• Indeed it does

    The only classes that ever allowed for any creativity were art and music (and sometimes woodshop). As school budgets get strained these are the classes that get cut, de-emphasized. Its a sad state of affairs. So much time spent teaching history classes and English grammar. The historical events are mostly forgotten and if you can speak properly, then you can write with proper grammar. You don't need to know what a past participle or conjunction junction are if you know how to speak properly.

  • Absolutely. Information is all that matters.

    School, by nature, is not a creative environment. What gets you marks is your information. You could be ridiculously creative, but without the backbone of excellent, factual information, chances are you won't get an A. Therefore, the system rewards good information seekers and punishes creative outside-the-box students.

    As my Physics 11 teacher once said, "They make clay pots downstairs."

  • Creativity is indeed shunned in schools.

    Leta take something simple for instance. Creating video games. How much less creative can you get than that? Not only are you making a story in a video game, you are telling that story. Heck, you are making the player tell the story they are listening to for you! You are creating people, places, worlds, years of made up yet logical history. You are drawing these out, planning them, creating something new...

    ... And yet, when a school student attempts to do just this, they get punished by the education system. They get punished by their parents. Thus, they are discouraging the creation of such game!

    By limiting what a student can do to show they are learning, you are not letting them be creative and learn at all. Our children become mindless drones, doing only as they are told to do, unable to think for themselves.

    I say this from experience, having nearly failed my HSC because I was pre-occupied with games, and creating things for them.

  • The way modern teaching is

    Modern Education has issues such as here in my town two 5 YEAR OLDS were playinn War somthing like that and GOT SUSPENDED FOR 5 Days now that kid is like "im just having fun at rescess" or how i rember when i was 6/7 i was in Art i painted a feild with a SUN just a plane simple sun and got yelled at because we dont see the sun in our sight and i said i can see it out the window and got sent to the office Thats creativtey killer right there

  • To an extent yes

    Schools are usually ran with an iron first in a system that punishes mistakes and glorifies perfection. They breed students to past test rather than teaching them how to critically think on the subject and form a new, innovative idea from it. Instead of allowing our students to become innovative thinkers, our school system mercilessly sucks creativity from them.

  • As a student and a creative writer, I believe it does.

    It's obvious that a structured environment tends to stunt creativity. Students are expected to follow tried-and-true methods instead of creating their own. This is often the case even in subjects like literature, where students are often given strict guidelines for writing things like short stories and poems. My poetry assignments in eighth grade had precise rules for each individual line, making poetry seem very constricted and uncreative.

    This effect is amplified by our age's emphasis on STEM, which encourages people to take these structured classes. Through this school system's limited opportunities to expand creativity, talented students are given few opportunities to expand their creative abilities.

    Part of it is the psychological effects of school as well. In today's academic environment, being wrong is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Students are taught that there is only one correct answer, and anything else means that you're wrong. This leads to a “I’m just not good at it” mindset, which is common in many students today.

    That’s completely untrue. Talent has nothing to do with it; all it takes is desire and time. I can testify that everyone has potential to be creative, and all you need is some way to unlock it. As an elementary school student, I had no interest in creative works whatsoever. In fact, I thought that I was far from creative. I had an unhealthy obsession with video games that dominated every aspect of my being.

    I didn’t start writing until fifth grade, when an everyday moment inspired me to try writing. It wasn’t an “Aha!” moment or anything like that. It just involved a journal entry about a guy named Bob.

    So I tried writing. I started out horrible. What do you expect? When you try something out for the first time, it won’t be easy to do it well. It's not that you "can't do it".

    The thing is, students don’t realize that because school has completely erased that from their heads.

    Sure, you can argue that school doesn't kill creativity because of liberal arts electives and stuff like that. But that's not necessarily helpful. At the end of the day, any one high school student might take maybe one or two semesters of a class specializing in their preferred art - alongside six years of structure.

    As I mentioned before, I'm an aspiring writer. In the five years I’ve been writing, I’ve written four novels. Out of those four, I only consider one of them decent enough to be published. Because school never trained me to write fiction, I had to use a trial-and-error method to build up my skills.

    But isn't school supposed to prepare us for the future? Even in our STEM-conquered lives, creativity is necessary. These days, a new piece of technology isn't interesting because it's new; instead, it's interesting because it brings something new to the table.

    I'm not just saying this because I'm a writer; I'm saying this because creativity is vital to future developments.

  • Yes, yes it does

    I am a high-school student and I find when your math, science or math teacher asks you to be creative and do something out of the ordinary its super hard because you're not used to having to be creative. We are so used to being almost like robots and just doing your typical school work its hard to think outside the box

  • How else do kids lose creativity?

    Students spend 18+ years of their life in school, every weekday for 7-8 hours straight. Then go home, and do hours of homework.
    With all this time in school, where you have to sit down, be quiet, and are not allowed to go your own way, they believe unless they follow this pattern, they will fail.
    Our school system needs a fix, let's make a change!

