations.

  • If the world is divided, Religion is not at fault

    Nearly all religions teach peace, harmony and unity. They teach not to be judgemental, discriminative, rascist etc and to instead accept people and try to get on, even if you don't agree with their beleifs or customs. In my opinion, the things that divide and segregate us have nothing to do withreligion but rather, human emotions. Feeling jealous, threatened, hateful etc, is what really causes segregation and isolation.

  • Religion unites society

    I think if every one believed that my religion teaches peace and unity then there would be no division. It is the mind set of individual that divide the people not religion. All religion talks about peace and encouraging people to live with harmony. Yes we will always have differences.

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