  • Because school is all about pushing kids through one door. It does not help kids with looking at different alternatives to do a particular assignments.

    All kids get is tests. Most students study the night before and memorize a whole bunch of useless information in a period of one night. They take the test and then one week later they dont remember what they learned. True learning is born out of lasting understanding not grades and tests. If you are a doctor you have to know everything about your job patients want to know your good at your job. Because any body can memorize facts learning is all about making connections to prev-ice knowledge and making connections between lessons and topics. Most importentley being able to amply what you learned.

  • Indeed it does

    Creativity isn’t a test to take, a skill to learn, or a program to develop. Creativity is seeing things in new ways, breaking barriers that stood in front of you for some time. Creativity is the art of hearing a song that has never been written or seeing a work of art on empty canvas. Its essence is in its freshness and the ability to make dreams come to life.

  • Schooling offers more knowledge.

    Even though public school curriculums are strictly structured, the knowledge children obtain from the holing builds a platform for new innovative thinking. One example of creativity not being killed is that most high school grads that go onto college are dissed into many different majors. If public schools killed creativity and made us all think the same, we would all take the same major.

  • Schools do not destroy creativity. Schools may not offer enough art classes, but they certainly don't destroy it.

    People destroy their own creativity. The high school I go to is a science and technology school and yet we have three art murals and tons of music and art classes that anyone can take. If a person isn't a naturally creative person, then they just won't be throughout life.

    Don't blame the school. This is the technology age so the schools are just preparing you for reality. But school isn't trying to take away your creative spirit. I'm a senior and I haven't taken art since freshman year yet I still love to draw and I still use my brain.

  • They give us a platform

    While being in school we tend to know certain things which we didnt knew before. These things are called basics. After learning these basics we tend to use our imagination to create wonders. The modern marvels are products of these basics collaborated with our creativity . So schools rather than killing our creativity provides us a platform where we can nurture ourselves to be more creative and imaginative.

  • Creativity refers to the ability to think differently

    The education system does not kill our creativity but instead in my opinion it improves the quality of our thinking. It structures out thinking and gives us the freedom to formulate our own opinions.It helps us alter our thinking and express our thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. It helps us dream wonder and imagine.

  • School give students a chance for learning something new. And it provide students creativity.

    I don't think this opinion that school kill creativity. Because school provide us(students) new information and knowledge that we don't know previously, after students understand this, they create new things based on the old more easily. For example, if you learn literature, you take chance to write poem or fiction. If not, because young people don't go to school, he or she has difficult to know literature. Not only this case, but also in many field, students take chance to improve their creativity in school.

    Posted by: WonG
  • Creativity in the classroom comes down to the teachers creativity.

    Im an art teacher, I work alongside another art teacher who also teaches mathematics. You would think that a subject like maths would discourage creativity, but what has opened my eyes is when this art teacher teaches maths he had the students create graphs on the floor using masking tape and allows them to go outside and give them the freedom to learn where they are not strapped to their desks and with this their marks reflect. I believe that it is not the school, or the subjects that kill creativity, but the teachers and the way the teachers are educated to teach.
    We all need to understand and develop new ways to educate the next generation which is innovative and exciting in order to nurture the creativity, not repress it.

  • "kill" really? Definitely doesn't "kill" creativity.

    While you may (correctly) argue that school is not necessarily a place which inspires or develops creativity. It definitely does not kill it. I don't find school creatively stimulating, however I don't allow it to stifle my creative side. I merely pursue it outside of school (for me its photography). It is an uncreative person who allows school to "kill" their creativity.

    In any event I personally think that school actually gives us the tools which helps drive our creative side. For example teaching a painter different ways of using the brush and achieving what they want. Or teaching a composer various instruments so that he is in a better place to compose from. Or equipping a person who enjoys poetry with a fine vocabulary, so that they may pursue their creative side of writing more effectively.

    When whinge about school killing their creativity it makes me sick, as it clearly shows a lack of imagination and is really just an excuse for their laziness. Please get off your arse and make an effort to pursue your creative side rather than finding excuses.

  • Courses to learn and further knowledge in new ways

    In my high school we have an IB program which amerces people in a different way of learning and thinking about problems. There are also many courses such as economics and Theory of Knowledge which question the ways which any given student looks at a situation and makes them have their own creative interpretation. I think that with all the elective courses you can take, students have a great opportunity to express creativity at school.

  • School doesn't kill creativity

    Children are still learning to express there feelings in some kind of art, wheter it is with music or with drawing. But how about reading and writing. All kinds of thing where children or people can express there feelings. And it defenitly doesn't KILL creativity. Bit of a strong expression

  • No it does not

    Think about science, English, reading, and electives. School does not kill creativity, it brings more. Makes you thinking know things that u didn't before. Those things help you when you get older. The creativity from school will help u and i had to write some more stuff to make this get submited so there.

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